Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Harris-Oliphant papers, 1867-1940

Series IV: Lawton & Schneider's Notes and Research Files

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Box 18 Folder 1 Lawton, George Interviews on Harris, [n.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 2 Lawton, George Letters to Lawton regarding Harris/Oliphant, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 3 Lawton, George Notes by Lawton, [n.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 4 Misc. Material - No direct Harris connection, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 5 Lawton, George & H.L. Schneider Lawton & Schneider Notes - Harris and Related, [n.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 6 Lawton, George & H.L. Schneider Schneider and Lawton's Correspondence on their Book about Harris, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 7 [Lawton, George] On the Chevaillier Case - Notes, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 8 Articles and Pamphlets on T.L. Harris, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 9 Material Used for Chapter XX of "The Gateway of the Comfortings", [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 18 Folder 10, 11 [Lawton, George] Copied Source Material, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 19 Folder 1 [Lawton, George] Notes for Harris book, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 19 Folder 2 [Lawton, George] Notes and Copies of Extracts from Harris Books made in Santa Rosa, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 19 Folder 3 Schneider, H.L. Notes for Chapter 1, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 19 Folder 4 Lawton, George Notes about Harris from papers, etc., [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 19 Folder 5 Templeton, James Murray Address Book (1891) and Diary (1881;1884), [v.p.], [v.d.]

[This folder is on Microfilm. MN#2001-3110-1]

Box 19 Folder 6 Templeton, Rosamond Misc. Material, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 19 Folder 7 Folder for Oliphant Material, [n.p.], [n.d.]

Box 19 Folder 8 Letters, articles, and photostats on Lawrence Oliphant and his writings, [v.p.], [v.d.]

Box 19 Folder 9 Schneider, H.L. Misc. Schneider Notes - Chapter 2, [v.p.], [v.d.]