Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Eugene H. Nickerson papers, 1955-1970

Series I: Catalogued Correspondence and Photographs

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Subseries I.1: Catalogued Correspondence

Box 1 Beame, Abraham David

Box 1 Celler, Emanuel

Box 1 Clark, Ramsey

Box 1 Farley, James A.

Box 1 Frankfurter, Felix

Box 1 Fulbright, J. William

Box 1 Hoover, John Edgar

Box 1 Humphrey, Hubert Horatio

Box 1 Hurok, Sol

Box 1 Javits, Jacob K,

Box 1 Kennan, George Frost

Box 1 Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

Box 1 Kennedy, Robert F.

Box 1 Koch, Edward I.

Box 1 Kollek, Theodore

Box 1 Krupsak, Mary Anne

Box 1 Lefkowitz, Louis J.

Box 1 Lindsay, John Vliet

Box 1 McCarthy, Eugene J.

Box 1 McGovern, George S.

Box 1 Mondale, Walter F.

Box 1 Moses, Robert

Box 1 Moynihan, Daniel Patrick

Box 1 Nixon, Richard Milhous

Box 1 O'Brien, Lawrence F.

Box 1 Rockefeller, Nelson A.

Box 1 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Jr.

Box 1 Sutton, Percy E.

Box 1 Wagner, Robert F., Jr.

Subseries I.2: Photographs (signed)

Box 1 Humphrey, Hubert Horatio

Box 1 Kennedy, Robert F. (signed by Ethel Kennedy)