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New York State Crime Commission records, 1951-1953

Series III: Research Papers & Documents

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Box 2 Folder 23 Officers of six Brooklyn ILA Locals before and after the 1940 investigation by the Kings County District Attorney's Office,1952

Box 2 Folder 24 Chart showing associations of Edward J. McGrath, and toll calls made and received by subject, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 25 Large poster – New York State Crime Commission Tabulation of minimum and formula amounts paid to public loaders, 1953

Box 2 Folder 26 Small poster - New York State Crime Commission Tabulation of minimum and formula amounts paid to public loaders, 1953

Box 2 Folder 27 Memorandum of patronage appointments sampling, Supreme Court, First Judicial District, 1946-1951 [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 28 List of present male district leaders who have worked in courts, January 1952

Box 2 Folder 29 Income of Joseph A. Marcell (Loaders Collection Service) and payments to "solicitors" for the period Jan. 1, 1945-Dec. 31, 1951, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 30 Alex di Brizzi, Income from positions and ILA Orgs and known gratuities received, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 31 Commission drivers and chauffeurs union statement of receipts 1945-1952 and Analysis of receipts and deposits 1945-1949, 1952

Box 2 Folder 32 Monies distributed from partnerships of A. Costa Jr. & Son and Service Collection Co., to named partners 1946-1952, 1952

Box 2 Folder 33 Thomas W. Gleason, income, gratuities, cross examination, sulphur deal, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 34 India Wharf Loaders, ratio of machine rental income of total operating income 1944-1951, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 35 India Wharf Loaders, distributions to the Doyle Brothers, as profits or salaries 1944-1951, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 36 International Longshoremen's Association, payments, statement of receipts and disbursements 1947-1952, 1952

Box 2 Folder 37 Salvatore Padula and Peter Costello, Sr., withdrawals 1946-1950, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 38 Pittston Stevedoring Corp., known payments to ILA officials and delegates, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 39 George Sellenthin Inc., earnings of steady employees 1948-1951, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 40 Tabulation of amounts paid to loaders for 1949, 1953

Box 2 Folder 41 Cargo losses on voyages leaving and entering Port of New York 1949-1950, 1952

Box 2 Folder 42 Loading of perishables, Pier 34, North River, condensed statement of Operations, 1949-1951, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 43 Condensed operating statements, 1952

Box 2 Folder 44 Employment in any federal, state or local unit of government of present male district leaders, 1952

Box 2 Folder 45 Bill to amend the General Associations Law by adding thereto a new article entitled Article II, [1952?]

Box 2 Folder 46 Bill 1083, Act to amend civil rights law and report on bill/disapproved, March 1953

Box 2 Folder 47 Memo filed with Assembly Bill, introductory #9, print #9: bill establishing Waterfront Commission for New York Harbor, June 1953

Box 2 Folder 48 An Act to enter into a compact with the state of New Jersey for the reduction of criminal and corrupt practices in the handling of waterborne freight within the port of New York district and the regularization of the employment of waterfront labor, September 1953

Box 2 Folder 49 An Act relating to unfair waterfront practices, December 1953