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League of Women Voters of the City of New York records, 1919-2019

Series III: 1990 Addition

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Box 102 Action-Annual Reports

Box 103 Bicentennial-Charter revisions

Box 104 City Conventions-Community Development

Box 105 Conference of Urban Problems-Conventions

Box 106 Correspondence (1979-1981)-Council Kit Contents

Box 107 Cultural Affairs-Finance

Box 108 Foundation for City Education-Litigation

Box 109 Martin's Department Store-Memoranda

Box 110 Memoranda (cont.)-Munites

Box 111 National Leangue (1961-1968)-New School Spring Seminar, 1972

Box 112 News Clippings-"N" Miscellaneous

Box 113 Operating Manuals-Radio

Box 114 Radio (cont.)-United Nations Background Material

Box 115 United Nations (cont.)-Voting Machine (Spanish Film)

Box 116 "What Makes N.Y.C. Run?" – Women's Issues

Box 117 Women's Job Rights Proposal - Year of Young Voter

Box 118 Photographic Material - Miscellaneous Papers

Box 119 Foreign Economic Policy: Action Calls

Box 119 Foreign Economic Policy: Congressional Role Call Votes

Box 120 Foreign Economic Policy: Correspondence(1963-1964)

Box 120 Foreign Economic Policy: Field Trips (1955-1975)

Box 121 Foreign Economic Policy: Foreign Aid Statements

Box 121 Foreign Economic Policy: Publications (Old)

Box 122 Foreign Economic Policy: Scrapbook

Box 122 Foreign Economic Policy: World Trade

Box 123 Printed Material

Box 124 Printed Material

Box 125 Printed Material

Box 126 Printed Material

Box 127 Printed Material

Box 128 Printed Material

Box 129 Printed Material

Box 130 Printed Material

Box 131 Printed Material

Box 132 Printed Material

Box 133 Printed Material

Box 134 Printed Material