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Institute of Pacific Relations records, 1927-1962

Part VI: Publications

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Box 440 Correspondence and related Office Piles, 1955

Box 440 Permissions, 1955

Publications Correspondence

Box 440 Foreign

Box 440 U.S.

Box 440 U.S. and Foreign

Publications Office

Box 440 Exhibits and Listing

Box 440 Title File

Title Files, 1939-1959

Box 441 Flimsy

Box 441 General-Book Review

Box 441 IPR--Constitution

Box 441 Korea for the Korean

Box 441 Korea Looks Ahead

Box 441 Korea Today

Box 441 Korea's Heritage

Box 441 Korean Minority in Japan

Box 441 Kyoto Conference Papers

Box 441 Labor in the Philippine Economy

Box 441 Labor Problem in Southeast Asia

Box 441 Land and People in the Philippines

Box 441 Land and Society in Malabar

Box 441 The Left Wing in Japanese Politic

Box 441 The Left Wing in Southeast Asia

Box 441 Legal Problems in the Far Eastern Conflict

Box 441 Life and Labour in Shanghai

Box 441 Lucknow Conference Papers

Box 442 Magic and Science in Western Yunan

Box 442 The Making of Modern New Guinea

Box 442 Malaya: Communist or Free?

Box 442 Malaya Fishermen

Box 442 Malaya, Indonesia, Borneo and the Philippine

Box 442 The Maori People Today-

Box 442 Militant Hinduism

Box 442 Mining in the Netherlands East Indies

Box 442 Minority Problems in Southeast Asia

Box 442 Modern Burma

Box 442 Modern Korea

Box 442 Nationalism and Communism in East Asia

Box 442 Nationalism and Revolution in Indonesia

Box 442 Nationalism and Revolution in Mongolia

Box 442 New Cycle in Asia

Box 442 New Forces in Asia

Box 442 New Light on the History of the Taiping Rebellion

Box 442 The New Malayan Nation

Box 442 New Paths for Japan

Box 442 New Zealand

Box 442 New Zealand Economy in War and Reconstruction

Box 442 New Zealand's Interests and Policies in the Far East

Box 442 Next Step in Asia

Box 442 North Pacific Fisheries

Box 442 Notes on Educational Problems in Communist China

Box 442 Notes on Labor Problems in Malaya

Box 442 Notes on Labor Problems in Nationalist China

Box 442 Notes on Labor Problems in the Netherlands Indies

Box 442 Occupation of Japan

Box 442 Outer Mongolia and its International Position

Box 442 Pacific Affair

Box 442 Pakistan Pamphlet

Box 442 Pamphlet

Box 442 Parliamentary Government in Southern Asia

Box 442 Peasant Life in China

Box 442 Peoples of Southeast Asia

Box 442 Pioneer Settlement in the Asiatic Tropics

Box 442 Planning for an Expanding Economy

Box 442 Planning of Post War Economic Development in India

Box 442 Population and Land Utilization (Part I Economic Survey)

Box 442 Population Growth and Levels of Consumption

Box 442 Post-Mortem on Malaya

Box 442 Post-War Agricultural Problems and Policies in India

Box 443 Prerequisites to Peace in the Far East

Box 443 Price Control in Communist China

Box 443 Problems of Economic Reconstruction in the Far East

Box 443 The Problems of Japanese Trade Expansion in the Post-War Situation

Box 443 Problems of the Pacific

Box 443 Progress and Welfare in Southeast Asia

Box 443 Prospects for Democracy in Japan

Box 443 Public Administration Series-

Box 443 Red Flag In Japan

Box 443 Reflection of American Relations with Japan

Box 443 Reports on the Indian General Election, 1951-1952

Box 443 Representative Government in Southeast Asia

Box 443 Rice Economy on Monsoon Asia

Box 443 Rise of the Modern Chinese Business Class

Box 443 Russia - A Short History

Box 443 Russia From A to Z

Box 443 Security in the Pacific

Box 443 Selected Bibliography on Southeast Asia

Box 443 Shanghai

Box 443 Social and Industrial Problems of Shanghai

Box 443 Soldier and Peasant in Japan: the Origins of Conscription

Box 443 Some Aspects of Siamese Politics

Box 443 Some Dependent Peoples of the South Pacific

Box 443 The South Seas in the Modern World

Box 443 Source Materials on Korean Politics and Ideologies

Box 443 The South Seas in Transition

Box 443 Southeast Asia and the United States

Box 443 Southeast Asia: A Selected Bibliography

Box 443 Soviet Far East and Central Asia

Box 443 Soviet Far Eastern Policy

Box 443 Soviet Policy in the Far East

Box 443 Standards and Planes of Living in the Far East

Box 443 The State of Asia

Box 443 The Story of the Chinese Cooperatives

Box 443 Stratford Conference Papers

Box 443 Structure of the Netherlands Indian Economy

Box 443 Struggle for Indochina

Box 443 Struggle for Kashmir

Box 443 Struggle for North China

Box 443 Survey of the Standards of Life of New Zealand Dairy Farmer

Box 444 Syria and Lebanon

Box 444 Templer of Peace

Box 444 Thailand: The New Siam

Box 444 Three Reports on the Malayan Problem

Box 444 Three Types of Rural Economy in Western Yunan

Box 444 Tides from the West

Box 444 Ting Hsien

Box 444 Towards Economic Democracy in the Netherlands Indies

Box 444 Toward a Welfare State in Burma

Box 444 Trans-Pacific Relations of Latin America

Box 444 The United Nations and Pakistan

Box 444 United States and the Far East

Box 444 United States Canadian Northwest

Box 444 United States Relations with Japan, 1945-1952

Box 444 United States Relations with Southeast Asia

Box 444 The Viet-Minh Regime

Box 444 War and Peace in the Pacific

Box 444 Western Enterprise in Far Eastern Economic Development

Box 444 Western World and Japan

Box 444 A World on the Move

Box 444 Zaibatsu Dissolution in Japan

Printed Material

Box 445 (Unarranged)

Box 446 (Unarranged)