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Hector Berlioz papers, 1825-1994

Series II: Cataloged Manuscripts

Arranged alphabetically by title. Oversized materials stored in flat box (Box 48).

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Subseries II.1: Originals

Box 4 Folder 91 McNutt, Richard, Rare Book Dealer Collection list, Tunbridge Wells, England, n.d., 6 p. t.ms.,

Box 4 Folder 92 Hector Berlioz Au Bord d'une Riviere, [Paris?], n.d., 1 p. a. ms.,

[Unpublished song, ms. notes on modal writing on verso]

Box 4 Folder 93 Hector Berlioz Beatrice et Benedict, c. 1858, 64 p. ms.,

[Libretto in hand of copyist; corrections in hand of Berlioz]

Box 48 Folder 1 Berlioz, Hector Benvenuto Cellini: Piano-vocal Score, act 3., n.d., 207p. ms.,

[Oversized material in flat box.]

Box 4 Folder 94 Hector Berlioz La Captive: Orientale de Victor Hugo, musique de H. Berlioz, Subiaco, February 1872, 1 p. a.ms.s ,

Box 48 Folder 2 Berlioz, Hector Le Chant Des Bretons, n.d., 39p. Printed score, signed by author,

[Oversized material in flat box.]

Box 48 Folder 3 Berlioz, Hector L'enfance du Christ, pt. 1, 1854, 107p. ms.,

[Oversized material in flat box.]

Box 4 Folder 95 Hector Berlioz Nocturne, Paris, n.d., 4 p. a.ms.,

[Unpublished song for two soprani with guitar accompaniment]

Box 4 Folder 96 Hector Berlioz Notes, 1862, 2 p. a.ms.,

[Notes of anticipated income and expenditures and agenda of projects for 1862]

Box 4 Folder 97 Hector Berlioz Les Troyens - Draft libretto of the Prologue to Act III, Paris, 1863, 5 p. a.ms.,

[Draft libretto of the Prologue to Act III]

Box 4 Folder 98 Hector Berlioz Personal accounts, Paris, January to August 1859, 16 p. a.d.,

Box 4 Folder 99 Hector Berlioz Romeo et Juliette, 1839, 281 p. a. ms.,

[Symphonie avec chorus et solos de chant. Piano vocal score in the hand of a copyist, with autograph corrections by Berlioz]

Box 48 Folder 4 Berlioz, Hector Les Troyens (La Prise de Troie, [Paris], ca. 1862, 8p. copyists ms. with ms. corrections ,

[Oversized material in flat box.]

Subseries II.2: Copies

Photostats and typescripts of Berlioz manuscripts in other collections and institutions.

Box 5 Folder 1 Berlioz, Hector Page from memoirs, n.p., n.d., 1p. a. ms. (Photostat),

[Original in Bibliotheque de Grenoble]

Box 5 Folder 2 Berlioz, Hector Receipt, Stuttgart, Jan. 30, 1842, 1p. a. d. (Photostat),

Box 5 Folder 3 Berlioz, Hector Poem, Hartzburg, Oct. 28, 1953, 1p. a. ms. s. (Photostat),

[Original at Yale University Goetheana Collection]

Box 5 Folder 4 Berlioz, Hector Note, Weimar, Feb. 26, 1855, 1p. a. ms. s. (Photostat),

Box 5 Folder 5 Berlioz, Hector [Notes and corrections for his biographical sketch in the Le Dictionnaire Vapereau, 2nd ed.], n.p., [1856], 2p a.ms. (Photostat, pos. and neg.),

[Original in Cortot Collection]