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Henry Marion Howe papers, 1875-1917

Series I: Henry Marion Howe Papers

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Box 1 Correspondence, 1902-1917

Box 1 Reports to mining and metal companies, 1882-1907

Box 1 Paine, William Transcript of his testimony for the defense of ______ regarding his experience with the qualities of steel such as elasticity and hardness, 1886 February 10

(Contains references to construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Typescript carbon, 74p.)

Box 1 Printed Matter, undated

Box 2 Lecture notes and exam questions, circa 1895-1896

Box 2 Notes of lectures on civil metallurgy delivered at the Institute of Technology, 1884 November-December

(Bound volume)

Box 2 Lectures on copper, silver, charcoal and other metals, circa 1885-1888

(Bound volume)

Box 2 Fried, Krupp, Aktien-Gesellschaft vs. Midval: Steel Company. Direct examination of H.M. Howe, 1910

Box 3 Notebook: White metals, undated

(Bound volume)

Box 3 U.S. patent specifications for various refrigeration devices, 1875-1887

Box 3 U.S. patent application of Robert Hadfield for manufacture of manganese steel, 1896

Box 3 Notebook: Experiments on refrigeration, circa 1888-1889

Box 3 Notebook: Work on Oxford ores, undated

Box 4 Notebook: Alloys and structural metals, undated

Box 4 Blueprint graphs illustrating metallic content, numbered respectively: A7, A35, A36, A384, undated, 4 Volumes

Box 5 Notebook: Analysis and physical tests, numbered 26, undated

Flatbox 113 Metallurgical photographs - Miscellaneous, numbered 10, undated

(Bound volume)

Flatbox 113 Metallurgical photographs - Deformation, numbered M4, undated

(Bound volume)

Flatbox 114 Medal of the Verein zur Beförderung des Gewerbfleisses presented to H.M. Howe, 1895 November 8

(Letter of award written by Dr. Herman Wedding.)

Flatbox 114 Memorandum book on work at the copper mines of Caldera, Copiapo and other places in Chile, recording expenses, experiments in smelting, refining, etc., 1877-1878

(Bound volume. Transferred from Engineering library, 1974.)