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Harper & Row Publishers records, 1935-1973

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Call No.: MS#0556
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Creator(s) Harper & Row, Publishers; Canfield, Cass, 1897-1986
Title Harper & Row Publishers records, 1935-1973
Physical Description 153 linear feet (368 boxes)
Language(s) English .
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This collection is arranged into eleven series.



Correspondence, manuscripts, contracts, memos., and photographs. The correspondence pertains to the publications of numerous important fiction and non-fiction authors. The files are particularly strong for authors included in two important historical series"The New American Nation" Richard B. Morris and Henry S. Commager, editors; and "The Rise of Modern Europe" William L. Langer, editor. The files of Cass Canfield Sr. contain substantial material on Planned Parenthood and International Planned Parenthood.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

This collection is located off-site. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

This collection has no restrictions.

Access to all documents relating to personnel, financial, and executive committee meetings is restricted.

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Collections related by provenance: Harper and Bros and Harper and Row archives are available at The Pierport Morgan Library (pre-1900 files), the University of Texas Humanities Research Center (1924-1963), Princeton University Library, and Library of Congress (Magazine, 1869-1965).


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Source of acquisition--Harper & Row, Publishers. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1972. Accession number--M-72.

Gift of Harper & Row Publishers, 1972. Gift of Yale University Library, 1982 & 1989. Gift of HarperCollins Publishers 1990.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

A major American publishing firm, founded in New York City in 1817 by James and John Harper. Today HarperCollins is one of the largest English language publishing firms in the world.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box Cataloged 1 Acheson, Dean, [n.p.]

Box Cataloged 1 Agar, Herbert

Box Cataloged 1 Akins, Zoe

Box Cataloged 1 Albee, Edward Franklin

Box Cataloged 1 Algren, Nelson

Box Cataloged 1 Alliluyeva, Svetlana

Box Cataloged 1 Alphand, Hervé

Box Cataloged 1 Ambler, Eric

Box Cataloged 1 Amis, Kingsley

Box Cataloged 1 Anderson, Margaret

Box Cataloged 1 Armstrong, Hamilton Fish

Box Cataloged 1 Astaire, Fred

Box Cataloged 1 Atwood, Margaret

Box Cataloged 1 Auchincloss, Louis

Box Cataloged 1 Aymé, Marcel

Box Cataloged 1 Babson, Roger

Box Cataloged 1 Bacon, Leonard

Box Cataloged 1 Balanchine, George

Box Cataloged 1 Baldwin, James

Box Cataloged 1 Ball, George W.

Box Cataloged 1 Balsan, Consuelo Vanderbilt

Box Cataloged 2 Barkley, Alben W.

Box Cataloged 2 Baruch, Bernard M.

Box Cataloged 2 Barzini, Luigi

Box Cataloged 2 Barzun, Jacques

Box Cataloged 2 Beard, Mary Ritter (Mrs. Charles A.)

Box Cataloged 2 Bellow, Saul

Box Cataloged 2 Bemelmans, Ludwig

Box Cataloged 2 Benchley, Nathaniel

Box Cataloged 2 Ben-Gurion, David

Box Cataloged 2 Bentley, Eric

Box Cataloged 2 Berle, Adolf A.

Box Cataloged 2 Berlin, Irving

Box Cataloged 2 Bernays, Edward L.

Box Cataloged 2 Bettleheim, Bruno

Box Cataloged 2 Bischoff, Albert

Box Cataloged 2 Bliven, Bruce

Box Cataloged 2 Bourke-White, Margaret

Box Cataloged 2 Bowen, Catherine Drinker

Box Cataloged 2 Bowen, John

Box Cataloged 2 Bowles, Chester

Box Cataloged 3 Boyle, Kay

Box Cataloged 3 Bradley, Omar N.

Box Cataloged 3 Breuer, Bessy

Box Cataloged 3 Brinton, Crane

Box Cataloged 3 Bromfield, Louis

Box Cataloged 3 Brooke, Sylvia, Lady

Box Cataloged 3 Brooks, Van Wyck

Box Cataloged 3 Buber, Martin

Box Cataloged 3 Buck, Pearl S.

Box Cataloged 3 Bullins, Ed.

Box Cataloged 3 Bunche, Ralph J.

Box Cataloged 3 Bundy, McGeorge

Box Cataloged 3 Burnett, Whit

Box Cataloged 3 Bynner, Witter

Box Cataloged 3 Calder-Marshall, Arthur

Box Cataloged 3 Caldwell, Erskine

Box Cataloged 3 Carmer, Carl

Box Cataloged 3 Carmichael, Hoagy

Box Cataloged 3 Carpenter, Don

Box Cataloged 3 Carr, Albert Z.

Box Cataloged 3 Carr, John Dickson

Box Cataloged 3 Carson, Rachel L.

Box Cataloged 4 Caspary, Vera

Box Cataloged 4 Cecil, (Lord) Edward

Box Cataloged 4 Chase, Stuart

Box Cataloged 4 Chayefsky, Paddy

Box Cataloged 4 Chiang Kai-shek, Madame

Box Cataloged 4 Childs, Marquis

Box Cataloged 4 Churchill, (Lord) Ivor Spencer

Box Cataloged 4 Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer

Box Cataloged 4 Chute, Marchette

Box Cataloged 4 Ciardi, John

Box Cataloged 4 Clark, Kenneth

Box Cataloged 4 Clark, Mark Wayne

Box Cataloged 4 Clayton, Will L.

Box Cataloged 4 Connelly, Marc

Box Cataloged 4 Connelly, Cyril

Box Cataloged 4 Cousins, Norman

Box Cataloged 4 Cousteau, Jacques-Yves

Box Cataloged 4 Cozzens, James Gould

Box Cataloged 4 Cronyn, Hume

Box Cataloged 4 Crosby, Bing

Box Cataloged 4 Dannay, Frederic

Box Cataloged 4 Darrow, Whitney, Jr.

Box Cataloged 4 Davidson, Lionel

Box Cataloged 4 Davis, Elmer

Box Cataloged 4 Day Lewis, C.

Box Cataloged 4 Deighton, Len

Box Cataloged 4 DeVoto, Bernard

Box Cataloged 4 Dewey, Thomas E.

Box Cataloged 4 Dillon, Douglas

Box Cataloged 4 Donleavy, James Patrick

Box Cataloged 4 Dos Passos, John

Box Cataloged 4 Douglas, Paul H.

Box Cataloged 4 Douglas, William O.

Box Cataloged 4 Doyle, Adrian Conan

Box Cataloged 4 Doyle, Denis P. S. Conan

Box Cataloged 4 Duke, Angier Biddle

Box Cataloged 4 Dulles, Allen W.

Box Cataloged 4 Dulles, John Foster

Box Cataloged 4 Duneka, F. A.

Box Cataloged 5 Eastman, Max

Box Cataloged 5 Eden, Anthony, Earl of Avon

Box Cataloged 5 Eisenhower, Dwight David

Box Cataloged 5 Engle, Paul

Box Cataloged 5 Ernst, Morris L.

Box Cataloged 5 Fadiman, Clifton

Box Cataloged 5 Farley, James A.

Box Cataloged 5 Farrell, James T.

Box Cataloged 5 Ferber, Edna

Box Cataloged 5 Finletter, Thomas K.

Box Cataloged 5 Fischer, Louis

Box Cataloged 5 Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

Box Cataloged 5 Flanner, Janet

Box Cataloged 5 Flower, Desmond

Box Cataloged 5 Ford, Charles Henri

Box Cataloged 5 Ford, Henry, II

Box Cataloged 5 Fortas, Abe

Box Cataloged 6 Fosdick, Harry Emerson

Box Cataloged 6 Fox, Dorothea

Box Cataloged 6 Freeman, Joseph

Box Cataloged 6 Fromm, Erich

Box Cataloged 6 Frankfurter, Felix

Box Cataloged 6 Fulbright, J. William

Box Cataloged 6 Fuller, R. Buckminster

Box Cataloged 6 Galbraith, John Kenneth

Box Cataloged 6 Gallico, Paul W.

Box Cataloged 6 Gannett, Lewis

Box Cataloged 6 Garrison, Lloyd K.

Box Cataloged 6 Gary, Romain

Box Cataloged 6 Gavin, James M.

Box Cataloged 6 George, Walter F.

Box Cataloged 6 Gleason, Jackie

Box Cataloged 6 Gold, Herbert

Box Cataloged 6 Goldberg, Arthur J.

Box Cataloged 6 Graham, Philip L.

Box Cataloged 6 Gray, David

Box Cataloged 6 Green, Paul

Box Cataloged 6 Gropius, Walter

Box Cataloged 6 Gunther, John

Box Cataloged 6 Hadas, Moses

Box Cataloged 6 Hale, William Harlan

Box Cataloged 6 Hand, Learned

Box Cataloged 6 Hansberry, Lorraine

Box Cataloged 6 Harper, J. Henry

Box Cataloged 6 Harriman, W. Averell

Box Cataloged 6 Hart, Moss

Box Cataloged 6 Hayes, Carlton J. H.

Box Cataloged 6 Hecht, Ben

Box Cataloged 6 Hellman, Lillian

Box Cataloged 7 Hergesheimer, Joseph

Box Cataloged 7 Herter, Christian Archibald

Box Cataloged 7 Hicks, Granville

Box Cataloged 7 Higgins, Marguerite

Box Cataloged 7 Highet, Gilbert

Box Cataloged 7 Highsmith, Patricia

Box Cataloged 7 Hillyer, Robert

Box Cataloged 7 Hoffer, Eric

Box Cataloged 7 Holmes, John

Box Cataloged 7 Holmes, John Haynes

Box Cataloged 7 Hoover, Herbert

Box Cataloged 7 Hughes, Dorothy B.

Box Cataloged 7 Hughes, Langston

Box Cataloged 7 Hughes, Richard Arthur Warren

Box Cataloged 7 Hughes, Ted

Box Cataloged 7 Humphrey, Hubert Horatio

Box Cataloged 7 Hurst, Fannie

Box Cataloged 7 Huxley, Aldous

Box Cataloged 7 Huxley, Sir Julian

Box Cataloged 7 Ickes, Harold L.

Box Cataloged 7 Isherwood, Christopher

Box Cataloged 7 IsMay, Hastings Lionel IsMay, 1 Baron

Box Cataloged 7 Jackson, Henry M.

Box Cataloged 7 Janeway, Elizabeth

Box Cataloged 7 Jenkins, Elizabeth

Box Cataloged 7 Johnson, Lady Bird

Box Cataloged 7 Jouvenal des Ursins, (Baron) Bertrand de

Box Cataloged 8 Kaltenborn, Hans V.

Box Cataloged 8 Kantor, MacKinlay

Box Cataloged 8 Kaufman, George S.

Box Cataloged 8 Kefauver, Estes

Box Cataloged 8 Kennan, George

Box Cataloged 8 Kennedy, Edward Moore

Box Cataloged 8 Kennedy, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

(See: Onassis, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy)

Box Cataloged 8 Kennedy, John F.

(In Vault)

Box Cataloged 8 Kennedy, Joseph Patrick

Box Cataloged 8 Kennedy, Robert Francis

(In Vault)

Box Cataloged 8 Keyes, Frances Parkinson

Box Cataloged 8 Keyserling, Hermann

Box Cataloged 8 King, Martin Luther, Jr.

Box Cataloged 8 Kinsey, Alfred Charles

Box Cataloged 8 Kissinger, Henry A.

Box Cataloged 8 Knopf, Alfred A.

Box Cataloged 8 Kollek, Theodore

Box Cataloged 8 Kraft, Joseph

Box Cataloged 8 Krock, Arthur

Box Cataloged 8 La Farge, Christopher

Box Cataloged 8 Lamont, Thomas S.

Box Cataloged 8 Le Gallienne, Eva

Box Cataloged 8 Lehman, Herbert H.

Box Cataloged 9 Levitas, S. M.

Box Cataloged 9 Lewis, Wilmarth Sheldon

Box Cataloged 9 Lilienthal, David E.

Box Cataloged 9 Lindbergh, Charles A.

Box Cataloged 9 Lindsay, John Vilet

Box Cataloged 9 Lippmann, Walter

Box Cataloged 9 Lodge, Henry Cabot

Box Cataloged 9 Lodge, John Davis

Box Cataloged 9 Longwell, Daniel

Box Cataloged 9 Loos, Anita

Box Cataloged 9 Lord, Russell

Box Cataloged 9 Loveman, Amy

Box Cataloged 9 Luce, Henry Robinson

Box Cataloged 9 Ludwig, Emil

Box Cataloged 9 Macdonald, Dwight

Box Cataloged 9 McElroy, Neil H.

Box Cataloged 9 McFee, William

Box Cataloged 9 McGinley, Phyllis

Box Cataloged 9 McKenney, Ruth

Box Cataloged 9 MacLeish, Archibald

Box Cataloged 9 McNamara, Robert Strange

Box Cataloged 9 Manchester, William

Box Cataloged 9 Mann, Thomas

Box Cataloged 9 Mannes, Marya

Box Cataloged 9 Marquand, John Phillips

Box Cataloged 9 Marshall, George Catlett

Box Cataloged 9 Marshall, Peter

Box Cataloged 9 Marshall, Thurgood

Box Cataloged 9 Marx, Groucho

Box Cataloged 9 Mason, James

Box Cataloged 9 Massey, Raymond

Box Cataloged 10 Matthews, Herbert Lionel

Box Cataloged 10 Maugham, Robin, 2 Viscount Maugham

Box Cataloged 10 Mead, Margaret

Box Cataloged 10 Meany, George

Box Cataloged 10 Mencken, Henry Louis

Box Cataloged 10 Menninger, Karl

Box Cataloged 10 Miller, Gilbert

Box Cataloged 10 Miller, Merle

Box Cataloged 10 Montagu, Ashley

Box Cataloged 10 Moore, Marianne

Box Cataloged 10 Moorehead, Alan

Box Cataloged 10 Morison, Samuel Eliot

Box Cataloged 10 Moses, Robert

Box Cataloged 10 Moynihan, Daniel

Box Cataloged 10 Mumford, Lewis

Box Cataloged 10 Murrow, Edward R.

Box Cataloged 10 Myrdal, Gunnar

Box Cataloged 11 Neuberger, Richard L.

Box Cataloged 11 Nevins, Allan

Box Cataloged 11 Niebuhr, Reinhold

Box Cataloged 11 Nimitz, Chester William

Box Cataloged 11 Nixon, Richard Milhous

Box Cataloged 11 Norris, Frank

Box Cataloged 11 Norstad, Lauris

Box Cataloged 11 Onassis, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

Box Cataloged 11 Orwell, Sonia Brownell (Mrs. George)

Box Cataloged 11 Oxnam, G. Bromley

Box Cataloged 11 Pack, Robert M.

Box Cataloged 11 Palmer, Stuart

Box Cataloged 11 Parker, Dorothy

Box Cataloged 11 Parsons, Geoffrey

Box Cataloged 11 Partridge, Eric

Box Cataloged 11 Payne, Robert

Box Cataloged 11 Pearson, Drew

Box Cataloged 11 Penzler, Otto

Box Cataloged 11 Perkins, Frances

Box Cataloged 11 Perowne, Barry

Box Cataloged 11 Petrone, Christine L.

Box Cataloged 11 Plimpton, George A.

Box Cataloged 11 Porter, Cole

Box Cataloged 11 Priestley, John Boynton

Box Cataloged 11 Prokosch, Frederic

Box Cataloged 11 Pulitzer, Peggy

Box Cataloged 11 Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli

Box Cataloged 11 Rascoe, Burton

Box Cataloged 11 Reid, Helen Rogers (Mrs. Ogden Mills)

Box Cataloged 11 Renault, Mary

Box Cataloged 11 Rice, Elmer

Box Cataloged 11 Rickover, Hyman George

Box Cataloged 11 Ridgway, Matthew Bunker

Box Cataloged 11 Rissel, Victor

Box Cataloged 11 Robinson, Edward G.

Box Cataloged 11 Rockefeller, John D., IV

Box Cataloged 11 Rockefeller, Nelson A.

Box Cataloged 11 Rohde, Ruth Bryan

Box Cataloged 11 Romney, George

Box Cataloged 11 Romulo, Carlos P.

Box Cataloged 11 Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin D.)

Box Cataloged 11 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

Box Cataloged 11 Rostow, Walt Whitman

Box Cataloged 12 Rostow, Walt Whitman

Box Cataloged 12 Rukeyser, Muriel

Box Cataloged 12 Rushmore, Arthur W.

Box Cataloged 12 Rusk, Dean

Box Cataloged 12 Sadleir, Michael

Box Cataloged 12 Salinger, Pierre

Box Cataloged 12 Sandburg, Carl

Box Cataloged 12 Sarnoff, David

Box Cataloged 12 Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.

Box Cataloged 12 Schuster, M. Lincoln

Box Cataloged 12 Sforza, Carlo, Count

Box Cataloged 12 Shaw, George Bernard

Box Cataloged 12 Sheed, Wilfred John Joseph

Box Cataloged 12 Sheen, Fulton J.

Box Cataloged 12 Sherwood, Robert Emmet

Box Cataloged 12 Shirer, William L.

Box Cataloged 12 Shriver, Eunice Kennedy (Mrs. Sargent)

Box Cataloged 12 Shriver, Robert Sargent, Jr.

Box Cataloged 12 Silone, Darina Tranquilli (Mrs. Ignazio)

Box Cataloged 12 Silone, Ignazio

Box Cataloged 12 Sinclair, Upton

Box Cataloged 12 Skinner, Cornelia Otis

Box Cataloged 12 Smith, Merriman

Box Cataloged 12 Snow, C. P.

Box Cataloged 12 Sorensen, Theodore C.

Box Cataloged 13 Spellman, Francis Joseph, Cardinal

Box Cataloged 13 Spender, Stephen

Box Cataloged 13 Sprigge, Elizabeth Miriam Squire

Box Cataloged 13 Steegmuller, Francis

Box Cataloged 13 Steele, Wilbur Daniel

Box Cataloged 13 Steichen, Edward

Box Cataloged 13 Steinberg, Saul

Box Cataloged 13 Stern, Philip Van Doren

Box Cataloged 13 Stevenson, Adlai E.

Box Cataloged 13 Stickney, Dorothy Hayes

Box Cataloged 13 Stimson, Henry L.

Box Cataloged 13 Stone, Irving

Box Cataloged 13 Stout, Rex

Box Cataloged 13 Stravinsky, Igor

Box Cataloged 13 Streeter, Edward

Box Cataloged 13 Styron, William

Box Cataloged 13 Sulzberger, Cyrus Leo

Box Cataloged 13 Sulzberger, Cyrus Lindauer

Box Cataloged 13 Swope, Herbert Bayard

Box Cataloged 13 Symington, Stuart

Box Cataloged 13 Symons, Julian

Box Cataloged 14 Taft, Charles P.

Box Cataloged 14 Tagliabue, John

Box Cataloged 14 Tanner, Patrick

Box Cataloged 14 Taylor, Fred A.

Box Cataloged 14 Taylor, Telford

Box Cataloged 14 Terhune, Anice Morris Stockton

Box Cataloged 14 Thomas, Lowell

Box Cataloged 14 Thompson, Dorothy

Box Cataloged 14 Thompson, Llewellyn E.

Box Cataloged 14 Thomson, Virgil

Box Cataloged 14 Toklas, Alice B.

Box Cataloged 14 Trilling, Diana (Mrs. Lionel)

Box Cataloged 14 Trilling, Lionel

Box Cataloged 14 Truman, Harry S.

Box Cataloged 14 Tuchman, Barbara Wertheim

Box Cataloged 14 Untermeyer, Louis

Box Cataloged 14 Van Doren, Carl

Box Cataloged 14 Van Doren, Charles

Box Cataloged 14 Van Doren, Irita

Box Cataloged 14 Van Doren, Mark

Box Cataloged 14 Vidal, Gore

Box Cataloged 14 Vidor, King, 1894-

Box Cataloged 14 Viereck, Peter

Box Cataloged 14 Villard, Oswald Garrison

Box Cataloged 14 Wagenknecht, Edward

Box Cataloged 14 Wagner, Robert

Box Cataloged 14 Warburg, James Paul

Box Cataloged 14 Warren, Robert Penn

Box Cataloged 14 Waugh, Alec

Box Cataloged 14 Welles, Sumner

Box Cataloged 14 Wells, Thomas B.

Box Cataloged 14 Welty, Eudora

Box Cataloged 14 Wescott, Glenway

Box Cataloged 14 West, Jessamyn

Box Cataloged 14 West, Rebecca, Dame

Box Cataloged 14 Wheelock, John Hall

Box Cataloged 14 White, Katharine Sergeant Angell

Box Cataloged 14 White, Theodore H.

Box Cataloged 14 Whitney, John Hay

Box Cataloged 14 Wicker, Tom

Box Cataloged 14 Wilson, Edmund

Box Cataloged 15 Winterton, Paul

Box Cataloged 15 Wirtz, William Willard

Box Cataloged 15 Wodehouse, P. G.

Box Cataloged 15 Wright, Richard

Box Cataloged 15 Wynd, Oswald

Box Cataloged 15 Young, Whitney M.

Series II: Manuscripts, Documents and Art

Box Cataloged 16 Atwood, Margaret

Box Cataloged 16 Barrymore, Ethel

Box Cataloged 16 Bowles, Chester

Box Cataloged 16 Bullins, Ed.F

Box Cataloged 16 Carson, Rachel L.

Box Cataloged 16 Childs, Marquis

Box Cataloged 16 Hoffer, Eric

Box Cataloged 16 Holmes, John

Box Cataloged 16 Jenkins, Elizabeth

Box Cataloged 16 Ludwig, Emil

Box Cataloged 16 Marshall, George C.

Box Cataloged 16 Mencken, Henry Louis

Box Cataloged 16 Onassis, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

Box Cataloged 16 Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin Delano)

Box Cataloged 16 Sandburg, Carl

Box Cataloged 16 Schweitzer, Albert

Box Cataloged 16 Shirer, William L.

Box Cataloged 16 Tagliabue, John

Box Cataloged 16 Van Doren, Mark

Box Cataloged 16 Wescott, Glenway

Series III: Arranged Series

Subseries III.1: Trade Department Files

These files were donated to the libraries in May 1972

Box 1 A Misc. [n.p.], (1959-60; 1961-62; 1963-64)

Acheson, Dean , [n.p.], (1947-56; 1957- 58; 1959-61

[First ed. sketches]

Box 2 Adams, Rachel , [n.p.], 1958-63

Adams, Sherman , [n.p.], 1958-59, 1960, 1961, plus book

Adenauer, Konrad , [n.p.], 1952-55, 1957-58

Alden, John R.1952-55 NAN

Algren, Nelson , [n.p.], 1956-62

Box 3 Alsop, Joseph , [n.p.], June 1963-Jan. 1964, 1964

Ambler, Eric , [n.p.], 1956-59

Amory, Cleveland , [n.p.], 1949-52; 1953-56; 1957-59; 1960; 1961-62; 1963; 1961

[re. libel]

Box 4 Anshen, Dr. Ruth , [n.p.], 1952-54, 1955-56, 1957-58 WPS

Astaire, Fred , [n.p.], 1935-57, 1958-59, plus book

Astor, Brooke , [n.p.], 1959-64

[plus book]

Ayme, Marcel , [n.p.], 1958-62

Box 5 BA - BH Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

Balanchine, George , [n.p.], 1954-56

Baldwin, Hanson W. [n.p.], 1949-54, 1956-62, 1963-64

Box 6 Balsan, Consuelo , [n.p.], 1951 -- 6/51, 7/52 -- 6/55

[plus Churchill letter]

Barzini, Luigi, Jr. [n.p.], 1957-60

Barzun, Jacques , [n.p.], 1954-57, 1958-59, 1960-61, 1962-63

Box 7 Bemelmans, Ludwig , [n.p.], 1959-62

Benson, Ezra Taft , [n.p.], 1959-60

BI - BRN Misc.

Billington, Ray A. [n.p.], 1955-58 NAN

Box 8 Bishop, James , [n.p.], 1958-59, 1960, 1961-64

Bowles, Chester , [n.p.], 1952-55

[(Yale Univ. Lib., 1982)]

Bullock, Alan , [n.p.], 1957-63

CA-CN Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963--6/64

Box 9 CA-CN MIsc.

Carmer, Carl , [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-64

Carson, Rachel , [n.p.], 1958-64

Box 10 Cerf, Bennett , [n.p.], 1954-57, 1958

[And folder (no dates) permissions for READING;]

Clark, Senator Joseph S. [n.p.], 1963, 1964

CO-CZ Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62

Commanger, Henry S. [n.p.], 1946-54, 1950, 1955-58, 1959-63


Box 11 Commanger, Henry S.

D Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

Box 12 Dangerfield, George , [n.p.], 1964 NAN

[Missing 6/2002]

Deakin, F. W. [n.p.], 1960-62, 1963-64

Degler, Carl , [n.p.], 1957-60

de Rougement, Denis , [n.p.], 1955-61

Douglas, William O. [n.p.], 1949, 1950, 1951-54

Box 13 & 14 Doyle, Conan , [n.p.], 1934-48

Dubos, Rene , [n.p.], 1958-62

Dunean, David Douglas

[Returned to Harper's 14 May 1973]

E Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

Box 15 Eichelberger, Clark , [n.p.], 1959-64

Ernst, Morris , [n.p.], 1943-47, 1948-50, 1951-61, 1955-58

F Misc , [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

Box 16 Faulkner, Harold U. [n.p.], 1955-64 NAN

Filler, Louis , [n.p.], 1960-62 NAN

Fishwick, Marshall , [n.p.], 1959-61

Flanner, Janet , [n.p.], 1954-56, 1957-58, 1959-64

Flexner, James Thomas , [n.p.], 1957-60

Foot, Sir Hugh , [n.p.], 1963-64

Friedrich, Carl J. [n.p.], 1951-54 RME

Fromm, Erich , [n.p.], 1953-57, 1959-61

[World Perspectives, see also Anshen]

Box 17 G Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62

Gannett, Lewis , [n.p.], 1958-64

Garraty, John A. [n.p.], 1959 -- 1/63 NAN

Gary, Romain , [n.p.], 1960, 1961, 1962-63

Box 18 Gesekk, Arnold , [n.p.], 1946-50

[ Yale Univ. Lib., 1982]

Gilmore, Myron P. [n.p.], 1952-55 RME

Gipson, Lawrence Henry , [n.p.], 1954-57 NAN

GO - GZ Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963 -- 6/65

Gropius, Walter , [n.p.], 1957-61, 1962 WPS

Box 19 Guess, William Frank , [n.p.], 1956-60, 1961-63

HA--HD Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

Hadas, Moses , [n.p.], 1959 WPS

Hagedorn, Hermann , [n.p.], 1958-62

Hagerty, James , [n.p.], 1955-60

Haggard, Howard Wilcox , [n.p.], 1939-50 (Yale University Library, 1982)

Hale, William Harlan , [n.p.], 1946-50 (Yale University Library, 1982)

Box 19 Hausner, Gideon , [n.p.], Dec. 1961 - 1964

Havighurst, Walter , [n.p.], 1960-61, 1962-63 Region of America

Box 20 Haydn, Hiram , [n.p.], 1957-62

HE - HN Misc. [n.p.], 1959; 1960; 1961-62; 1963

Hecht, Ben , [n.p.], 1956-59

Hicks, John D. [n.p.], 1959-61 NAN

Hindus, Maurice , [n.p.], 1937

HO-HZ Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

Box 21 HO-HZ Misc.

Holmes, John , [n.p.], 1959-64, plus book

Hull, Helen , [n.p.], 1955-63

Huxley, Julian , [n.p.], 1953-57, 1958-60, 1960-63

Box 22 Huxley, Matthew , [n.p.], 1962-1964

I Misc, [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

I-J Miscellaneous. Special trade S & E, [n.p.], 1958-1964

J Misc , [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-1962, 1963-1964

Box 23 John Dewey Society , [n.p.], 1958-62

Jones, Howard Mumford , [n.p.], 1957 WPS

Jovanovich, William , [n.p.], 1959-64

K Misc , [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

Box 24 K Misc Special Trade S & E , [n.p.], 1958-63

Kimbrough, Emily , [n.p.], 1950-53, 1954, 1955-56, 1959-63

Kubie, Lawrence , [n.p.], 1960 WPS

Box 25 LA-LH Misc. [n.p.], 1950-60, 1961-62, 1963

Langer, William L. [n.p.], 1948-54, 1955-57, 1958-59, 1960-63

Box 26 Langer, William L.

Langer-Gleason , [n.p.], 1949-53

Larson, Arthur , [n.p.], 1958-63

Leech, Margaret (Mrs. Ralph Pulitzer) , [n.p.], 1937-42, 1941-54, 1955-59

Leuchtenburg, William E. [n.p.], 1962-63 NAN

LI-LZ Misc , [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963

LI MIsc Special and Trade S & E , [n.p.], 1960-63

Box 27 Link, Arthur S. [n.p.], 1953-56 NAN

Lippmann, Walter , [n.p.], 1946-54 (Yale University Libraries 1982)

Lord, Walter , [n.p.], 1957-60, 1958-59

Lundberg, Edgar F. [n.p.], 1946-49, (Yale University Libraries, 1982)

Box 27A MA-MD Misc. [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963-64

Box 28 Mc Kitrick, Eric L. [n.p.], 1960-62

Marshall, Gen. George , [n.p.], 1959-60

Martini, Helen , [n.p.], 1953-62

Masters, John , [n.p.], 1958-59

Maugham, Robin , [n.p.], 1958-63

Mayer, Martin , [n.p.], 1959-60

ME-MN Misc. [n.p.], 1961-62, 1963-64

Mielziner, Jo , [n.p.], 1957-60

Box 29 Miller, John , [n.p.], 1958-60, 1962 NAN

Mitford, Nancy , [n.p.], 1958-61, 1959-64

Box 30 Moorehead, Alan , [n.p.], 1954-63

Box 31 Morris, Richard B. corr. re. Encyclopedia of American History, [n.p.], 1950- 63

Mowry, George E. [n.p.], 1946-64 NAN

Mumford, Lewis July , [n.p.], 1956-Nov. 1961

Murphy, Gardner , [n.p.], 1959-61, 1962 WPS

Murray, Pauli , [n.p.], 1953-64, plus book

Myrdal, Gunnar , [n.p.], 1956, 1959-64

Box 32 N Misc , [n.p.], 1959-60, 1961-62, 1963

Nabokov, Nicholas , [n.p.], 1958-62

The New American Nation Series , [n.p.], 1946-62

Box 33 Notestein, Wallace , [n.p.], 1953-58 NAN

Nussbaum, Frederick L. [n.p.], 1951-62 NAN

Nye, Russel B. [n.p.], 1958-63 NAN

O Misc , [n.p.], 1959-63

Oakes, John B. [n.p.], 1959-63

Box 34 P Misc (Pa--PH) , [n.p.], 1959-64

Parks, Gordon , [n.p.], 1962-June 1963, July 1963-1964

Philbrick, Francis S. [n.p.], 1959-64 NAN

PI-PZ Misc , [n.p.], 1960-63

Box 35 Plimpton, George , [n.p.], 1957-63

Plutzik, Hyman , [n.p.], 1948-64

Pomfret, John , [n.p.], 1964 NAN

Q Misc , [n.p.], 1959-60

RA-RN Misc , [n.p.], 1959-63

Raymond, Jack , [n.p.], 1962-63

Redgrave, Michael , [n.p.], 1959-62

Rickover, Admiral Hyman , [n.p.], 1958-62

Ridgway, Matthew B. [n.p.], 1955-59

Box 36 RO-RZ Misc , [n.p.], 1959-63

Rowse, A. L. [n.p.], 1955-64

SA-SD Misc , [n.p.], 1959-65

Salisbury, Harrison , [n.p.], 1954-58

Box 38 Sandoz, Mari , [n.p.], 1960-61 Regions of America

Schoenbrun, David , [n.p.], 1957-60

SE-SM Misc , [n.p.], 1959-64

Shannon, Fred , [n.p.], 1956-57 NAN

Shapley, Harlow , [n.p.], 1956-57 WPS

Box 39 Silone, Ignazio , [n.p.], 1941-58

Smith, Lillian , [n.p.], 1958-62 WPS (see also Anshen folder)

Smith Merrian

Box 40 SN-STH Misc , [n.p.], 1959-63

Sprigge, Elizabeth , [n.p.], 1958-59

Steinberg, Saul , [n.p.], 1949-57

Stepinon, Aloisius, Archbishop of Zagreb , [n.p.], 1952

STI-SZ Misc , [n.p.], 1959-62

Box 41 T Misc , [n.p.], 1959-64

Tagliabue, John , [n.p.], 1959-60

Toynbee, Philip , [n.p.], 1961-62

Tynan, Kenneth , [n.p.], 1958-62

U Misc , [n.p.], 1959-63

Box 42 V Misc , [n.p.], 1959-61, 1963

Van Drusen, Glyndon G. [n.p.], 1958-64 NAN

WA-WG Misc , [n.p.], 1959-64

Wade, Mason , [n.p.], 1947-64

Box 43 WH-WZ Misc , [n.p.], 1959-65

White, William S. [n.p.], 1957-64

Wilson, Sloan , [n.p.], 1959-63

Windsor, Duchess of , [n.p.], 1952-54

Wohlstetter, Albert , [n.p.], 1963

Wolf, John B. [n.p.], 1950-58 NAN

Woodham-Smith, Cecil , [n.p.], 1954-57, 1961-62

Box 44 Woodham-Smith, Cecil , [n.p.], 1954-57, 1961-62

X-Y Misc , [n.p.], 1959-62

Young, Desmond Nov. [n.p.], 1949-1961

Z Misc , [n.p.], 1959-64

Subseries III.2: Manuscripts and Proofs Available

Box 45 Stuart Chase The Most Probable World, Galleys, page proof

Box 46 Dunlop & Chamberlain Frontiers of Collective Bargaigning, mss. galleys

Box 47 & 48 Seymour Fiddle Portraits From the Shooting Gallery, mss. galleys, page proof

Box 49 John A. Garraty The New Commonwealth, mss., galleys, page proof

[New American Nation Series]

Box 50 Orin J. Hale The Great Illusion., mss., galleys

[ The Rise of Modern Europe eries]

Box 51 Foy D. Kohler Understanding the Russians, Galleys, page proof

Box 52 Gordon Wright The Ordeal of Total War., Mss., galleys, page proof

[The Rise of Modern Europe Series]

Box 53 & 54 Paul L. Murphy The Constitution in Crisis Times., Mss, galleys, page proof

[The New American Nation Series]

Box 55 & 56 Kate Simon New York Places and Pleasures, mss., galleys, page proof

[Revised Edition]

Box 57 Kate Simon Italy: The Places In Between, Mss., galleys, page proof

Box 57A & 57B Matvin R. O'Connell The Counter Reformation, 1559- 1610, Mss. galleys

Subseries III.3: Miscellaneous Materials

Box 58 Printed materials

Columbia History of the World

Box 59 Columbia History of the World. Manuscripts #1

Box 60 Columbia History of the World. Manuscripts #2

Box 61 Columbia History of the World. Contributors' Galleys A-Z

Box 62 Columbia History of the World. Corrected Galleys

Box 63 Columbia History of the World. Corrected Page Proof

Box 64 Columbia History of the World. Index manuscripts

Columbia History of the World. Notes on Contributors, ms. and proof

Columbia History of the World. Odd page proof with contributors' changes

Columbia History of the World. Chronological manuscript

Box 65 & 66 Catalogs, [n.p.], 1931-1965

[ See also Box 350; FLAT: Reprography proofs]

Flat Box 367 Columbia History of the World , Galley Proofs

[ See also Box 350; FLAT: Reprography proofs]

Subseries III.4: Editorial Files

Mostly correspondence with and relating to the authors listed below

Box 67 A , [n.p.], 1965-1966

A, [n.p.], 1967




Abrahamsen, Dr. David

Addeo, Ed.

Alexander, Franz

Box 68 Alexander, Franz (cont)

Allen, Mel

Allen, Steve

Allen, Terry and Don

Alliluyeva, Svetlana

Allmen, Rick

Amer. Assoc. for Advance. of Science

Amichai, Yehuda

Box 69 Amster, Lewis

Andrer, Steven

Andrews, Wayne

Argus, M. K. (Mikhail Jeleznov)

Ariss, Jean

Armour, Richard

Armstrong, Hamilton Fish

Armstrong, Lucille & Simon

Ashford, Jeffrey

Associated Features

Box 70 Ata-Ullah, Mohammad

Atiyah, Edwrad

Atkey, Philip (Barry Perowne)

Atkins, M. E.

Attaway, Robert

Atwood, Margaret

Audemaes, Pierre

Auerbach, Charlotte

Auerbach, Leon

Axling, William

Box 71 "Baa-Bar" - "Bro-Bz"

Box 72 "Bro-Bz"

Babson, Roger

Bach, Richard

Bailey, Geoffrey (George Vassilchikov)

Baillie, Hugh

Box 73 Balinskly, Benjamin & Ruth Berger

Ball, John

Ballard, Ernesta

Ballinger, Bill S.

Banning, Margaret Culkin

Barclay, Dorothy

Barker, Will

Box 74 Barlow, James

Barnes, Djuna

Barolini, Antonio

Baron, Salo W.

Barr, N. G.

Bator, Francis M.

Baughman, U. E.

Baxter, Edna M.

Bazak Guidebooks

Beal, John

Box 75 Beale, Jeremy & Alix Coleman

Beatty, Charles

Bell, Bernard Iddings

Benchley, Robert

Bennett, Margot

Benoit, Emile & Kenneth Boulding

Berman, Dr. Louis

Bernstein, Barton J.

Berry, Don

Beste, R. Vernon

Box 76 Bilheimer, Robert S.

Billingsley, Christa

Black, Gavin See Wynd, Oswald

Blanc, Suzanne

Bliven, Bruce

Blackwood, James

Blom, K. Arne

Bodelsen, Anders

Boles, Paul Darcy

Box 77 Bondi, Hermann

Boroff, David

Borowitz, Albert

Bosley, Harold

Boston, Robert

Bosworth, Allan

Boucher, Constance

Bowen, John

Bowie, Russell

Bowles, Chester

Boyce, Burke

Box 78 Boyer, Merle William

Brameld, Theodore

Brandes, Rhoda

Brean, Herbert

Breckinridge, Mary

Breland, Osmond P

Breuer, Bessie

Bridges, William

Brinton, Anna Cox

Bromfield, Louis

Box 79 Bronowski, Jacob

Brophy, John

Brosnan, Jim

Brown, John Mason

Box 80 Brubacher, John S.

Bruckberger, Raymond Leopold

Brunini, John

Brunner, Emil

Buckham, John W.

Bulliet, Richard

Burke, Jackson

Burke and Zaloom

Burkhart, Roy A.

Burnett, John G.

Butler, Paul G.

Butterfield, Roger

Box 81 "Ca-Cd"

Caillou, Alan

Calder-Marshall, Arthur

Calkins, Raymond

Calhoun, Daniel

Box 82 Cammaerts, Emile

Campbell, Douglas

Capa, Cornell

Carmichael, Joel

Carr, A. Z.

Carr, John Dixon

Box 83 Carr, John Dixon

Box 84 Carse, Robert

Cary, Joyce

Casey, Robert P.

Caspary, Vera

Cassini, Igor

Castelot, Andre

Box 85 Cecil, Henry

Chamberlain, Sam

Chang, Diana

Chave, Ernest J.

Cheetham, Nicholas

Chesler, Phyllis

Child, Charles B.

Chiang, Kai-shek

Christiansen, Arthur

Christie, Agatha

Churchman, C. West

Claiborne, Craig

Clark, Duvie

Clark, Glenn

Clark, William

Clift, Charmian

Coates, Austin

Box 86 Complete Hunter's Library

Connell, Brian

Constantino, Sam

Cooper, Duff

Cores, Lucy

Corfman, Eunice

Corrington, William

Coughlan, Robert

Council on Foreign Relations

Courtney-Brown, R

Box 87 Cousteau, Jacque Yves

Cowles, Virginia

Coyle, Kathleen

Craig, Dennis

Crisler, Lois

Crowell, Norman

Box 88 Croy, Homer

Curtis Brown

"Da" - "Dz"

Dangerfield, George

Dannay, Frederic

Dart, Raymond and Craig Dennis

Box 89 Daves, Jessica

David, Elizabeth

Davidson, Bill

Davidson, Irwin and Richard Gehman

Davidson, Irwin (Judge)

Davidson, Lionel

Davis-Du Bois, Rachel

Box 90 Deighton, Len

Deiss, Joseph Jay

De Jong, David

Dekovic, Gene

Deland, Margaret

De Pury, Roland

Descharnes, Robert

Box 91 Dessart, Gina

Deutsch, Albert

de Vere White, Terence


Dickinson, Peter

Dimont, Max

Dohrman, Richard

Douglass, Donald McNutt

Dreyfuss, Allen

Drucker, Peter

Box 92 Drucker, Peter

Dryer, Bernard V.

Dugan, James

Dulles, Allen W.

Box 93 Dunlap, Henry A.

Dunn, Katherine

Duplaix, Georges

Dupuy, Trevor N. and R. Ernest

Durdin, Peggy

Dwight, Olivia

"E - Ez"

Eastern National Park and Monument Association

Box 94 Eaton, Evelyn

Eckstein, Gustav

Eden, Anthony

Eddy, Sherwood

Egan, Cy

Egan, Lesley

Ehle, John

Ehrlich, Max

Eliason, Joyce

Elizur, Yuval

Box 95 Elliot, Sumner Locke

Elliott, Osborn

Ellison, Valerie

Englehardt, N. L., Jr.

Ernst, Morris

Evans, Richard L.

Everyman's ark


Box 96 "Fl-Fz"

Fadiman, Clifton

Fair, Ronald

Farb, Peter

Farm Quarterly

Feinburgh, Wilfred

Fennerton, William

Box 97 Fenwick, Elizabeth

Ferguson, Walter D.

Fermor, Patrick Leigh

Ferrars, E. X.

Ferri, Nels

Ferris, Theodore P.

Ferris, Wally

Filer, Tom

Finletter, Thomas K.

Firth, Anthony

Fischer, John

Box 98 Fischer, Louis (missing)

Box 99 Fisher, Douglas Alan

Fisher, John

Fleeson, Doris

Fleming, D. J.

Fleming, Jean

Fleming, Peter

Flewelling, Ralph Tyler

Fordham, Winifred

Fosdick, Harry Emerson

Fox, Emmet

Frankau, Pamela

Box 100 Fraser, Kathleen

Frazier, George

Freeling, Nicholas

Fromm, Bella

Fuertes, Louis Agassiz

Fuller, General J. F. C.

Furnas, J. C.

Futagawa, Yukio

Box 101 "Ga-Gz"

Gaddis, Paul O.

Gallie, Menna

Gallup, George

Gamow, George

Garraty, John A.

Garve, Andrew

Box 102 Gavin, James M.

Geelmuyden, Hans

Geer, Andy

Gehman, Richard

Gelb, Barbara and Arthur

Geld, Ellen Bromfield

Box 103 Green, Paul F.

Gesell, Arnold

Gesell Institute

Gibney, Frank

Gilbert, George B.

Given, William B.

Goldfarb, Ronald

Good Housekeeping

Box 104 Goodspeed, Edgar J.

Goodwin, John

Gorham, Charles

Graham, John Alexander

Grant, Campbell

Green, Martin

Green, Peter

Greenbaum, Leonard

Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst

Greenman, Frances Cranmer

Griffith, Tom

Box 105 Grisman, Arnold

Gross, Leonard

Grottrup, Irmgard

Grubb, Davis

Grunwald, Henry Anatole

Guttmacher, Alan F.


Box 106 "Ha-Hz"

Hadman, Ballard

Hall, James B.

Halle, Louis J.

Halliday, E. M.

Box 107 Halliday, William R.

Hallinan, Nancy

Hallock, G.B.F.

Hamilton, Floyd E.

Hamilton, Hamish

Hamilton, Virginia Van der Veer

Hanff, Helene

Hanna & McAllister

Hansen, Joseph

Hansen, Thorkild

Hardin, Peter (Louis Vaczek)

Hardy, Lindsay

Harling, Robert

Box 108 Harper 125th Anniversary

Harper Prize Novel Contest , [n.p.], 1929-1946

" " " , [n.p.], 1947-1954

" " " , [n.p.], 1955-1956

Harriman, Averell

Hawes, Bess

Healey, Ben

Hearne, John

Heinz, William C.

Helitzer, Florence

Heller, Bernard

Helm, MacKinley

Box 109 Herman, Stewart W., Jr.

Herman, Stewart, Dr.

Hermanovski, Egils P.

Hermansen, John

Herrmann, Paul

Herzog, Arthur

Hesburgh, Theodore M. & Howard A. Glickstein

Highsmith, Patricia

Hildick, Wallace

Hill, Ralph Nading

Hirschberg, Cornelius

Box 110 Hobson, Francis

Hocking, William Ernest

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.

Hodges, Henry G.

Hodnett, Edward

Hoffer, Eric

Hoffnung, Gerard

Holmes, Sam

Holmes, John Haynes

Holzman, Robert S.

Box 111 Horizon

Horton, Walter M.

Howe, Helen

Howe, Henry

Howell, Frank

Howells, W. D.

Huard and Wong

Hughes, Richard

Hughes, Ted

Hurd, Clement and Edith (missing)

Hurst, Fannie

Hutson, Susan Hoffman

Box 112 Hyde, William C.

Hyman, Sidney


Idyll, Clare P.

Iliff, Flora

Illustrated History of Manners

Industrial Relations Research Association

Box 113 Institute of Management Sciences

Institute for Sex Research

Isherwood, Margaret

Box 114 "J"

Jameson, Storm

Janowsky, Oscar I.

Janeway, Elizabeth

Jeffers, Paul

Jenkins, Rev. Daniel

Jepson, Selwyn

Jobe, Joseph

Joed, C. E. M.

Johnson, E.

Johnson, June

Johnson, Raynor

Box 115 Johnson, Priscilla

Johnston, Eileen

Jones, Candy

Jones, Edgar DeWitt

Jordan, G. Ray

Jones, Richard

Joseph, Michael, Ltd.

Jovanovich, William


Box 116 "Ka-Kz"

Kahn, Albert

Kahn, E. J., Jr.

Kahn Anthologies

Kahn, Joan

Kaminsky, Max and V. E. Hughes

Kaplan, Allan

Kappin, Fred L.

Kates, George N.

Kates, Frederick

Kauffmann, Stanley

Kaye-Smith, Sheila

Box 117A Kean, Charles D.

Keating, William J. and Richard Carter

Kelland, Clarence B.

Keller, Adolph

Keller, Morton

Keller, Hannes

Kelley, Earl C.

Kelley, Francis C.

Kelly, James

Kelly, Mary Blanche

Kelly, Thomas R.

Kennaway, James

Kennedy, Gerald

Kennedy, Gerald, Bishop

Kennedy, James W.

Box 117B JFK , [n.p.], 1955 - 1961

Box 117C JFK , [n.p.], 1962 - 1964

Box 117D JFK , [n.p.], 1964 - 1967

Box 117E RFK , [n.p.], 1959 - 1963

Box 117F RFK , [n.p.], 1964 - 1967

Box 118 Kessler, Milton

Kesten, Hermann

Kimble, George H. T.

King, Dr. Martin Luther

Box 119 King, Dr. Martin Luther

King, Winston L.

Kiplinger, W. M.

Kiplinger Washington editors

Kirkland, Winifred

Kirst, Hans Hellmut

Box 120 Kissinger, Henry

Kittler, Glen

Kittler, Glen D. and Hy Steirman

Klein, Edward J.

Klein, Roger

Box 121 Klein, Morris

Knebel, Fletcher and C. W. Bailey

Knowles, Horace

Kouwenhoven, John A. and Janice Farrar

Kraft, Joseph

Krasner, William

Box 122 Krishnamurti, J.

Kroner, Richard

Kuehl, Linda

Kuh, Katherine

Kurth, K. O.


Box 123 Lach, Alma

Lacy, Ed.

Land, Myrick

Lanning, George

Large, J. E.

Latourette, Kenneth

Lawrence, James C.

Box 124 Lay, Beirne

Lee, Lance R.

Leggett, Malcolm

Leishman, J. B.

Leonard, Frank

Lester, Muriel

Lewis, C. Day

Lewis, Edwin

Lieb, Frederick G.

Lewis, Joe

Leonard, Gini

Lesky, Louis

Levin, Gordon

Levine, Daniel

Lewis, Allan

Lewis, Thomas P.

Life magazine

Box 125 Lilienthal, David

Lincoln, Miriam

Linder, Erich

Box 126 Lindey, Alexander

Lindsay, R. B.

Linington, Elizabeth

Linkletter, C. M.

Little, Arthur D.

Little, Katherine Day

Lobsenz, Herbert

Longford, Lady Elizabeth

Box 127 Loomis, Madeleine

Lord, Bette

Loughlin, David

Lolos, Kimon

Lowe, Arnold H.

Lowrey, Janette Sebring

Box 128 Lowry, Charles

Lubell, Samuel

Luccock, Halford

Latourette, Kenneth Scott

Lundberg, Ferdinand

Lurani, Giovanni

Lynes, Russell

Lyon, Dana

Box 129 "Ma-Mz"

Box 130 "Ma-Mx"

Maas, Joachim

McCabe, Charles R.

McCague, James

McCall, Oswald

McCarthy, Joe

McCormick, Jack

McCormick, William

The McCoy Company

Box 131 McCulloch, Margaret

McDermott, Geoffrey

MacDonald, Lachlan

McGinnis, Ralph

McIntosh, Mavis

MacIver, Robert M.

McMurry, George

McMurtry, Larry

Box 132 Mademoiselle magazine

Magnus, Mayotte

Mahoney, Tom

Mais, Walter

Mallet, Jacqueline (missing)

Mannix, Dan

Markets of the Sixties

Markstein, David

Marsh, John

Martin, John Bartlow

Martin, John Stewart

Marton, George and Tibor Meray (missing)

Box 133 Manchester, William

Box 134 Manchester, William

Box 135 Marquand, John

Marton, Gregory

Marx, Arthur

Mather, Kittley

Matsuoka, Yoko

Matthews, I. G.

Maurer, Herryman

Maurois, Andre

Maus, Cynthia Pearl

Maxfield, Henry S.

Mayer, Milton

Mathew, Lewis B.

Mazo, Earl

"Meditations of William of St. Thierry"

Meek, Howard

Merchant, Ismail

Mikes, George

Milburn, R. L. P.

Miller, George A.

Box 136 Miller, J. Lane

Miller, O. T.

Miller, Samuel H.

Miller, Sylvia

Millikan, Max F. and W. W. Rostow

Millstein, Gilbert

Moffatt, James

Momsen, Admiral Charles and Peter Maas

Montgomery, Marion

Box 137 Montross, Lynn

Mooney, Michael

Moore, Bruce F.

Moore, Raymond S.

Moore, Richard E.

Moore, Robert E.

Morgan, Barbara Spotford

Mornell, Pierre

Morrison, Charles C.

Morris, Joe Alex

Morrison, Charles Clayton

Mortier, J. and M. L. Auboux

Box 138 Moseley, J. Rufus

Motter, Alton M.

Mounier, Emmanuel

Mowat, Farley

Moynihan, James H.

Muilenburg, James

Muller, Herbert J.

Box 139 Muller, Herbert J.

Muller-Alfeld, Theodor

Murdock, George P.

Murphy, Francis X.

Murphy, Grace E. Barstow

Murray, A. Victor

Mydans, Carl

Myers, Lou

Myers, Martin

Mystery Dept.

Box 140 "Na-Nz"

Nasby, A. Gordon

Nash, James E.

National Audobon Society

Nature Books

Neider, Charles (See also Twain, Mark)

Neill, Stephen

Box 141 Nevins, Francis

New York University (Dean Thomas Norton)

New Yorker magazine

Newberry, Clare Turlay

Newman, James R.

Newman, Sally

Box 142 Neyman, Jerzy

Nicely, Harold E.

Nicol, Eric and Peter Whalley

Nida, Eugene

Niebuhr, Richard

Nielson, Torben

Niemöller, Martin

Nikhilananda, Swami

Norris, Frank

Box 143 "Oa-Oz"

O'Brien, Kate

Oduyoye, Modupe

Ogburn, Charlton

O'Hanlon, Sean

Oka, Hideyuki

Okrent, Danny

Oldham, J. H.

Olsen, Jack

O'Malley, Michael

"Outdoor Life"

Outler, Albert

Oxnam, G. Bromley

Box 144 "Pa-Pz"

Box 145 Pahk, Induk

Palmer, W. Scott

Paolotti, John

Papashvily, George and Helen

Paris Review magazine

Payne, Robert

Peace Corps. Project

Box 146 Pearson, Hesketh

Penrose, Roland

Pelikan, Jaroslav

Peterson, Nancy

Pettit, Paul

Phenix, Philip H.

Phillips, Cabell

Phillips, Harold Cooke

Phillips, Thomas Hal

Box 147 Picard, George

Pick, Robert

Pierce, Edith L.

Pierce, John R.

Pike, James A.

Pillsbury project

Piper, Evelyn

Playboy magazine

Player, Robert

Pomilio, Mario

Pontifex, Dom Mark

Ponce, Charles

Poteat, Edwin McNeill

Poteat, Gordon

Prange, Gordon

Price, Joe

Box 148 Priestley, J. B. (missing)

Procter, Maurice

Prou, Suzanne

Prudden, Bonnie

Pugh, Marshall

Box 149 "Q"


Radler, D. H.

Ramsay, Diana

Ransom, Jay Ellis

Box 150 Ransom, Jay Ellis

Rapport, Samuel

Reddick, Lawrence D.

Reid, Clyde

Reinsch, J. Leonard

Rennie, Ysabel

Rhodin, Eric

Roberts, Myron

Robinson, James M. and John B. Cobb

Robinson, Leonard

Box 151 Rojankovsky, Fedor

Roman, Howard

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Roosevelt, Nicholas

Root, E. Talmadge

Box 152 Rosemarin, Judy

Roske, Ralph J. and Charles Van Doren

Ross, Glen

Ross, Ishbel

Ross, Marvin

Rosten, Leo

Roulston, Marjorie Hillis

Box 153 Runyon, Damon

Russell, James

Russell, John

Ryan, John K.

Box 154 "Sa-St"

Box 155 "St-Sz"

St. Clair, David

Sampson, Anthony

Sanford, Agnes

Sauers, Donald J. and Elton Dedini

Saulnier, Dr. R. J.

Sayers, Michael and Albert E. Kahn

Box 156 Sayers, Michael and Albert E. Kahn

Schaflander, Gerald and David Goodrich

Schellenberg, Walter

Scherer, Paul

Schloerb, Rolland W.

Schmidt, Carl

Schmoe, Floyd

Schneer, Cecil J.

Box 157 Schuette, Walter

Scott, David H.

Scott, Jack

Scott, Thurston

Searls, Hank

Sharmen, Henry B.

Shaw, Charles G.

Shaw, Felicity

Sherwood, Robert E.

Shimer, John A.

Shoemaker, Samuel Moor

Box 158 Simon, Pierre-Henri

Simpson, Howard

Sims, Edward H.

Sinnott, Edmund W.

Box 159 Skolle, John

Slimming, John

Smith, Glanville

Smith, Robert Paul

Smith, Ronald Gregor

Smith, Shelley

Smith, F. G. Walton

Sokol, Erich

Southagte, W. M.

Spence, Basil

Box 160 Sperry, Willard

Spiegler, Gerhard E.

Staack, Hagen

Stallings, Laurence

Box 161 Stallings, Laurence

Stamm, Frederick Keller

Steere, Douglas V.

Box 162 Stendahl, Krister

Stern, Frederick

Stevens, Henry Bailey

Stevenson, Dwight E.

Stevenson, Ian

Stevenson, J. W.

Stillman, Edmund

Stirling, Monica

Stockwell, Olin

Stokes, Anson Phelps

Box 163 Stokes, Anson Phelps

Stoudt, John J.

Strabel, Thelma

Strausz-Hupe, Robert

Strax, Phillip

Box 164 Streeter, Edward

Streit, Clarence

Stringfellow, William

Stryker, Perrin

Box 165 Sugrue, Thomas

Sulzberger, C. L.

Summers, Hollis

Sumner, Cid Ricketts

Suter, John W.

Sutton, O. G.

Sweazey, George E.

Box 166 Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research

Sykes, Gerald

Symons, Julian

Box 167 "Ta-Tz"

Tantri, K'tut

Tasker, R. V. G.

Tate, Sylvia

Box 168 Taylor, Harry Milton

Taylor, Samuel

Tchelitchew, Pavel

Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre

Thayer, Charles

Thelen, Herbert

Theoharis, Athan G.

Thomas, G. F.

Thompson, Charles

Thompson, J. Walter

Thurman, Howard

Time, Inc.

Box 169 Tolbert, Frank X.

Toulmin, June

Box 170 Travers, Hugh

Traywick, Robin B.

Trent, Robbie

Trevor, Elleston

Troebst, Cord-Christian

Trueblood, D. Elton

Tsou, Tang

Box 171A Twain, Mark (See also Neider, Charles)

Box 171B Twain, Mark

Box 171C Twain, Mark

Box 172 "U"

UNESCO World History

Urwick, Lynn


The Valley by Lorus & Margery Milne

Van Dyke, Henry

Van Gulik, Robert

Veillon, Lee

Vermont Life Development Commission

Box 173 Vining, Elizabeth Gray

von Frisch, Karl


Box 174 "Wh-Wy"

Wainwright, Loudon

Walker, Harold B.

Wallace, Lew

Wallace, Paul A.

Wallace, Robert

Box 175 Walles

Wallis, Charles L.

Walsh Chad

Warren, Joyce

Ways, Max

Weatherspoon, Jesse B.

Weber, Rubin

Box 176 Weist, Carl S.

Wells, Thomas B.

Wescott, Regina H.

Wescott, Glenway

West, Dorothy

Wheeler, W. Reginald

Whiston, Charles F.

White, Robin

Box 177 White, Reginald

Wicker, Tom

Widgery, Alban G.

Wiener, Daniel N.

Wilder, Amos N.

Wiley, Bell and Hirst Milhollen

William Morris Agency

Williams, Alan

Box 178 Williams, Gluyas

Williams, Vinnie

Wilson, Dorothy Clarke

Wilson, William G.

Winters, Jonathan and Philip Cammarata

Winterton, Paul

Winwar, Frances

Box 179 Winwar, Frances

Box 180 Wise, Arthur

Wohlstetter, Albert

Wolhorn, Herman

Wolfe, Thomas

Wolfe, Winifred

Wolff, Leon

Woodfin, Henry

Woods, Sara

Woolson, Arthur

Wright, Andrew

Wright, Richard

Wyeth, John A.

Box 181 Wynd, Oswald

Box 182 "X-Y"


Yates, Raymond


Young, Edward

Young, Roland


Zilinsky, Ursula

Zolotow, Charlotte

Zuver, Dudley

Series IV: Business Files

Box 183 Accepting the universe


Advisory Board

Agents party, [n.p.], June 1, 1966

American Book Publishers

Box 184 American Heritage

American Heritage , [n.p.], 1961-1964

American Library in Paris

American Museum of Natural History


Annual Report


Applications for jobs, [n.p.], 1961-1967

Author's League of the Writer's Guild

Box 185 Ba - Be

Bf - Bz

Bantom Books, [n.p.], 1965

Bestseller lists and "Best Books"

Board of Directors I

Board of Directors II

Box 186 Board of Directors (Minutes) , [n.p.], 1945-1960

Board of Directors , [n.p.], 1962-1965

Board of Directors , [n.p.], 1966

Book-of-the-Month Club

C , [n.p.], 1966

Canada File

Box 187 Canfield "A"

Canfield "B"

Canfield "C"

Canfield "S"

Canfield, Mary Cass

Carnegie Corporation Project

Cass Canfield's Office Files, [n.p.], 1972-List

Canfield, Michael T.

Box 188 Charlie Brown series

Chart of Accounts

Christmas Card List


College bookstores, [n.p.], 1958

Colophon Books




[Incl. government bids]

Box 189 Conventions - exhibits


Cost Accounting Reports

Cowles, John Jr.

Cross Marketing Committee

Cross Marketing , [n.p.], 1/70-12/71

Cross Marketing

Curtis Publications, Inc.

Box 190 D4


Dealer (S) - individuals

Defense Orientation conference


Box 191 Direct mail


Distribution Plan

Box 192 E5

E. M. Hale


E. M. Hale


Box 193 Editorial Advisory Board, [n.p.], 1968

Editorial Advisory Board, [n.p.], 1969

Editorial Advisory Board, [n.p.], 1970

Editorial conference notes

Editorial lunch

Editorial trade meeting

Box 194 Editorial trips

Educational technology

Educational technology SCIP

EL-HI file

Emmet, Marvin and Martin, [n.p.], 1937

Empire State Foundation, [n.p.], 1956-1962


Executive committee

Exman, Eugene

Box 195 F6

Figures (General)

Figures (Trade Seasonal)

Fisher - Henry and Everitt

Fisher, John

Fitzhenry and Whiteside

[Start through 1969]

Box 196 Fitzhenry and Whiteside , [n.p.], 1970

[Including contracts]

Fitzhenry and Whiteside , [n.p.], 1974


Foreign Rights

Box 197 Franklin book programs

Freeze, [n.p.], 1971

Freeze, [n.p.], 1972

Future trade books (List), [n.p.], 1976

Box 198 G7

Grosset & Dunlap Year end reports

Grosset & Dunlap, [n.p.], 1960

Guaranty Trust Company

"Ha" - authors file

Box 199 Hamish Hamilton Ltd Reports , [n.p.], 1961

Hamish Hamilton Ltd Reports , [n.p.], 1960

Hamish Hamilton Ltd Reports , [n.p.], 1959

Hamish Hamilton Ltd Reports , [n.p.], 1958

Hamish Hamilton Ltd Reports , [n.p.], 1957

Hamish Hamilton Ltd Reports , [n.p.], 1956

Hamish Hamilton Ltd Reports , [n.p.], 1955

Hamish Hamilton Ltd

Misc. Papers and Reports

Hamish Hamilton Pension Scheme, [n.p.], 1948

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Preference and Ordinary Stock, etc.

Hamish Hamilton Law Books, Ltd Reports , [n.p.], 1944 and prior years

Hamish Hamilton Ltd Records of Dividends Received

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Salary Lists, etc.

Box 200 Hamilton, Hamish, [n.p.], 1949-1953

Hamilton, Hamish, [n.p.], 1954-1960

Correspondence Re Hamish Hamilton Ltd.

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Year, [n.p.], July 1, 1931 - June 30 1932

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Year , [n.p.], July 1, 1932 - June 30 1933

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Year, [n.p.], July 1, 1933 - June 30, 1934

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Year, [n.p.], July 1, 1934 - June 30, 1935

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Year, [n.p.], July 1, 1935 - June 30, 1936

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Year, [n.p.], July 1, 1936 - June 30, 1937

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Year, [n.p.], July 1, 1937 - June 30, 1938

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Year , [n.p.], July 1, 1938 - June 30, 1939

Harper & Row Report, [n.p.], 1928

Hamish Hamilton Ltd, Misc. Papers , [n.p.], Jan-Feb 1946

Box 201 Hamish Hamilton Law Books Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1945-1946

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1946

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1945

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1944

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports , [n.p.], 1943

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1942

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1941

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1940

Hamish Hamilton Misc.

Hamish Hamilton Reports , [n.p.], 1954

Hamish Hamilton Reports, [n.p.], 1953

Hamish Hamilton Reports , [n.p.], 1952

Hamish Hamilton Reports , [n.p.], 1951

Box 202 Hamish Hamilton Ltd Papers re. Capital Stock & Financial Papers

Hamish Hamilton Ltd , [n.p.], July-Dec. 1939

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1950

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1949

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1948

Hamish Hamilton Ltd. Reports, [n.p.], 1947

Hamilton, Hamish , [n.p.], 1966

Hamilton, Hamish , [n.p.], 1961-1965

Box 203 He - Hz

Hanna, Mark

Harper Atlantic Advertising

Harper & Row Ltd.

Harper & Brothers public

Harper and Row, [n.p.], 1962-1964

Box 204 Harper & Row , [n.p.], 1965 - 1966

Harper & Row , [n.p.], 1967 - 1968

Harper & Row , [n.p.], 1969 - 1971

Harper Art Library


Harpers Magazine press

Harpers Magazine, [n.p.], 1966-1968

Harpers Magazine, [n.p.], 1969-1970

Box 205 Harpers Magazine , [n.p.], 71 -

Harper's Magazine Projections and operating statements , [n.p.], 6/65 - 12/66

Harper's Magazine Statements , [n.p.], 1967

Box 206 Harper's Magazine Financial Statements , [n.p.], 1968

Statements , [n.p.], 1969 - 1970

Statements , [n.p.], 1971

Harpers Magazine Press

Harper Reprint Series

Box 207 Harrison, George L.

Hartman, Lee Foster

Harwood, Raymond

Hospitalized veterans writing project

India, Japan - Mysore

Interdepartmental royalty agreements

International, [n.p.], 1974-1975

Box 208 International


Box 209 J 10

J & J Harper Editions

J & J Harper


Box 210 Jones, Gordon



Knopf, Alfred


Box 211 L 12

Large type editions

Lawrence, Elizabeth

Leased cars

[Trans to M. Myerson 11/69]


Box 212 Library

Library Club of America

Library of Congress Notes

Living History - re: Harpers Weekly

Lobby - Correspondence with Gilbert

, London, 1960

, London, 1962

, London, 1964

, London, 1966

Box 213 M 14

Mc 13

Macalester college

MacGregor, Frank

Macmillan company

Macy re: suit under feld

Mail order

Management Information Survey


Marketing Committee

Marketing: corporate task force

Box 214 Marketing Surveys and Research


Memos , [n.p.], 8/67 - 12/70

Memos , [n.p.], 1/71 - 10/72

Memos , [n.p.], 12/74 - 12/75

Memos , [n.p.], 11/72 - 1/76

Box 215 Memos: codes

Memos: College Department

Box 216 Memos: Computer Analysis/ Reports

Memos: Services

Microfiche - college department

Microform Printing


[See NCR (current)]

Box 217 Monthly Territory Sales Recap. [n.p.], 1971, 1972


N 15

NACS-(incl. Meetings and Conventions)

National Cash Register

[See DRM)]

National Conference of Christians & Jews

Box 218 New building

New York Herald Tribune

New York Times

Newman, James R. 2nd Science

Box 219 O 16

Office Memos: [n.p.], 1937 - 1958

Office Memoranda, [n.p.], 1965-1966

Office Memoramda: Bible Reports

Office: [n.p.], 1967

Office of War Information

Box 220 Old paper book and reprint, [n.p.], 1952-1953

Operations advisory committee

Operations reports

Out of print

Box 221 P 17


P.I.E. group, [n.p.], 1946-1954

P.I.E. group, [n.p.], 1955-1961

Box 222 Pacific books



Paperback income summaries, [n.p.], 1965-1966

Pearn, Pollinger & Higham, Ltd , London, England

Pearn, Pollinger & Higham Ltd. English , [n.p.], 1953 - Jan. 1954


Box 223 Perennial


Peter Smith, publisher


Profit and loss

Publication Sheets (old)

Box 224 Publication sheets-books not yet published

Publications lists

Publishers lunch club

Publishers' weekly

Random House

Reader's Digest



Reprint-Memo re policy

Box 225 R 19

Rcords recordings films theater

Reminder sale

Reprints ordered


Returns backlog to '74

Box 226 Rights and Permissions

Rights (foreign)

Roosevelt, Eleaner

Ross & Company

Row, Peterson


Russell & Volkening

Box 227 S 20

"S" to 1964 - Authors file

S & W - General

S & W - Scranton

Box 228 Sales interdepartmental

Sales and Salesmen

Sales projections

Saxon Martha

Saxton, E. F. fellowship

School department, [n.p.], 1967-1968

Box 229 School department, [n.p.], 1969-1971

Shareholders meeting

Society of American Historians

Stenographer's notebook , [n.p.], 2/10/76

Stenographer's notebook, [n.p.], 3/29/76

Strikes, [n.p.], 1941 & 1946

Subscriptions & memberships - Subsidiary income

Box 230 T 21

Thomas, Evan

Tickler file

Title control

Title screening papers


Trade department

Box 231 Trade

U 22

U.S. Committee for the Atlantic


V 23

Box 232 W 24

Washington, [n.p.], Jan. 19-21, 1968

Weidenfeld & Nicolson , [n.p.], 1955-

Weidenfeld & Nicolson , [n.p.], 1953-1954

White House library, [n.p.], 1963

Write offs

X'mas list

XYZ 25

Series V: Financial

Subseries V.1: Profit Sharing & Stocks

Box 233 Various financial and stock information

Box 234 Various financial and stock information

Box 235 Various financial and stock information

Box 236 Various financial and stock information

Box 237 Various financial and stock information

Box 238 Various financial and stock information

Box 239 Various financial and stock information

Box 240 Various financial and stock information

Box 241 Various financial and stock information

Box 242 Various financial and stock information

Box 243 Various financial and stock information

Series VI: Copyright Renewals, Contracts and Rights Reversions

Box 244 Abel, Elie

Acton, Harold

Agee, James

Asimov, Issaac

Astor, Brooke

Atwood, Margaret

Banning, Margaret Culkin

Barth, Karl

Bawden, Nina

Box 245 Bawden, Nina

Bax, Roger

Bell, Mary Hayley

Belloc, Hilaire

Bemelmans, Ludwig

Bickel, Alexander M.

Blake, Nicholas

Borland, Hal G.

Box 246 Borland, Hal

Bouton, Jim

Bowles, Chester

Brown, margaret Wise

Buber, Martin

Box 247 Buber, Martin

Buchwald, Arthur

Buck, Pearl S.

Burns, James MacGregor

Caldwell, Erskine

Canfield, Cass

Carr, John Dickson

Box 248 Carr, John Dickson

Cary, Joyce

Cheever, John

Chapin, Harry

Box 249 Ciardi, John

Clark, Eugenie

Clarke, Authur C.

Collier, John

Cousteau, Jacques Yves

Coward, Noel

Creasey, John

Box 250 Creasey, John

Crofts, Freeman Wills

Cullen, Countee

DeHartog, Jan

DelaField, E. M.

Box 251 Dogle, A. Conan

Dreiser, Theodore

Box 252 Dubois, W. E. B.

Drucker, Peter F.

Duncan, David Douglas

Dworkin, Andrea

Elliot, Summer Locke

Ellison, Harlan

Fitzhugh, Louise

Freeling, Nicolas

Geva, Tamara

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel

Garraty, John A.

Garve, Andrew

Box 253 Garve, Andrew

Gary, Romain

George, Jean Craighead

Box 254 Gilbert, Harriet

Gilbert, Michael

Gunther, John

Hammett, Dashiell

Harriman, Averell

Haycraft, Molly Costain

Hecht, Ben & Hayes, Helen

Box 255 Hill, Grace Livingston

Box 256 Hill, Grace Livingston

Box 257 Hill, Grace Livingston

Box 258 Hill, Grace Livingston

Box 259 Hill, Grace Livingston

Horgan, Paul

Hortler, Sydney

Hosken, Clifford

Houdin, Harry

Hughes, Langston

Hunter, Mollie

Box 260 Hurst, Fannie

Huxley, Elspeth

Huxley, Julian S.

Ives, Burl

Jameson, Storm

Box 261 Jhabvala, R. Prawer

Joad, C. E. M.

Jovanovich, William

Kaminsky, Max & Hughes, V. E.

Kerensky, Alexander

Lane, Rose Wilder

Langer, Susanne

Laski, Harold J.

Lenski. Covey, Lois

Box 262 Lenski, Covey, Lois

Box 263 Lenski, Covey, Lois

Lewis, C. Day

Box 264 Lin, Yutang

Lin, Yutang, & Walsh, Richard J.

Lindsay, Jack

Box 265 Lippincott, Bertram

Lobel, Arnold

Lofting, Hugh

Box 266 Lofting, Hugh

Box 267 Lofting, Hugh

Box 268 Ludlum, Robert

McGinley, Phyllis & Stone

Box 269 McGinley, Phyllis & Stone

McMurtry, Larry

Marquis, Don

Matthews, Brander

Maurois, Andre

Box 270 Maurois, Andre

Millay, Edna St. Vincent

Mitford, Nancy

Moorehead, Alan

Morris, Richard B.

Morris, Wright

Murray, Pauli

Box 271 Orwell, George

Osborne, John

Parker, Sir Gilbert

Patchen, Kenneth

Pei, Mario A.

Priestley, J. B.

Box 272 Rice, Elmer

Riefenstahl, Leni

Rockwell, Norman

Rodgers, Dorothy

Rodgers, Mary

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Rowse, A. L.

Runyon, Damon

Box 273 Runyon, Damon

Box 274 Runyon, Damon

Box 275 Runyon, Damon

Salisbury, Harrison

Sayers, Dorothy

Box 276 Schoenbrun, David

Scott, Hugh D. Jr.

Segal, Erich

Sinclair, U. B. Jr.

Sitwel, Sir Osbert

Spark, Muriel

Box 277 Stark, Frega

Steele, Welbur Daniel

Steinberg, Saul

Stolz, Mary

Stone, Irvina

Sulzberger, C. L.

Symons, Julian

Taber, Gladys

Box 278 Taber, Gladys

Taylor(Burton), Elizabeth

Tolstoy, Alexandra

Thurber, James

Trapp, Maria Augusta

Rngerer, Tomi (Jean-Thomas Ungerer)

Jpdike, John

Uris, Leon

Box 279 Vonnegut, Kurt

White, Ethel Lina

Wilhelm, Kate

Williams, Garth

Wright, Richard

Zolotow, Charlotte

Zolotow, Charlotte & Mary

Series VII: Booksellers

Box 280 Abraham & Strauss

All books

Astro-Psychic Awareness Assoc.

Amaranth Production Inc.

B. Dalton Booksellers

Baptist Book Store

Baptist Sunday School Board

Barr Hust Book Store

Ben Franklin Bookstore

Bloomingdale's Bros

Book Gallery

Book Inn

Book Store

Book World


Booksmith Dist

Borders Book Shop


Broadway Dept. Store


Bull's Head Student Store

Burrows Brothers Guardian Co.




Dayton Hudson

Des Forges book Store


Box 281 Garfinckets

J.K. Gill

Hatch's Book Store

Hathaway House Bookshop

Hecht Co.

Hickory Stick Bookshops & Whitney Bookshops

Higbee Company

Hinkle's Book Store

Hochschild Kohn

J. L. Hudson Co

Hunter's Books

Intimate Bookshop

Ivey's Book Shop

Jordan March Company


Book Chat


Lexington Mall McAlpine's

Library Ltd.


Main Street Book Store

Marshall Field & Co.

May Co.

May -- D&F

Methodist Publishing House

Moderne Book Shop Inc.

Nook of Knowledge

Box 282 Paperback Booksmith


Philobiblon books

Pickwick Bookshop

Preston Books

Rich's Inc.



Sanger Harris


Scribner Book Stores

Stewart & Co

Tecolote Book Shops

University Co-op Society Inc.

University Book Store

Walden Book Co. Inc.


Sam Weller's Zion book Store

Westhampton Book Shop

Whitney Bookshop & Hickory Stick Bookshop

Vassar Cooperative Bookshop

Villagara Book Shop

Zibart Bros

Answered Mail

Box 283 Correspondence Re New Coop Plan , [n.p.], 1966 & 1968

Kroch Brentano


Series VIII: Cass Canfield Personal Files

Box 284 C3

Cass Canfield Book Orders , [n.p.], 1971

Cass Canfield Book Orders , [n.p.], 1972

Canfield, Cass , [n.p.], 1949 -63


Canfield, Cass Century Club Receipts, [n.p.], 1963 -1965

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1961

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1962

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1963

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1964

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1965

Box 285 Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1966

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1967

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1968

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1969

Cass Canfield Donations , [n.p.], 1971

Box 286 Canfield, Mary C. [n.p.], 1949 -1964

Canfield, Mary Cass

Canfield, Mary C. Inactive

Cass Canfield old passports

Farfield Foundation

Box 287 Fishers Island

Forman School

Freedom House

Hammarskjold Memorial Inc. 1966

National Arts Center

National Foundation , [n.p.], 1956-57

National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis

New York City Affairs Committee

New York Tuberculosis and Health

New York University Arts Center October 14th Arts Center Lunch for presenting plan to ladies

Pickwick Bookshop

Printed: talks, essays, and articles by Cass Canfield

River Club of NY

Box 288 State of New York Council on the Arts

Szilard, Dr. Leo

Theater Inc.

United World Federalists , 1951-1956

Box 289 Wartime documents, etc.

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation

Woodrow Wilson , [n.p.], 1972

Wilson, Woodrow National Fellowship Foundation

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Program (Ford Foundation) , [n.p.], 1957 - 1966

Series IX: Planned Parenthhood and International Planned Parenthood Files

Consists of bylaws, memos, correspondence

Box 290 PP: Annual banquet, meeting and report


[Author's file)]

Barnett, Robert

Best, Winifred

Board of Directors

Booth-Ferris Foundation

Brains Trust


Busby, Horace


Box 291 "Ba-Bi"

[Author's file)]


[Author's file)]

Calderone, Mary S.

Campbell, Lorraine

Canfield, Jane and Cass

Clark, Senator Joseph S.

Campton, Randolph


Congress, U.S.

Congress on Population & Environment

Copeland, Lammot DuPont


[Author's file)]

Box 292 "Co-Cz"

[Author's file)]

Draper, William, 1960-1964

Draper, William, 1965


[Author's file)]

Executive committee

Box 293 "E"

[Author's file)]

50th anniversary year

Ford Foundation

Fund Raising


[Author's file)]

Fund Raising

Box 294 Gruening, Senator Ernest

Gunther, John

Guttmacher, Dr. Alan


[Author's file)]

Hoeber medical division

Huxley, Julian


[Author's file)]

Institute on Man & Science

Ittleson, Henry


[Author's file)]

Jaffe, Frederick

Box 295 Joint campaign


[Author's file)]

Kaplan, J. M.

Kellogg, Edmund

King, Martin Luther, Jr.


[Author's file)]


[Author's file)]

Lasker, Albert D.

Mail campaign

Moore, Hugh

Box 296 Mott, Stewart

McCormick, Katharine Dexter (Mrs. Stanley McCormick)


[Author's file)]


[Author's file)]

National directors


Notre Dame

Box 297 "N"

[Author's file)]

Ogilvy, David

Oram, Harold L.


[Author's file]



Box 298 Population Crisis Committee, [n.p.], 1968-1970

Population Crisis Committee, [n.p.], 1966-1967

Population Crisis Committee, [n.p.], 1965

Population Institute


[Author's file)]

Box 299 "Q"

[Author's file]

Rock, John

Rockefeller, John D., III


[Author's file]

Sanger, Margaret

Sheffield, Anne

Shockley, Doctor William

Statement of Conviction

Straus, Donald


[Author's file]


[Author's file]

Box 300 Tydings, Joseph


[Author's file]

United Planned Parenthood Campaign


[Author's file]

Vogt, Doctor William $25,000 fund

De Witt, Wallace

Washington package

Westchester county

World population emergency campaign


[Author's file]


[Author's file]

Box 301 IPPF: A.I.D., [n.p.], 1968

A.I.D., [n.p.], 1964-1967


Braestrup, Agnete

Bucharest, [n.p.], 1974




Box 302 Constitution




Draper, William




Box 303 Ford Foundation

Fund raising

Covering body









Box 304 Management & planning

A.I.D., [n.p.], 1969




Pyke, Margaret



Box 305 Rama Rau

Rockefeller, John D., III


Santiago Conference

Secretary General, [n.p.], 1969

Secretary General, [n.p.], 1963-1968

Secretary General - Cass Canfield's notes


Box 306 Stow, Sir John




Victor Fund



Western Hemisphere


"X, Y, Z"

Series X: Photographs

Box 307 Abrams, Charles

Acheson, Dean

Aczel, Tamas

Adamic, Louis

Adams, Sherman

Adams, Charlotte


Ahlberg, T.J.

Albaugh III, William A.

Albert, Ramona

Albert, Ramona C.

Alden, John Richard

Aldridge, John

Alexander, Tom

Rogers, Agnes



Alsop, Joseph

Almon, Clopper

Alvarez, Walter

Amalrik, Andrei

Amichai, Yehuda

Ammer, Christine

Cleveland, Amory

Amrine, Michael

Anders, Evelyn

Anderson, C.W.

Wayne, Andrews

Ansell, Helen

Appleman, Roy E.

Argus, M.K.

Ariss, Jean

Armour, Richard

Armstrong, Hamilton Fish

Armstrong, William H.

Arnold, M.L.

Arnold, Edmund C.

Ashworth, Bill

Astor, Brooke

Ata-Ullah, Mohammed

Attenborough, David

Attwood, William

Audemars, Pierre

Auerbach, Charlotte

Axthelm, Pete

Ayme, Marcel

Babington, Smith

Baccaro, Katherine

Bailey, Charles

Bald, F. Cleuer

Baldwin, Hanson

Box 308 Baldwin, James A.

Ball, Harriet

Ball, John

Ballard, Ernesta

Ballinger, Bill S.

Balsan, Consuelo Vanderbilt

Baukhead, Tallulah

Banning, Margaret Culkin

Barbash, Jack

Barber, Carolyn

Bardach, John E.

Bardosi, Fulvio

Barer, Schlomo

Barks, Coleman Byron

Barley, Ann

Barlow, James

Barnes, Djuna

Barolini, Antonio

Barr, George

Barrymore, Ethel

Bartlett, Sy

Baruch, Dorothy, & Miller, Hyman

Barzun, Jacques

Barker, William

Batchelder, Marjorie

Batten, Lindsay

Bauer, Erwin

Baumbach, Jonathan

Bawden, Nina

Bayer, Bax

Bayles, William D.

Beach, Frank

Beach, Priscilla

Beal, John Robinson

Beatty, Charles

Becker, Stephen

Bee, David

Beecher, Marguerite

Beldon, Jack

Bell, Jack

Belote, James

Belote, William

Bemelmans, Ludwig

Bench, Robert E.

Box 309 Benchley, Robert

Bendiner, Robert

Benedetti, Mario

Benedict, Stewart

Benoit, Emile

Bensman, Joseph

Berger, Zdena

Berkman, Ted

Bertin, Celia

Berton, Roueshe

Bessie, Simon Michael

Beste, R. Vernon

Bickel, Alexander M.

Biddiss, Michael D.

Bingham, Millicent

Birmingham, Fred

Bishop, JIm

Black, Campbell

Black, Cyril Edwin

Black, Gavin

Blaine, Dr. Graham B. JR.

Blake, Nicholas

Blanc, Suzanne

Blaustein, Albert

Bliven, Bruce JR.

Blossom, Virgil T.

Boardman, Neil

Boatman, Alan J.

Bogdanovich, Peter

Bois, J. Samuel

Borden, William

Bargenicht, Miriam

Borkin, Joseph

Borneman, Ernest

Borsodi, Ralph

Bosworth, Allan

Boulding, Kenneth

Boutwell, William Dow

Bowen, M.D. & Angela, J.

Bowen, John

Bowers, David G. Ph. D.

Bowles, Chester

Boyce, Richard

Boyce, Burke

Brackman, Walter

Brake, Brian

Brean, Herbert

Breckinridge, Mary

Brede, William J.

Breland, Osmond

Brenner, Anita

Brett, J. Alden

Breuer, Bessi

Briggs, Peter

Briloff, Abraham J.

Britton, Beverly

Bro, Margueritte Harmon

Brodnitz, Dr. Friedrich S.

Box 310 Brogan, D.W.

Bromfield, Louis

Brooke, James, M.D.

Brooks, Gwendolyn

Brooks, John Nixon

Brooks, Richard

Brosnan, Jim

Brown, John Mason

Browne, Courtney

Bruce, Miriam

Box 311 Bruchey, Stewart

Bruning, Walter F.


Brunner, Lousene Rousseau

Bryant, Arthur

Brzezinski, Zbigniew

Buchanan, Russel

Buckley, Joseph C.

Buckner, Emory

Budenz, Louis

Burch, Monte

Burgess, Adam

Burnett, John

Burnett, Whit

Burns, Gerald

Burns, James Mac Gregor

Burns, John Horne

Burtt, E.A.

Busfield, Roger

Butterfield, Roger

Butz, Otto

Byrnes, James

Cabot, Blake

Caillou, Alan

Calahan, Harold Augustin

Calder-Marshall, Anthony

Calkins, Clinch

Cameron, Nigel & Brake, Brian

Cameron, Owen

Cammarata, Philip

Canby, E.

Canfield, Mrs Cass

Canfield SR, Cass

Canfield, Mary Cass

Canfield, Michael T.

Caples, John

Capps, Benjamin

Carlsen, Robert

Carney, Aubrey

Carr, Ante Lee

Carr, Albert Z.

Carr, John Dickson

Carr, Rachel

Carrell, Alexis


Carson, Josephine

Carson, Rachel

Carter, Richard & Stewart Wolf,MD

Box 312 Cary, Joyce

Carvic, Heron

Caspary, Vera

Cassini, Countess

Castelot, Andre

Catledge, Turner

Caulfield, Genevieve

Cerf, Bennett

Chamberlain, John

Chamberlain, Neil W.

Chandler, Alfred D.

Chandler, Margaret K.

Chapin, Katherine Garrison

Chapmen, John L.

Chapman, F. Spencer

Charyn, Jerome

Chase, Francis Jr.

Chase, Stuart

Cheever, John

Chekhov, Miclael

Childs, Marquis

Chotzinoff, Samuel


Christie, Milton

Churchill, Allen

Claiborne, Craig

Clark, David

Clark, Arthur C.

Clark, Eugeine

Clark, Joseph S.

Clark, Kenneth

Clark, Kenneth B.

Clark, Mark W.

Clark, Dr. Thomas D.

Clark, Tom

Clark, William A.

Cleife, Philip

Cleveland, Harlan

Cleveland, Reginald

Clift, Charmian

Cobean, Sam

Cohane, Tim

Cohen, Allan Y.

Box 313 Cohn, Haim

Cohn, Norman

Colgate Lee

Collier, Abram

Collingwood, Charles

Collins, Clella Reeves

Collins, Henry H. JR.

Comfort, Alex

Comager, Henry Steele

Conant, Ralph W.

Connell, Brian R.

Connolly, Cyril

Conrad, Barnaby

Cook, Gladys Emerson

Cooke & Murray

Cobb, John

Cooper, Louise

Cooper, Morley

Cooper, Susan

Cores, Lucy

Corbett, Lucy

Coughlan, Robert

Courtney-Brwne, R.

Cousteau, Jacques Yves

Cowles, Victoria

Coyle, Kathleen

Craven, W. F.

Crisler, Lois

Cristol, Vivian

Cronin, Vicent

Crow, John

Cruickshank, Allan

Crow, John OP

Box 314 Croy, Homer


Cullen, Countee

Cullen, Edward J.

Cunti, Merle

Cutright, Paul

Dale, Virginia

Dangerfield, George

Daniels, George

Darling, Edward

Dart, Raymond

Davenport, Russell

David, Elizabeth

Evan, David

Davidson, Bill

Davidson, Irwin D.

Davidson, Lionel

Davis, Chester

Davis, Christopher

Davis, H.L.

Davis, Joseph

Davis, Wesley Ford

Davidson, Edward

Dayan, General Moshe

Deakin, F.W.

De Beus, J.G.

DeBrodt, Barbara Ream

De Chair, Somerset

De Chant, John A.

Decker, Sunny

Box 315 De Ford, Sara

Degler, Carl

De Hartog, Jan

De Hirsch, Katrina

Deighton, Len

David, De Jong

Delafield, E.M.

Deland, Margaret

Delderfield R.F.

Delgado, Jose M.R.

Delpech, Bertrand Poirot

De Matteo, Sebastian

De Mendelssohn, Peter

De Riencourt, Amaury

Dominique, D'ermo

Dessart, Gina

Dewitt, William A.

Dickens, Monica

Dickinson, Peter

Dick-Read, Grantly, M.D.

Dillie, John

Dinneen, Joseph

Dixon, Vernor

Doctor X

Dohrman, Richard

Doig, Desmond

Dolman, John Jr.

Donovan, Zober

Dorcus And DaSilva

Dorian, Frederick

Douglas, Marjorie Stoneman

Douglas, William

Douglass, Donald

Dreikus, Rudolf M.D.

Minoh Drouet P.

Droke, Maxwell

Box 316 Drucker, Peter F.

Drury, Aubrey

Dryer, Bernard Victor

Dublin, Dr. Louis

Dubois W.E.B.

Duchanmes, Jacques

Duff, Dr. R. S.

Dufour, Charles L.

Dugan, James

Dulles, Allen

Dulles, Foster Rhea

Dunbar, Janet

Duncan, david Douglas

Duncan, Dorothy

Dunlap, Orrin E.

Dunlap, Hasel Peckinpaugh

Dunn, Dorothy

Dunn, Katherine

Dunphy, Jack

Flint, Dupre

Dupuy, Ernest, & Dupuy, Trevor

Durrenmatt, Friedrich

Dusenbury, G.

Dyer, John P.

Dyer, Murray

Eastlake, Wm.

Eaton, Clement

Eastman, Max

Eaton, Evelyn

Eckstein, Gustav

Box 317 Eclov, Shirley

Edwards, Phil

Egan, Lesley

Ehrlich, Max

Ehrlich, Bettina

Eggler, Albert

Eiby, G. A.

Eichelberger, Clark M.

Elliot, 3rd, E.E.

Elliot, Elisabeth

Elliot, George P.

Elliot, H.C.

Elliot, Osborn

Elliot, Sumner Locke

Embrie, Edwin R.

Emmett, J. A.

Engler, Richard Ed, Jr.

Engstrand, David

Enthoven, Dr. Alain C.

Ernst, Morris L.

Ertz, Susan

Espy, Willard R.

Esquire (Birmingham) & (Charmante)

Eudy, Mary

Eurich, Alvin C.

Eustis, Helen

Evan, Carol

Evanoff, Vlad

Evan Evans

Evans, John W.

Ewing, David W.


Exman, Eugene

Fadiman, Clifton

Fair, Ronald L.

Fall, Thomas

Faltermayer, Edmund K.

Farley, Mowat

Farmer, Lawrence

Farnham, Dwight

Farnham, Marynia

Farrell, J. G.

Faulkner, Harold U.

Farce, Paovl

Faure, Elie

Fay, Jr. Paul B.

Fearn, Dr.

Feinberg, Samuel M.

Feinburch, Wilfred

Fellows, Alice

Fenwick, Elizabeth P.

Box 318 Ferguson, Donita

Fermor, Patrick Leigh

Ferraro, Norma Downey

Ferril, Thomas Hornsby

Fitchter, George St.

Fiddle, Seymour

Filer, Tom

Filier, Louis

Findley, Francine

Fineberg, Solomon A.

Finch, Edith

Fineman, Irving

Finletter, Gretchen

Finletter, Thomas K.

Finn, Rev. Wm. J.

Finocchiaro, Mary

Firth, Anthony

Fischer, David H.

Fischer, Louis

Fischer, Markoosha

Fischer, Dorothy Canfield

Fischer, F. Hope

Fischer, John

Fischer, Robert Moore

Fischer, Roger

Fischer, Vardis

Fishwick, Marshall W.

Fitch & Rockwell

Fitt, Mary

Fitshenry, Robert I.

Flaccus, Kimball

Flanner, Janet

Flavin, Martin

Fleming, Peier

Flexner, James Thomas

Foner, Eric

Foot, Sir Hugh

Footner, Hulbert

Forbis, William H.

Ford, Dr. C. S.

Ford, Henry

Forrunners to Everest

Box 319 Forman, Henry James

Foster, Elizabeth

Foster, James R.

Fox, Larry

Frady, Marshall

France, Anatole

Francis, Dick

Frank, Jerome

Frankau, Pamela

Frankel, Charles

Franken, Rose

Frederickson, George

Freedman, Nancy & Benedict

Freehling, Nicolas

Freehling, William W.

Freeman, Larry

Freeman, Lucy

Fremon, Suzanne, Strait

Freydbert, Margaret

Friedman, Edward L.

Friedrich, Carl J.

Fromm, Belia

Fromm, Erich

Fuller, Blair

Fuller, Edmond

Fuller, Major J. F. C.

Funk, Charles Earle Jr.

Furnas, J. C.

Fornns, Manthedith

Futagawa, Yukio and Itoh, Teiji The Essential Japanese House

Futagawa, Yukio

Gaddis, Paul

Gallie, Menna

Gallo, Max

Gallup, Dick

Gallup, George

Galton, Lawrence

Gammon, Roland

Garbo, Norman and Goodkind, Howard

Gardner, John

Garland, Hamlin

Garraty, John

Garrison, Roger

Garve, Andrew

Gary, Romain

Gascoigne, Bamber & Christina

Gaskin, Catherine

Gates, Charles M. & Johansen, Dorothy O.

Gavin, General

Geelmuyden, Hans

Box 320 Geer, Andrew

Gelb, Arthur & Barbara

Gehman, Richard

Geld, Ellen Bromfield

Gesell, Coates, Austin


Gibb & Knowlton

Gibney, Frank

Gibson, Charles

Gies, Joseph

Gilb, Corrinne

Gilbert, B. Bentley

Gilbert, Michael

Gillespie, Clyde

Gillies, Mary Davis

Gipson, Fried

Gipson, Lawrence H.

Gitlin, Todd

Glasser, Dr. William

Gleason, S. Everett

Glenn, Edmund S. (Saxxen Fellowship)

Glubb P. John B.

Goldberg, Arthur

Goldfarb, Ronald

Goldkwopf, David

Goldman, Vera

Gollancz, Victor

Goodfield, June

Good Housekeeping

Goodwin, John

Gordon, Fred

Gottfried, Sue D.

Gould, Franklin F

Goulding, Phil

Graham, Frank Jr.

Graham, John Alexander

Graham, Phyllis

Grant, Joan

Gray, George W.

Grant, Joan

Green, Anne

Green, Julian

Box 321 Green, Martin

Green, Paul

Greenbaum, Leonard

Greenbank, Tony

Greenberg, Saul N. & Joan R.

Greenberg, David

Greenberg, David Mrs.

Greene, Margaret C. L.

Greenman, Frances Cranmer

Greenough, Ruth Hornblower

Gregory, Dick (original)

Grendley, Janet Gillespie

Grey, Zane

Griffith, Thomas

Grimm, William C.

Grisman, Aronold P.

Gropius, Walter

Grossbach, Robert

Grosscup, Lee

Groth, John

Grottrup, Irmgarp

Grover, Linda

Groves, Gen. L. H.

Grub, Davis

Gruenbert, Sidonie Matsner

Genther, John

Guess, William Francis

Guild, Warren Redwood, MD

Gunther, John

Guttridge, Len and Smith, Jay D.

Box 322 Haan, Aubrey

Haas, Emmy

Hadas, Moses

Hagen, Clifford

Haich, Elizabeth

Halacy, D. S. Jr.

Hale, Oron J.

Hall, Donald

Hall, James Baker

Hall, Leoward DP

Hall, Thomas Wesley

Halle, Louis J.

Halliday, E. M.

Halper, Albert

Hamilton, Hamish

Hamarskjold, Dag

Hampshire, Stuart

Handel, Paul W.

Hanley, Gerald

Hanlon, Harvey

Hansen, Harry

Hansen, Thorkild

Hardy, Lindsay

Hardy, Thomas

Harlow, William M.

Harper's Magazine

Harrington, Evans

Harris, J. N.

Harris, Seantor Fred R.

Harris, Seymour E.

Harris, Dr. Thomas A.

Harrison, William

Harss, Luis

Hartman, Lee Foster

Hatfield, Senator Mark O.

Haugland, Vern

Havighurst, Walter

Hawes, Bess Lomax

Hawkings, Gerard

Hay, John

Hayakowa, S. I.

Hayes, Alfred

Hayter, Adrian

Hazard, John W.

Hazel, Robert Elvin

Healey, Ben

Heard, Gerald

Heath, Robert W.

Heath, W. L.

Hecht, Ben

Heiby, Walter A.

Heilbrower, Robert L.

Heinz P., W. C.

Heisenberg, Werner

Helander, Gunnar

Helitzer, Florence

Helm, Mackinley

Hempstone, Smith

Herbert, Don

Herdman, Ramona

Heren, Louis

Heren, Louis

Box 323 Herhaus, Ernst

Hermanovski, Egils & family

Herrmann, Paul

Herzog, Arthur

Hess, Stephen

Heydenwich, Ludwig

Heymann, Frederick G.

Hicks, John D.

Higgins, Marguerite

Highsmith, Patricia P.

Hill, Patti

Hill, Ralph Nading

Hill, Roger

Hill, Russell

Hinckley, Helen

Hinton, Harold B.

Hites, Maynard B.

Hoagland, Kathleen

Hoffer, Eric

Hoffman, Paul G.

Hoffnung, Gerard

Hogrefe, Pearl

Holden, Anne


Hollis, Jim

Holmes, John

Holmes, Marian S.

Holzman, Robert S.

Honour, Hugh

Hopkins, Harry L.

Hopkins, Stanley

Howard, Elizabeth Jane

Howe, Helen

Howe, Henry F.

Howells, William Dean

Hoyne, Henry

Hoyle, Fred

Hubbell, Jay B. Dr.

Huber, Richard M.

Hubert, Dreyfus (original)

Hughes, Emmet John

Hughes, H. Stuart

Hughes, Ted B.

Hunt, George P.

Hunt, Morton

Hunter, J. A.

Box 324 Huot, Louis C.

Hurd, Charles

Hurst, Fanny

Hutchison, Collister

Hutchison, R. C.

Huxley, Aldous

Huxley, Julian

Huxley, Juliette

Hyman, Harold M.

Illich, Ivan

Institute for Sex Research

Isaac, Rael Jean

Jacobs, Harvey

Jaeger, Henry

Jameson, Storm

Janeway, Elizabeth

Jastrow, Robert

Jay, Charlotte P.

Jenkins, Herbert

Jennison, Keith W.

Joaquin, Nick

Jobe, Joseph

Johnson, Emil R.

Johnson, E. W.

Johnson, Gerald

Johnson, June

Johnson, Sally Patrick

Jones, Candy

Jones, Dorothea

Jones, Gordon

Jones, Howard P.

Jones, Kenneth L.

Josselyn, Irene M. D.

Jovanovitch, William

Joyce, Walter

Kahn, Joan

Box 325 Kahn, Roger (original)

Kahn & Sayers

Kalashnikoff, Nicholas

Kaltenbach, John E.

Kaminsky, Max

Kaplan, Harold J.

Kaplan, Philip

Kaplan, Fred L.

Katcher, Leo

Kates, George N.

Katkov, George

Kauffmann, Stanley

Kaufmann, William W.

Kaye-Smith, Sheila

Kearns, William H. Jr.

Keating & Carter

Kelland, Clarence

Kelsey, Vera

Kendall, Carol

Kennaway, James S.

Kennerly, Byron

Keon, Michael

Keppel, Francis

Kessler, Jascha

Kesten, Hermann

Keyes, Frances Parkinson

King, Louise Tate

King, Dr. Martin Luther

Kinmont, Jill

Kintner, William R.

Kirst, Hans Hellmut

Kittler, Glen D.

Klein, William Karl

Kluger, Richard

Knebel & Bailey

Knebel, Fletcher

Knight, Damon

Knowlton, Robert

Koch, Stephen

Kohler, Dayton

Kohler, Foy D.

Kohlmeter, Jr. Louis M.

Kohn, Hans

Kouwenhoven, John A.

Kraft, Joseph

Krasner, William

Kriuitskyi, W. G.

Krythe, Maymie

Kuh, Katharine

Kuhlman, Wilson

Kumin, Maxine

Box 326 Kuroki, Ben

Labedz, Leopold

Lach, Alma

LaFollette, Suzanne

Laird, Jean E.

Lall, Arthur S.

Lamb, Dana & Virginia

Lamont, Thomas W.

Land, Myrick

Langer, William L.

Langton, Jane

Lanning, George

Lansdale, Edward Maj. Gen.

Lape, Fred

Lapp, Ralph

Larrouse, Pix

Larson, Arthur

Lasagna, Louis

Lattimore, Richmond

Laumer, Keith

Lavender, David

Laver, James

Lawner, Lynne

Laxalt, Robert

Lease, Ruth & Siks

Lebeson, Anita Libman

Leckie, Robert

Lee, Asher

Lee, Gypsy

Lee, Irving

Lee, Jim

Leech, Margaret

Leggett, John

Leigh, James

Leiper, G. B. (Saxton Fellowship)

Box 327 Lemay, Harding

Leonard, Charles

Leonard, Frank

Leonard, Mosley

Lermala, Elizabeth

Leterman, Elmer G.

Leuchtenburg, William, E.

Levart, Herbert

Levi-Strauss, Claude

Levier, Tony

Letton, Jennette & Francis

Lewinsohn, Richard

Levinson, Harry F.

Levitt, Saul

Lewis, Ralph F.

Lewis, W. Arthur

Lichtner, Marvin

Lightfoot, Gordon

Lilienthal, David E.

Lincoln, Dr. Miriam

Lindop, Audrey

Lindey, Alexander

Lindsay, R. B.

Link, Arthur S.

Linkletter, Monte

Linton, Calvin D.

Lippimann, Walter

Lipton, Lawrence

Lipset, Seymour Martin

Lloyd, A. E.

Lobell, Nathan D.

Lobsenz, Herbert

Lodge, Henry, Cabot

Lolos, Kimon

Lomax, Louis

London, Dr. Perry

Long, Dwight

Longrigg, Roger

Lorant, Stefan

Lord, Walter

Box 328 Loth, David

Longhlin, David

Loughlin, John

Lounsbery, Elizabeth

Love, Edmund G.

Lovell, A. C. B.

Loveridge, Arthur

Lowdenmilk, Walten Clay

Lubell, Samuel

Lukacs, John

Lukas, J. Anthony

Lundberg, Ferdinand

Luria, Jack (Saxton)

Lyford, Joseph

Lynes, Russell

Lyon, Dana P.

Lyons, Eugene

Lyttleton OP., Raymond

McAdoo, Richard B.

McCoy, John Pleasant

McCabe, Charles R.

McCune, Wesley

McDermott, Geoffrey

McFee, William

McGrane, Dr. Reginald C.

McLoed, A. S.

McMullen, Mary

McMurry, George H.

McSorley, Edmond

Maass, Joachim

MacAdams, Lewis

MacCracken, Noble, Dr.

MacDougal, Alan Ross

MacGregor, Frank S.

Maciver, Robert

Maclean, Fitznoy

MacLeish, Roderick

Box 329 MacMillan, Harold

MacNeil, Robert

MacRidis, Roy C.

MacSorley, Don

Macy, John W., Jr.

Maddock, Alison

Maddux, Rachel

Magill, Frank

Mahoney, Thomas

Malik, Charles

Maling, Arthur

Malkin, Robert J.

Manashaw, Donald

Manchester, William

Maney, Dick P.

ManKiewitz, Don

Mannix, Dan

Manry, Robert

Marcham, F. G.

Marek, George R.

Marion, Francis

Maritain, Jacques

Mark, Vernon

Markel, Lester

Marrow, Alfred J.

Marsh, Sir Edward

Marsh, Willard

Marshall, Jack

Marshall, Smelser

Martini, Helen

Martin, John Bartlow

Martin, Ralph

Martin, Sylvia

Marthe, Margaret S.

Marton, Gregory

Marugg, Jim

Marx, Arthur P.

Marx, Graucho

Marzollo, Jean Martin

Masson, Georgina

Masaryk, Jan

Maslow, Abraham H.

Box 330 Masters, John

Mather, Melissa

Matsuoka, Yoko

Mattheissen, Peter

Maugham, Lord Robin

Maule, Frances P.

Maurois, Andre

Maurois, Gerald

Maxfield, Henry P.

Maxwell, William

Maxwell, Gavin

Mayer, Martin

Mayeroff, Milton

Mazo, Earl

McCormick, Robert C.

McCoy, Alfred W.-Cathleen R.

Mcginnis, Ralph J.

Mckenna, Richard

McKenney, Ruth

McLuhan, Marshall

McMurtry, Larry

McNamars, Robert S.

McNulty, Nancy G.

Mehta, Ved

Meigs, James

Melbin, Murray

Mellers, Wilfred

Mensendieck, Bess

Meray, Tibor

Meredith, Scott

Meyer, Edith Patterson

Meynell, Lawrence

Meyneng, Meyette

Michel, Henri

Milford, Nancy

Box 331 Mitford, Nancy

Milhollen, Hirst D.

Millay, Edna St. Vincent

Miller, John C.

Miller, Nolan

Miller, Thomas

Milne, Lorus & Margery

Milne, Charles S.


Mitchell, Ronald

Mlakar, Frank

Moholy, Nagy

Molenaro, Ursula

Moley, Reymond

Malnar, Maria

Momaday, Scott

Montgomery, Dorothy Ford

Montgomery, Marion H.

Montross, Lynn

Moore, Byron

Moore, Gilbert

Moore, Msgr

Morehouse, Laurence e.

Morgan, Charles

Morgan, J. Pierpoint

Mongenthau, Henry Jr.

Morley, F. V.

Monnis, I. V.

Morris, Joe Alex

Morris, Everett

Morris, Richard B.

Morris, William P.

Morris, William & Mary

Morris, William

Morris, Willie

Morton, George

Morton, Louis

Morton, Stella

Moseley, George

Moses, Grandma

Box 332 Mosley, Leonard

Mouni, Sadhu

Mowat, Farley

Mowry, George E.

Moyers, Bill

Mulac, Margaret E.

Muller-Alfeld , P.

Munday, Albert H.

Murphy, Gardner

Murphy, Grace E.

Murray, Pauli

Murphy, Paul l.

Murray, Paul

Mydans, Carl

Myrdal, Gunvar

Nabokov, Vladimir

Najafi, Najmeh

Namier, L. B.

Nash, Eleanor

Neely, Henry M.

Neider, Charles

Neisser, Edith G.

Newgass, James

Neuman, George C.

Neumann, William L.

Newberry, Clare Turley

Newman, Harold

Newmann, William S.

Niles, Newton

Nicol, Eric

Nicols, Claire (White)

Nock, Albert Jay


Nordstrom, Ursula

Nordyke, Lewis

Norman, Philip

Norris, Frank

Norton, Lucy

Norwich, John Julius

Notestein, Wallace

Nourse, Alan E.

Novak, Michael

Nuccio, Sol

Nye, Russell Blaine

Oakes, John B.

Oates, Stephen B.

Obenhaus, Dr. Victor

Oberth, Hermann

Obregon, Mauricio

O'Brien, Joseph

O'Brien, Kate

Box 333 Ochs, Adolph

O'Connar Edwin

O'Connor, Jack

Osborne, Lloyd

Oka, Hideyuki

O'Malley, Michael

Ormond, Clyde

Osofsky, Gilbert

Ostow, Mortimer, M. D.

Ostrander, Gilman M.

Ostrow, Albert

Otway, Howard

Owen, Janet Curren

Pach, Walter

Paine, Albert

Palatin, Phillip Dr., Ellen C.


Palmer, Stuart

Paris, Robert Graham

Parker, Harley W.

Parks, David

Parrish, Anne

Pate, Lloyd W.

Patterson, Sterling

Patteson, Knight

Pearlman, Moshe

Pearson, Hesketh

Peattie, Roderick

Pechter, William S.

Peck, James L. H.

Peeples, Samuel A.

Peery, James Robert

Peffer, Nathaniel

Peltier, Leslie C.

Pendray, G. Edward

Perlman, Helen Harris

Perventsev, Arkady A.

Pettit, Paul

Preffer, Richard

Pfeiffer, John

Phillips, John

Phillips, T. H.

Prince Phillip

Box 334 Picken, Mary Brooks

Pickrel, Paul

Pierhal, Armand

Pilgrem, David

Pinkerton, Robert E.

Pinto, Oreste

Pitcher, Evelyn, Goodenough

Plant, Richard

Plath, Sylvia

Plutzik, Hyam

Pomilio, Mario

Porter, Elias, H.

Porterfield, Nolan

Poston, Richard W.

Pratt, Fletcher

Prescott, Orville

Preston, Wheeler

Price, Stephen S.

Priest, Christopher

Priestley, J. B.

Prince Phillip Mountbatten

Procter, Maurice

Prokosch, Federic

Prou, Suzanne

Provins, Leroy

Prudden, Bonnie

Pruitt, William O.

Pryor, Karen

Pudney, John

Pugh, Marshall

Pulaski, Mary Ann, Dr.

Pulitzer Prize Judges - 1941

Putnam, Peter

Putney, Gladys & Snell

Pyle, Howard

Queneau, Raymond

Quinley, Harold E.

Raab, Earl

Rabassa, Gregory

Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli, Dr.

Radler, D. H.

Raisz, Erwin

Ralph, Philip

Rapoport, Ron

Rapport, Samuel

Rau, Samtha Rama

Raymond, Aron

Raymond, Jack

Raven, Simon


Ray, Marie P.

Raymond, Louise

Redding, J. Saundrus

Redgrave, Machael

Box 335 Reed, David


Rees, Goronny

Reeves, James

Reichmann, Max

Reilly, Dr. William J.

Reinhardt, Richard

Rennie, Ysabel

Reston, James

Reves, Emery

Reynolds, Quentin

Rhodin, Eric

Rhys, Jean

Rice, Elmer

Ridgway, Matthew B.

Rice, John

Rice, F. Philip

Rich, Adrienne Cecile

Rich, Louise Dickinson

Rieff, Philip

Rieman, Terry

Riessman, Frank

Riley, Lt. James C.

Ripley, Dillon

Rivers, William L.

Robeson, Paul

Robinson, Edward G.

Robinson, Jane

Robinson, Paul

Robinson, Gerda

Rodahl, Kaare

Rodman, Selden

Roe, Ivan

Rogens, Samuel

Rohn, Fred H.

Rallins, Alice R.

Roman, Howard

Rombi, Paride

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Roosevelt, Hall

Roosevelt, Kermit

Roosevelt, Nicholas

Roper, Lanning

Rosen, Milton W.

Rosenman, Samuel I.

Ross, Elaine L.

Ross, Ishbel

Ross, Mabel

Ross, Martin J.

Ross, Marvin P.

Rossi, Jean Baptiste

Box 336 Rosten, Leo

Roth, Sanford

Roulston, Marjorie Hills

Roy, Jules

Rubin, Michael

Rubin, Seymour J.

Rude, George

Rudy, Dr. Willis

Rue, Leonard Lee

Rugg, Harold

Rugh, Dr. Roberts

Rushmore, Arthur

Ruesch, Hans

Russell, William Howard

Ryan, Bernard, Jr.

Ryan, Leonard Eames

Sack, John

Sackett, Walter W. Jr. MD

St. Denis, Ruth

Sagan, Francoise

St. Hill, Thomas Nast

St. John, Bruce

Salsbury, Harrison E.

Salsbury, Edith Colgate (Mrs. Charles B. Salsbury)

Salsbury, Dr. Stephen

Salter, J. T.

Sampson, Anthony

Samson, Erin

Sanders, Ronald

Sandoz, Mari

Sanford, Terry

Sarratt, Reed

Saundby, Sir R.

Sauers, Don

Sauers, Don & Dedini Eldon

Saxton, Alexander

Saxton, Eugene F.]

Scannell, Francis P.

Schellenberg, Walter

Schiller, Loe Lund

Schneer, Cecil

Schiotz, Aksel

Schmoe, Floyd

Schoenbrun, David

Schroeder, Robert E.


Schwab, Victor O.

Sciascia, Leonardo

Searls, Hank

Seashore, Stanley E. Ph. D.

Segal, Erich

Seifert, Mary Harris

Selden, George

Seles, Floyd

Self, Margaret C.

Selle, Earl, Albert

Selznich, Gertrude

Settle, Mary Lee

Sexton, Ethol

Shaplen, Robert

Shaw, Felicity

Shaw, Harry

Box 337 Shea, Nancy

Vincent Sheean Family

Sheehy, Gail

Shelton, William R.

Shelton, William S.

Sheraton, Mimi

Sherrill, Robert

Sherwood, Hugh C.

Sherwood, Robert

Shettles, Landrum B.

Shriver, Sergeant

Shuman, Max

Shultz, George P.

Sielmann, Heinz

Sigel, Eleanor R.

Silberman, Charles

Silone, Ignazio

Silva-Coronel, Paul

Simmons, Harry

Simon, Herbert A.

Simon, Kate

Simonds, F. H.

Simonson, Lee

Simpson, Howard R.

Simpson, William

Sims, Edward P.

Sinclair, Harold

Sinclair, Jo.

Singer, I. J.

Sitwell, Reresby

Sitwell, Osbert

Ski Magazine, Editors of

Skolle, John

Slater, Jerome

Sloan, Helen Farr

Slaymaker, 11, S. R.

Slimming, John

John Sloan's NY Scene

Sloane, Leonard

Smalizried, Kathleen Ann

Smelser, Marshall

Smith, Anna Perle

Smith, Betty

Box 338 Smith, Delos Op.

Smith, Elmer R.

Smith, G. Milton

Smith, H. Shirley

Smith, Huston

Smith, Isabel

Smith, Merriman

Smith, Philip Hillyer

Smith, R. A.

Smith, Robert

Snodgrass, W. D.

Sokol, Erich

Sontag, Raymond

Sorensen, Thomas C.

Spacks, Barry

Spaeth, Joe L.

Sparks, Dorothy

Sprigge, Elizabeth

Spring, Howard

Springer, E. Laurence

Sprunt, Alexander, Jr.

Stabler, C. Norman

Stafford, William

Stahl, Norma

Staley, Eugene

Stanton, Edwin F.

Stapp, Robert

Steele, Max

Steinberg, Saul

Steiner, Stan

Steinhacker, Charles

Steinzor, Bernard

Steirman & Kittler

Stepanchev, Stephen

Sterling, Claire

Stern, Catherine

Stern, Edith

Stern, Margaret B.

Stern, Oto

Stern, Richard G.

Stevens, Donald

Stevenson, Adlai

Stevenson, Fanny & Robert Louis

Stevenson, Frances

Stikker, Dirk

Stimpson, George

Stimson, Henry L.

Stipp, John

Stirling, Monica

Stocker, Joseph

Stolz, Mary

Stone, Grace Zaring

Storm, Jameson

Storm, Jay

Stowman, Knud

Strabel, Thelma

Straley, John A.

Stratton, Chalotte K.

Strauss-Hupe, Robert

Box 339 Streeter, Edward

Streff, John W.

Streit, Clarence

Stupka, Arthur

Stuurman, Edith

Sulkin, Sidney

Sulzberger, C. L.

Summers, Hollis

Sumner, G. Lynn

Sumner, Sir Ricketts

Sulton, Sir Oliver

Swan, Lester A.

Swing, Raymond

Sykes, Christopher

Sykes, Egerton

Symes, Lillian

Symons, Julian

Szasz, M. D.

Thomas S.

Tabrah, Ruth

Taft, Philip

Tagliabue, John

Talbot, Allan R.

Talese, Gay

Tantri, K'tut

Tarcher, Martin

Tarkington, Booth

Tate, Sylvia

Taylor, Deems

Taylor, Demetria

Taylor, Francis, Henry

Taylor, Louis

Taylor, Maxwell D.

Taylor, Samuel

Taylor, Theodore B.

Taylor, Wendell

Talieff, Haroun

Tchelitchew, Pavel

Tebbel, John

Templeton, Edith

Terhune, Albert Payson

Terrot, Charles

Terry, Walter

Tevis, Walter

Thaddeus, Janice, Farrar

Thakazhi, Sivasankara Pillai

Thayer, Charles

Thelen, Herbert

Thomas, B. Brooks

Thomas, Evan

Box 340 Thomas, Hugh

Thomas, Ruth

Thompson, Charles

Thompson, Joan Berengild

Thomson, Helen

Thomson, Jane

Thomson, Stewart

Thorbecke, Ellen

Thruelsen, Richard

Timmons, Bascom

Thurber, James P.

Tolbert, Frank

Toklas, Alice B.

Tolstoy, Alexandra

Tomkins, Calvin

Tomlinson, H. M.

Tompkins, Peter

Toulman and Goodfield

Travers, Hugh

Travers, P. L.

Treat, Lawrence

Trelease, Dr. Allen

Trescott, Paul B.

Trevor, Elleston

Trevor-Roper, H. R.

Trewhitt, Henry L.

Trivas, Irene

Trotsky, Leon

Tucker, Augusta

Tunley, Roul

Box 341 Turner, Henry

Tyan, Kenneth

Underwood, Hgness

Uptown Pictures See: Gitlin, Todd

Updike, John P.

Urdang, Constance

Vaeth, J. Gordon

Vaillant, George A.

Valens, E. G.

Vandercook, John W.

Vandivert, Sam

Van Doren, Carl

Van Doren, Charles

Van Dersen, Glyndon G.

Vandiver, Frank Everson

Van Druten, John

Van Gulik, R. H.

Van Riper, Chas.

Van Slingerland, Peter

Varley, John M.

Vasiliu, Mircea

Vatsek, Joan

Velie, Lester

Vergara, Joe

Vergara, William C.

Vestal, Stanley

Vidich, Arthur

Vogel, Virgil H. J.

Von Dorsal, William R.

Wade, Mason

Wagner, Constance

Wagner, Friedelind

Wagner, Rudolph, Dr

Waldron, D'Lynn

Walker, D. E.

Walker, Stanley

Wall, Bernard

Wallace, Paul

Wallace, Sarah Leslie

Wallace Willard M.

Walsh, Chad

Walters, Anne

Warren, Carl

Warnke, Janice

Warren, Joyce

Ways, Max

Weber, Rubin

Watson, Virginia

Waxman, Julia

Weavers, The

Wecter, Dixon

Weig, Melvin

Weinberg, Martin

Weizmann, Chaim

Weizmann, Vera

Wellershoff, Dieter

Welles, Sam

Box 342 Wells, George & Iris

Wells, Orson

Wells, Sumner

Werth, Alexander

Wescott, Glenway

Wessel, Helen Strain (Mrs. Walter W.)

West, Paul

Westbrook, Perry D.

Westley, Bill & Leila Roosevelt

Weston, Christine

Weyer, Edward, Jr.

Whalley, Peyer

Wheeler, Elmer P.

Wheeler and Goldhor

White, Doris

White, Lynn

White, M. E.

White, Max

White, Reginald James

White, Robin

White, W. S.

Whiting, Frank M.

Whyte, Lancelot Law

Wicker, Tom

Wiener, Dr. Daniel N.

Wilchek, Stella

Wilcox, Francis O.

Wiley, Bell Irvin

Williams, Alan

Williams, Colin J.

Williams, Eric

Williams, Gluyas P.

Williams, Henry L. & Ottalie K.

Williams, Winnie

Willock, Ruth

Willaughley, Amea

Wilmot, Chester

Wilson, Allan N.

Wilson, Charles Morrow

Wilson, Ethel

Wilson, Sloan

Box 343 Wilson, Woodrow

Winkler, Max

Winks, Robin W.

Winslow, Thyra Samter

Winston, Robert A, Lt.

Winnar, Frances

WIse, Arthur

Wish, Harvey

Wolf, John B.

Wolfe, Thomas

Wolfe, Winifred

Wolff, Leon

Wolheim, Donald

Wong, Jade Snow

Wood, Nancy

Woodfin, Henry

Woodham-Smith, Cecil

Woods, William Crawford

Woolf, Douglas

Woolrich, Corneil

Worth, Helen

Wright, Andrew

Wright, Gordon

Wright, Harold Bell

Wright, Louis B.

Wright, Richard

Wriston, Henry Merritt

Wyckoff, Jerome

Yarmon, Morton

Yarmolinsky, Adam

Yates, Raymond F.

Yates, Brock


Yorck, Ruth

Youd, Samuel

Young, Andrew

Young, Desmond

Young, Francis Brett

Young, Robert R.

Young, Thomas

Zaehringer, Alfred J.

Zaidenberg, Arthur

Zeimer, Patsy

Zern, Ed.

Ziff, William B.

Zimmerman, J. E.

Zinsser, Bill & Stevenson, James

Zuckerman, Solly Zweig, Paul

Series XI: Photographs and Illustrations Negatives

Box 344 Amory, Cleveland

Armstrong, Hamilton Fish

Astor, Brooke

Ata-ullah, Mohammed

Axthelm, Peter

Baldwin, Hanson

Ball, Harriet

Barley, Ann

Barlow, James

Bartlett, Sy

Batchelder, Marjorie

Bayles, William D.

Benchley, Robert

Berton, Roueshe

Bingham, Millicent Todd

Blake, Nicholas

Blanc, Suzanne

Boardman, Neil S.

Bowles, Chester

Boyce, Burke

Brenner, Anita

Brogan, D. W.

Bromfield, Louis

Brooks, Richard

Bryant, Arthur

Burns, James Macgregpr

Calaham, Harold Augustin

Canfield Sr., Cass

Canfield, Mrs. Cass

Canfield, Mary Cass

Carney, Aubrey

Carr, A. L.

Carrell, Alexisd

Carrington, Richard

Carson, Rachel

Chapin, Katharine Garrison

Chase, Jr., Francis

Chase, Stuart

Cleveland, Reginald

Cobean, Sam

Collins, Clella Reeves

Connolly, Cyril

Cook, Gladys Emerson

Cooper, III, John C. (John Cobb)

Cooper, Louise Field

Corbett, Sidney

Cores, Lucy

Cowles, Virginia

Coyle, Kathleen

Crisler, Lois

Crossman, H. Richard

Crow, Carl

Croy, Homer

Cullen, Countee

Cunti, Merle

Dart, Raymond A.

David, Evan

Davis, H. L.

Davis, Ruth

Davison, Edward

De Chant, John A.

De Ford, Sara

De Jong, David

Deland, Margaret

Dickens, Monica

Direen, Joseph

Dixon, H. Vernor

Donovan, Robert

Box 345 Douglas, William

Drucker, Peter

Drury, Aubrey

Dryer, Bernard Victor

Dublen, Dr. Louis I.

Ducharmes, Jacques

Dufour, Charles L.

Dugan, James

Dulles, Foster Rhea

Duncan, Dorothy

Dunn, katherine

Dunphy, Jack

Dupuy, R. Ernest & Dupuy

Trevor N.

Eaton, Allen

Eaton, Evelyn

Eckstine, Gustav

Edwards, Phil

Ehrlich, Max

Embrie, Edwin R.

Engstrand, David

Ertz, Susan

Fair, Ronald L.

Faure, Raoul C.

Feinberg, Dr. Samuel

Feinburgh, Wilfred

Fermor, Patrick Leigh

Ferril, Thomas Hornsby

Filer, Tom

Filler, Louis

Fineberg, Salomon A.

Fineh, Edith

Finletter, Gretchen

Finn, Rev. William J.

Fischer, Louis

Fischer, Marooshka

Fisher, Roger

Fisher, Vardis

Flavin, Martin

Footner, Hulbert

Foster, Elizabeth

Fromm, Bella

Fuller, Blair

Fuller, Edmund

Fuller, Major J. F. C.

Funk, Charles Earle

Gascoigne, Bamber & Christina

Gaskin, Catherine

Gershoy, Leo

Gibb, George S.

Gies, Joseph

Gillies, Mary Davis

Gipson, Fred

Gleason, Edmund S.

Goldknopf, David

Gordon, Fred

Gould, Franklin F.

Gouldina, Phil

Grant, Leslie

Gray, George W.

Green, Anne

Green, Julian

Green, Martin

Green, Paul

Greenberg, David

Grendley, Janet Gillespie

Griffith, Thomas

Grisman, Arnold

Gruenberg, Sidonie Matsner

Hadas, Moses

Halacy, D. S., Jr.

Box 346 Halper, Albert

Hansen, Thorkild

Hardy, Linsey

Hartman, Lee Foster

Haughland, Vern

Hawkins, Gerard

Heath, W. L.

Helmy, Mackinley

Herdman, Ramona

Hill, Russell

Hinton, Harold B.

Hoagland, Kathleen

Hoffer, Eric

Hoffmung, Gerard

Holton, Edith Austin

Hopkins, Stanley

Howard, Elizabeth Jane

Howe, Helen

Hubbell, Jay B.

Hughes, Ted

Hunt, George P.

Hunt, Morton

Huot, Louis C.

Hurd, Charles

Hurst, Fanny

Huxley, Aldous

Huxley, Julian

Jay, Charlotte

Johnson, Gerald

Johnson, Sally Patrick

Joseph, Richard

Kahn, Joan

Kahn, Roger

Kalashnikoff, Nicholas

Karpin, Fred L.

Kates, George N.

Kaye-Smith, Sheila

Keating, William J.

Kelland, Clarence

Kendall, Carol

Keyes, Frances Parkinson

King, Dr. Martin Luther

Kinmont, Jill

Kouwenhoven, John A.

Krasner, William

Krivitsky, W. G.

Krythe, Maymie

Kuroki, Ben

Lach, Alma

LaFollette, Suzanne

Laird, Jean

Lamb, Dana & Virginia

Box 347 Lamont, Thomas

Langer, William L.

Lansdale, Edward Maj. Gen.

Lapp, Ralph

Laumer, Keith

Laver, James

Lee, Asher

Leggett, John

Leigh, James

Levitt, Saul

Lewinsohn, Richard

Lichtner, Marvin

Lilienthal, David E.

Lindap, Audrey

Lindey, Alexander

Lippman, Walter

Lloyd, A. E.

Lobell, Nathan D.

Lobsenz, Herbert

Lolos, Kimon

Lord, Walter

Loughlin, David

Loveridge, Arthur

Lowdermilk, Walter K.

Lukacs, John

Lundberg, Ferdinand

Luria, Jack

Lyon, Dana

McCabe, Charles R.

McCoy, John Pleasant

McCune, Wesley

McFee, William

McLead, A. S.

McMurry, George H.

McSorley, Edmond

McAdams, Lewis

MacGregor, Frank S.

Macmillan, Harold

Maddock, Allison

ManKiewicz, Dan

Marcham, F. G.

Markel, Lester

Martin, Ralph

Martle, Margaret

Manle, Frances

Maurois, Andre

Mazo, Earl

McCormick, Robert C.

McKenna, Richard

McKenney, Ruth

Mehta, Ved

Meyer, Edith

Millay, Edna St. Vincent

Miller, Nolan

Mitchell, Ronald

Molinaro, Ursule

Moley, Raymond

Moore, Msgr.

Morgenthan, Henry Jr.

Morris, I. V.

Morris, Marjorie, and Saners, Dan

Moris, William and Mary

Morris, Willie

Moyers, Bill

Murphy, Gardner

Murphy, Grace E. Barstow

Murray, Pauli

Mydans, Carl

Murdal, Gunnar

Neider, Charles

Box 348 New Yorker Album, The

Newberry, Clare

Newman, William S.

Nock, Albert Jay

Noguchi, Isamn

Norris, Frank

Nuccio, Sal

Obarth, Herman

O'Brien, Kate

Ochs, Adolph

Ogburn, Charlton

Opdycke, John Baker

Osborne, Margaret

Pach, Walter

Palatin, Dr. Phillip

Palmer, Stuart

Parks, David

Peattie, Roderick

Peffer, Nathaniel

Pendray, G. Edward

Perventsev, Arkady A.

Pfeiffer, John

Picken, Mary Brooks

Pickrel, Paul

Piernal, Armund

Pinkerton, Robert E.

Plutzik, Hyam

Porter, Elias H.

Pratt, Fletcher

Priestley, Job

Procter, Maurice

Prokosch, Frederick

Pugh, Marshall

Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli

Raisz, Erwin

Ran, Santha Rhama

Reston, James

Reves, Emery

Reynolds, Quentin

Rice, John

Rieff, Phillip

Ripley, Dillon

Robinson, Jane

Rodman, Selden

Roe, Ivan

Rogers, Samnuel

Rollins, Alise R.

Roosevelt, Kermit

Ross, Ishbel

Rubin, Michael

Rugh, Dr. Roberts

Sack, John

Sagan, Francoise

St. Hill, Thomas Nast

Samson, Erin

Saundby, Sir R.

Saxton, Eugene F.

Scanelli, Francis P.

Schoenbrun, Floyd


Searls, Hank

Seifest, Mary Harris

Selle, Earl Albert

Settle, Mary Lee

Shaw, Harry

Shea, Nancy

Sheldon, William R.

Sherwood, Robert

Simonson, Lee

Slater, Jerome

Smith, G. Milton

Box 349 Smith, Merriman

Smith, Philip Hillyer

Smith, Robert

Sokol, Erich

Sparks, Dorothy

Spring, Howard

Steele, Max

Stevens, Donald

Stimpson, George

Stimpson, Henry L.

Stowman, Knud

Straley, John A.

Streeter, Edward R.

Streit, Clarence

Sumner, G. Lynn

Swing, Raymond

Sykes, Christopher

Symes, Lilian

Symors, Julian

Tabrah, Ruth

Tautri, K'tut

Tate, Sylvia

Taylor, Deems

Taylor, Francis Henry

Taylor, Makwell D.

Tchelitchew, Pavel

Tevis, Walter

Thomas, Hugh

Thomas, Ruth

Thompson, Jim

Thorbeske, Ellen

Thurber, James

Travers, P. L.

Tomlinson, H. M.

Trelease, Dr. Allen

Tucher, Augusta

Tucker, Dr.

Underwood, Haness

Vandercook, John W.

Van Doren, Charles

Vasiliv, Mircea

Vatsek, Joan

Velie, Lester

Vergara, William C.

Wade, Mason

Wagner, Friedelind

Waldran, D'Lynn

Wallace, Paul

Ward, Robert

Weizmann, Chaim

Wells, Sumner

Werth, Alexander

Wescott, Glenway

Wessel, Helen Strain (Mrs. Walter W.)

West, Paul

Wheeler, Joseph L.

Wicker, Tom

Wiliams, Eric

Willoughby, Amea

Winwar, Frances

Wish, Harvey

Wolfe, Thomas

Wong, Jade Snow

Wright, Richard

Wriston, Henry Merrill

Wyckoff, Jerome

Yates, Raymond

Yates, Brock


Yorck, Ruth

Youna, Francis Brett

Zaehringer, Alfred J.

Ziff, William B.

Zuckerman, Sir Solly

Box 350 Miscellaneous printed material