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Martin Mayer papers, 1954-1980

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Creator(s) Mayer, Martin, 1928-
Title Martin Mayer papers, 1954-1980
Physical Description 111 boxes (111 boxes 1 volumes)
Language(s) English .
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Papers covering Mayer's literary activities from approximately 1954-1983 and his versatile interests in music and recordings, the financial world, the advertising business, the legal profession, and public education. The collection includes his notes, interviews, drafts, manuscripts, typescripts, proofs, reviews, correspondence, and clippings for THE SCHOOLS; THE LAWYERS; MADISON AVENUE, U.S.A.; EMORY BUCKNER; DIPLOMA; WHERE, WHEN, AND WHY: SOCIAL STUDIES IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS; as well as several hundred essays published in ESQUIRE, HORIZON, the SATURDAY EVENING POST, and other magazines. Also, material dealing with Mayer's books on banking, television, music, and housing, and with his continuing interest in education and the New York City school system; and diplomacy and his Sloan Foundation study on cities and universities.

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The following boxes are located off-site: Boxes 1-108. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Martin Mayer (1928-2019) was a novelist, music critic, and non-fiction writer.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box Cataloged Box 1 Annan, Noel Gilroy Annan, Baron

Box Cataloged Box 1 Belmont, Eleanor Robson (Mrs. August)

Box Cataloged Box 1 Bernays, Edward L.

Box Cataloged Box 1 Bing, Sir Rudolf

Box Cataloged Box 1 Brownwell, Herbert

Box Cataloged Box 1 Bundy, McGeorge

Box Cataloged Box 1 Burns, Arthur Frank

Box Cataloged Box 1 Clemens, Cyril

Box Cataloged Box 1 Diller, Phyllis

Box Cataloged Box 1 Goldberg, Arthur Joseph

Box Cataloged Box 1 Graham, Katharine Meyer

Box Cataloged Box 1 Harlan, John Marshall

Box Cataloged Box 1 Highet, Gilbert

Box Cataloged Box 1 Hogan, Frank Smithwick

Box Cataloged Box 1 Janeway, Elizabeth

Box Cataloged Box 1 Javits, Jacob K.

Box Cataloged Box 1 Jouvenel des Ursins, Baron Bertrand de

Box Cataloged Box 1 Lindsay, John V.

Box Cataloged Box 1 Lippman, Walter

Box Cataloged Box 1 MacDonald, Dwight

Box Cataloged Box 1 Merrill, Gary

Box Cataloged Box 1 Meyer, Agnes Ernst (Mrs. Eugene)

Box Cataloged Box 1 Mielziner, Jo

Box Cataloged Box 1 Mott, Stewart R.

Box Cataloged Box 1 Moynihan, Daniel Patrick

Box Cataloged Box 1 Packhard, Vance

Box Cataloged Box 1 Pinter, Harold

Box Cataloged Box 1 Podhoretz, Norman

Box Cataloged Box 1 Proxmire, William

Box Cataloged Box 1 Riesman, David

Box Cataloged Box 1 Rosten, Norman

Box Cataloged Box 1 Ruml, Beardsley

Box Cataloged Box 1 Rustin, Bayard

Box Cataloged Box 1 Schlesinger, Arthur Meyer, Jr.

Box Cataloged Box 1 Sills, Beverly

Box Cataloged Box 1 Smith, H. Allen

Box Cataloged Box 1 Solti, Sir Georg

Box Cataloged Box 1 Stevens, Risë

Box Cataloged Box 1 Stout, Rex Todhunter

Box Cataloged Box 1 Thant, U

Box Cataloged Box 1 Thomson, Virgil

Box Cataloged Box 1 Walter, Bruno

Series II: Appointment Books, Correspondence, Reviews, etc.

This series includes appointment books, chronological correspondence, and clippings and reviews related to Mayer's books.

Box 54 Appointment Books, 1958-1965

Box 55 Appointment Books, 1966

Box 55 Correspondence, Miscellaneous

Box 56 Correspondence, 1962-1963

Box 57 Correspondence, 1964

Box 58 Correspondence, 1965-1966

Box 59 Correspondence, 1967

Box 60 Correspondence, 1968-1969

Box 88 Correspondence, 1970-1972

Box 89 Correspondence, 1972-1975

Box 90 Correspondence, 1975-1976

Box 91 Correspondence, 1976-1977

Box 52 Reviews of Mayer's Books

Box 53 Reviews of Mayer's Books

Box 73 Scrapbook of Clippings About Mayer's Books, 1 items

Series III: Writings and Related Materials

The Schools , circa 1961

Box 1 Typescripts

Box 2 Typescripts

Box 3 Typescripts


Box 4 Utah - Denver

Box 4 California - Arizona

Box 4 Louisville - Chicago

Box 4 Boston - New York State

Box 4 Foundations - Mineola

Box 4 Detroit - Columbus

Box 4 Baltimore - Washington - Kansas City

Box 4 New York

Box 4 Private schools

Box 5 Programmed Instruction

Box 5 England

Box 5 France, Scandanavia

Box 5 Typescript

Box 6 Teacher Training

Box 6 Testing

Box 7 Correspondence, Related Material

Box 8 Proofs, Index

Box 9 New York Schools--Correspondence, etc.

Box 10 Local School Board--Minutes

Box 10 President's Panel on Education

The Lawyers , circa 1967


Box 11 Law Schools

Box 12 Courts

Box 13 Civil Liberties

Box 13 Criminal Law

Box 13 Poverty

Box 14 Practice

Box 14 Publishing

Box 15 Patent

Box 15 Labor and Arbitration

Box 15 Taxes

Box 15 Bankruptcy

Box 15 International and Divorce

Box 16 Large Firms

Box 16 Jurisprudence

Box 16 Drafting

Box 16 Administrative Agencies

Box 16 Negligence

Box 17 First Draft

Box 17A Manuscript

Box 17B Proofs

Box 18 Related Articles

Box 18 American cities article

Box 18 A Voice That Fills the House , circa 1959

Madison Avenue, U.S.A. , circa 1958

Box 19 Notes, Correspondence

Box 20 Proofs and Manuscript

Emory Buckner , circa 1968

Box 21 Notes, Correspondence

Box 22 Typescript, Proofs

Box 23 First Draft

Wall Street Articles--Notes, Manuscripts, etc.

Box 24 Wall Street: Men and Money

Box 24 Wall Street

Box 24 Monthly Investment Plan

Box 24 Merrill Lynch

Box 24 New Breed on Wall Street

Diploma , circa 1968


Box 25 International Exams No. 1-3

Box 26 National Systems

Box 26 ISES First Conference Report

Box 26 U.S. Overseas Schools

Notes and Correspondence

Box 27 Correspondence and Reports

Box 27 French Lycées

Box 27 German and Scandinavian International Schools

Box 27 British schools

Box 27 International Organizations and Individuals

Box 27 International Schools

Notes and Manuscript

Box 28 International Exams No. 4

Box 28 Manuscript

Box 28 Corrected Carbon

Education--Miscellaneous Articles, Notes, Etc.

Box 29 Textbooks

Box 29 Good Slum Schools

Box 29 Education Miscellany No. 1-2

Box 29 Schools

Box 29 Third Grade

Box 30 PTA

Box 30 What Your PTA Should Know

Box 30 PTA speech

Box 30 How Not to Run Big City Schools

Box 30 Bronx Science

Box 30 Children's' books

Box 30 Welcome to the System

Box 30 Close to Midnight for New York Schools

Box 30 Is Your School Alive?

Where, When, and Why: Social Studies in American Schools , circa 1963

Box 31 Notes and Correspondence

Box 32 Typescript and Proofs

Box 33 Typescript and Printed Materials

Box 34 The Summer Soldiers--Manuscript

Unpublished early novel.

Box 34 Miscellaneous Unpublished

Box 35 Metropolitan Opera--Notes, Manuscripts, Printed

Music Articles--Notes, Printed, Etc.

Box 36 Birgit Nilsson

Box 36 Bernstein-Zeffirelli "Falstaff"

Box 36 Opera Think Piece

Box 36 Orchestras

Box 36 Watts-Hollander

Box 36 Music Contractors

Box 36 Music Miscellaneous #1

Box 37 Reiner's Orchestra

Box 37 Jet Sounds

Box 37 Risë Stevens

Box 37 Andrés Segovia

Box 37 Eileen Farrell

Box 37 George Szell

Box 37 Leornard Bernstein

Box 37 Herbert Karajan

Box 38 New York Pro Musica

Box 38 Marek and RCA

Box 38 Record Industry Pamphlet

Box 38 100 Best Records

Box 38 Stravinsky

Box 38 Rudel

Box 39 Hidden Hi-Fi

Box 39 Stereo Discs

Box 39 Tape Recorders

Box 39 How to Music Condition Your Home

Box 39 Miscellaneous Hi-Fi Pieces

Box 39 Esquire Column

Box 39 Miscellaneous Music Pieces #2

Box 39 Florida State University Pamphlet

Esquire Articles--Notes, Printed, Etc.

Box 40 Think Tanks

Box 40 Pecos Bill

Box 40 Paperbacks

Box 40 Harvard Fellows

Box 40 UCLA

Box 40 Esquire Columns

Box 41 James Dean

Box 41 John Henry

Box 41 Mr. Kenneth

Box 41 Routine Homicide

Box 41 Daily Worker

Box 41 Liquor

Box 41 Times Literary Supplement

Box 41 Advertising for American Imagination

Box 42 Esquire Columns--Notes, Manuscript, etc.

Magazine Articles--Notes, Printed, Etc.

Box 43 Lincoln Center

Box 43 Better Homes and Gardens Economics Series

Box 43 Dollar Drain

Box 43 Common Market

Box 44 Leary-Alpert

Box 44 Kiruna-Camco

Box 45 Madison Avenue Revisited

Box 45 Adlai Stevenson

Box 45 Arthur Goldberg

Box 45 Stereo for Latecomers

Box 45 Acoustics

Box 45 Tape Recorders

Box 45 Transistor

Box 45 New Sounds for the Sixties

Box 46 World's Fair

Box 46 Civil Rights

Box 47 William Penton

Box 47 Princeton Admissions

Box 47 Decisive Dozen

Box 48 Goddard Lieberson

Box 48 Brain Drain

Box 48 Savings

Box 49 Morris Lapidus

Box 49 McGeorge Bundy

Box 49 Sol Linowitz

Box 49 College Admissions

Box 50 Barney Kossett

Box 50 Sampling

Box 50 Mathematical Models in Advertising

Box 50 National Association of Security Dealers

Box 50 Computers

Box 50 Kay Graham

Box 51 Amateurism

Box 51 Avis-Hertz

Box 51 I.O.S.

Box 51 Kress

Box 51 Harvard

Box 51 Downtown New York

Box 51 Planned Obsolescence

Box 51 Cousteau

Box 51 Book Reviews

About Television , circa 1972

Box 61 Manuscripts


Box 62 Research materials

Box 62 Local

Box 63 Research materials

Box 63 Programming

Notes, Articles

Box 64 Research materials

Box 64 News and Politics

Box 65 Research materials

Box 65 Advertising and Government Impact

Box 66 Research materials

Box 66 Public Television

Box 67 Research materials

Box 67 Europe and CPB

Box 68 Research materials

Box 68 Sports

Box 69 Research materials

Box 69 CATV

Box 70 All You Know is Facts--Manuscripts, Proofs, circa 1969

Rudolph King Memoirs

Box 71 Drafts

Box 71 Manuscripts

Box 71 Printed Materials

Box 72 New York Times Article on Ocean Hill--Manuscripts, Printed Materials

Box 73 Domestic Satellite

Box 73 A Voice That Fills the House , circa 1959

Bricks, Mortar, and the Performing Arts , circa 1970

Box 74 Manuscripts

Box 74 Drafts

Box 74 Research materials

Box 75 Research materials

Today and Tomorrow in America , circa 1976

Box 76 Typescript

Box 76 Proofs

The Bankers , circa 1974

Box 77 Manuscript (Revisions)

Box 78 Manuscript (Revisions)

Research Materals, Notes

Box 79 Research materials

Box 79 Bought Money

Box 79 Business Loans

Box 79 Cal. Phil.

Box 80 Research materials

Box 80 Chicago

Box 80 Federal

Box 81 Research materials

Box 81 Future

Box 81 International I

Box 82 Research materials

Box 82 International II

Box 83 Research materials

Box 83 New York

Box 84 Research materials

Box 84 North Carolina, etc.

Box 84 Personal Loans

Box 85 Regulatory, etc.

Box 85 Reprint Notes

Box 86 Research materials

Box 86 Trust Departments

Box 87 Research materials, Miscellaneous

Box 92 Domestic Satellite

Box 92 Frank Reisman--New Careers--Ford Report


Box 93 Finland--Notes

Box 93 Netherlands

Box 94 Florida--Notes

Box 94 North Carolina

Box 94 California

Box 95 Subsidized and Neighborhoods--Notes

Box 96 Technologies--Notes

Box 97 Open Admissions--Notes

Box 98 Television, 1956--Notes

Today and Tomorrow in America , circa 1976

Box 99 Notes and Typescripts

Box 100 Notes and Typescripts

Box 101 Columns and Reviews

Box 102 One Big

Unpublished early novel.

Box 103 The Summer Soldiers

Unpublished early novel.

Box 104 Unpublished Early Work

Box 105 Unpublished Early Work

Box 106 Foreign Policy Book--Drafts and Notes

Sloan Study--Cities and Universities

Box 107 Correspondence

Box 107 Drafts

Box 107 Notes

Box 107 Research materials

Box 108 Research materials