Alan Alexander Milne letters, 1918-1919

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A. A. Milne Letters

Box 1 Milne, Alan Alexander To Curtis Brown, 1918-1919, (17 autograph letters)

"Miss McCarthy wants 'Pim' . . .I want her to do it--she has a nice small theatre which suites me, and particularly Pim . . . I think we should take the opportunity. As you know, she starts with 'Judith' which I don't give long . . ." ". . . I have been going at this lately. Du Maurier's one objection to it (as a play) was the character of the Colonel, whom he considered too much of a stage-type. I have now given Iris a different father, and I think you will find this does away with your own objections to the play . . ." (This reference is to the play 'Broxopp".) There are a few pencilled notes by Curtis Brown.