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Kelley family papers, 1681-1937

Series I.2: Catalogued Documents

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Bonsall, Benjamin

Box 1 Bonsall, Benjamin (marriage certificate of Benjamin Bonsall and Martha Fisher, with a fair copy), Philadelphia, ms.d., 1p., 1712 November 27

Box 1 Bonsall, Benjamin (marriage certificate of Benjamin Bonsall and Mary Bartram), Darby, ms.d.s., 1p., 1755 December 17

Bonsall, Hannah

Box 1 Bonsall, Hannah "The School of Christ" (poem), n.p., a.ms.s., 2p., 1833 August 13

Frease, Philip

Box 1 Frease, Philip (commission as Captain in the militia of Salem County in New Jersey), Trenton, p.d.s., 1p., 1793 June 5

Giles, James

Box 1 Giles, James (order addressed to Major John Kelley for an inventory of personnel in the 4th Regiment) Bridgeton, a.d.s., 1p., 1794 July 28

Kelley, John

Box 1 Kelley, John (land grant of 50 acres of Salem County to John Kelley; signed by Michael and Robert Walker), Salem, New Jersey, ms.d.s., 1p., 1739 May 1

Box 1 Kelley, John (appointment as administrator of the estate of James Wright), Burlington, New Jersey, p.d.s., 1p., 1776 May 3

Box 1 Kelley, John (commission as Major in the 4th Regiment of the State of New Jersey; signed by William L. Livingston and Charles Petit), Haddonfield, New Jersey, p.d.s., 1p., 1777 May 5

Box 1 Kelley, John (article of agreement between John Kelley and John Holme to build a sawmill; signed by John Holme), Salem, New Jersey, ms.d., 1p., 1782 April 1

Box 1 Kelley, John (list of officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates in Major Kelley's battalon), n.p., a.d., 1p., circa 1794 July

Kelley family

Box 1 Kelley family records (typescript of family records made by William Darrah Kelley), t.ms., 5p., 1746-1890

Peck, Andrew

Box 1 Peck, Andrew (commission as ensign in the militia of Salem County of New Jersey), Trenton, p.d.s., 1 p., 1793 June 5

Penn, William

Box 1 Penn, William (land grant of 1250 acres of Pennsylvania to Mary Pennington), Philadelphia, ms.d.s., 1p., 1681 October 18