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Lucy Julia Hayner papers, 1919-1966

Series I. Papers (Original Accession), 1922-1937

Manuscripts, typescripts, manuscript notes, diagrams, letters, and reprints of Hayner. These papers represent her early work while a graduate student and a teaching assistant at Columbia, 1920-1925, as a research physicist at General Electric, 1925-1928, and while a professor at Columbia, 1929-1937. The papers deal with research on the "shot effect" of electron emissions in vacuum tubes. There are notes on "arc" research, 1924-1925, notes and drafts of her 1925 Columbia Ph.D. dissertation: THE PERSISTENCE OF THE RADIATION EXCITED IN MERCURY VAPOR, files of notes on "secondary emissions" 1922-1928, and notes and manuscript and typescript drafts of her two articles "Shot Effect of Secondary Electron Currents" (PHYSICS VI, Oct. 1935) and "Shot Effect of Secondary Electrons from Nickel and Beryllium" (THE PHYSICAL REVIEW, LII, Nov. 1, 1937). The second article was co-authored by her husband, Bernhard Kurrelmeyer and there are also notes and drafts by him. Also, manuscripts and notes for his article "The Photoelectric Conductivity of Sulphur" (1927); and a few letters from other physicists relating to the publication of these articles.

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Box 1 Secondary Emissions Research, 1922-1928

Box 2 Arc Research, 1924-1925

Box 2 Columbia Dissertation, 1925

Box 3 Shot Effect Articles, 1935-1937

Box 3 Bernhard Kurrelmeyer Article, 1927