Rare Book & Manuscript Library

George Braxton Pegram papers, 1903-1958

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

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Box 1 Benedict, Ruth

Box 1 Cockcroft, John Douglas

Box 1 Corapton, Arthur Holly

Box 1 Condon, Edward U.

Box 1 Dvuning, John R.

Box 1 Cvrie, Marie S.

Box 1 Einstein, Albert

Box 1 Euald, Peter Paul

Box 1 Fermi, Enrico

Box 1 Fortas, Abe

Box 1 Fowler, Ralph Howard

Box 1 Franklin, Christine Ladd

Box 1 Greene, Evarts B.

Box 1 Heisenberg, Werner

Box 1 Joliot-Curie, Frederic

Box 1 Lawrence, Ernest Orlando

Box 1 Lynd, Robert Staughton

Box 1 Meloney, Marie Mattingly

Box 1 Orpenheimer, Robert

Box 1 Poore, Charles Lane

Box 1 Prezzolini, Giuseppe

Box 1 Sheean, Vincent

Box 1 Shotwell, James T.

Box 1 Sirith, David Eugene

Box 1 Szilard, Leo

Box 1 Taft, William Howard

Box 1 Thomson, Joseph John

Box 1 Urey, Frieda

Box 1 Urey, Harold Clayton

Box 1 von Neumann, John