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Frank Monaghan papers, 1930s-1960s

Frank Monaghan Papers

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Alexander Hamilton Bicentennial Commission Papers

Alexander Hamilton Bicentennial Commission Papers are files for 1954-1955 and 1960. These consist of Monaghan's correspondence with historians, archivists, and others concerned with the work of the Commission. In addition to Monaghan's bibliographical notes and his notes on Hamilton's correspondents, there are typescript copies of letters between Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, and their seconds preceding their duel, and an incomplete series of typescript copies of excerpts from Hamilton's letters illustrating his thoughts on individuals and concepts for names and concepts beginning with the letters M and N. Also, several papers written by others and submitted to Monaghan.

Box 1 Bibliography

Box 1 Burr-Hamilton Correspondence

Typescript copies, 2 sets

Box 1 Correspondence, 1954-1955

Box 1 Manuscripts about Hamilton

Box 1 Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 1 Notes on Hamilton's Correspondence

Box 1 "What Did Hamilton Think"

John Jay Correspondence

Typescript copies of letters to and from John Jay.

Box 2 Adams, John

Box 2 Adams, John Quincy

Box 2 Ames, Fisher

Box 2 Anderson, James

Box 2 Banyer, Maria

Box 2 Bayard, Samuel

Box 2 Bayard, William

Box 2 Belknap, Jeremy

Box 2 Benezet, Anthony

Box 2 Bentham, Jeremy

Box 2 Bingham, William

Box 2 Blair, John

Box 2 Blanca, Florida

Box 2 Blaney, David

Box 2 Bleecher, H.

Box 2 Bordwell, Joel

Box 2 Boudinot, Charles

Box 2 Cardell, William

Box 2 Carmichael, William

Box 2 Clinton, George

Box 2 Colden, Cadwallader

Box 2 Coleman, William

Box 2 Cooper, William

Box 2 Coxe, Daniel

Box 2 Coxe, Tench

Box 2 Crickett and Townley

Box 2 Cushing, William

Box 2 Dalrymple, John

Box 2 de Witt, Charles

Box 2 Duane, J.A.

Box 2 Duer, William

Box 2 Ellsworth, Oliver

Box 2 Estaing, Comte d'

Box 2 Franklin, Benjamin

Box 2 Gardiner, Edward

Box 2 Gardiner, John

Box 2 Gerry, Elbridge

Box 2 Glen, H.

Box 2 Goforth, William

Box 2 Greene, W.

Box 2 Grenville

Box 2 Hamilton, William


Box 2 Harison, Richard

Box 2 Hawkins, Benjamin

Box 2 Hill, Henry

Box 2 Hobart

Box 2 Hoffmann, Joseph Ogden

Box 2 Houston, William Charles

Box 2 Humphreys, D.

Box 2 Huntington, Samuel

Box 2 Iredell

Box 2 Jackson, W.

Box 2 Jay, Augusta

Box 2 Jay, John

Box 2 Jay, John Clarkson

Box 2 Jay, Peter

Box 2 Jay, Peter A.

Box 2 Jay, Sarah Livingston

Box 2 Jay, Sarah Louisa

Box 2 Jefferson, Thomas

Box 2 Johnson, Thomas

Box 2 Jones, John Paul

Box 2 King, Rufus

Box 2 le Lafayette

Box 2 Lathorp, John

Box 2 Lawrence, Richard

Box 2 Lee, Arthur

Box 2 Lee, Henry

Box 2 Lee, Ludwell

Box 2 Linn, William

Box 2 Livingston, Catherine

Box 2 Livingston, Edward

Box 2 Livingston, Eliza

Box 2 Livingston, H.G.

Box 2 Livingston, Philip I

Box 2 Livingston, Robert R.

Box 2 Livingston, William

Box 2 Longborough

Box 2 Lord, Eleazar

Box 2 Lowell, John

Box 2 Lushington, R.

Box 2 McDougall, Alexander

Box 2 McKesson, John

Box 2 Matlack, J.

Box 2 Miller, William

Box 2 Mitchell, John

Box 2 Montmorin, Comte de

Box 2 Morris, Gouverneur

Box 2 Morris, Lewis

Box 2 Morris, Robert

Box 2 Morse, Jedidiah

Box 2 Munro, Peter Jay

Box 2 Murray, John Jr.

Box 2 Murray, Lindley

Box 3 Newenham, Edward

Box 3 North, William

Box 3 Ogden, John

Box 3 Patterson, John

Box 3 Pearson, Eliphalet

Box 3 Pettit, Charles

Box 3 Pickering, Timothy

Box 3 Pitcairn, Joseph

Box 3 Randolph, Edmund

Box 3 Read, Jacob

Box 3 Remsen, John H.

Box 3 Rennell, James

Box 3 Ridley, Catherine

Box 3 Ridley, Matthew

Box 3 Robinson, B.

Box 3 Rodgers, John

Box 3 Rush, Benjamin

Box 3 Rutledge, Edward

Box 3 Schuyler, Philip

Box 3 Searson, John

Box 3 Sharpe, Granville

Box 3 Short, William

Box 3 Shotwell, William

Box 3 Sinclair, John

Box 3 Smallwood, W.

Box 3 Smith, James

Box 3 Smith, W.S.

Box 3 Stevens, John

Box 3 Temple, John

Box 3 Ten Broeck, Dirck

Box 3 Ternant, John

Box 3 Thacher, Peter

Box 3 Thomson, Charles

Box 3 Troup, Robert

Box 3 Trumbull, John

Box 3 van Rensselaer, Solomon

Box 3 van Schaack, Peter

Box 3 Varick, Richard

Box 3 Vaughan, Benjamin

Box 3 Vaughan, John

Box 3 Vaughan, William

Box 3 Vergennes

Box 3 Washington, George

Box 3 Webster, Godfrey

Box 3 White

Box 3 Willard, Joseph

Box 3 Willett, Marinus

Box 3 Witherspoon, John

Box 3 Wright, Patience

Frank Monaghan Files

Box 3 Monaghan's Correspondence

Box 3 Monaghan's Notes

Box 3 John Jay Manuscript

Box 3 Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 3 Miscellaneous