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Robert Lee Hale papers, 1912-1958

Series I: Correspondence

Series I contains Hale's professional correspondence. Much of the correspondence in Subseries I.2 discusses Hale's law review articles.

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Subseries I.1: Cataloged correspondence

Box 1 Baruch, Bernard M.

Box 1 Beard, Charles A.

Box 1 Berle, Adolph A., Jr.

Box 1 Black, Hugo L.

Box 1 Bliven, Bruce

Box 1 Burlingham, Charles C.

Box 1 Burton, Harold H.

Box 1 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box 1 Brandeis, Louis D.

Box 1 Cardozo, Benjamin N.

Box 1 Dewey, John

Box 1 Douglas, Paul H.

Box 1 Douglas, William O.

Box 1 Fisher, Walter L.

Box 1 Frank, Jerome New

Box 1 Frankfurter, Felix

Box 1 Gay, Edwin F.

Box 1 Hand, Learned

Box 1 Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Box 1 Johnson, Alvin

Box 1 Lerner, Max

Box 1 Lippmann, Walter

Box 1 Lowell, Abbott Lawrence

Box 1 McAneny, George

Box 1 Moon, Parker T.

Box 1 Pound, Roscoe

Box 1 Robinson, Geroid Tanquary

Box 1 Rosenberg, James N.

Box 1 Seligman, Edwin R. A.

Box 1 Simkhovitch, Vladimir G.

Box 1 Stone, Harlan Fiske

Box 1 Taft, William Howard

Subseries I.2: Arranged correspondence

Box 3 Academy of Political Science meeting, 1930

Box 4 Berle-Hale correspondence

Box 4 Carbons of copies of letters from others praising Hale's articles (originals believed sent to publisher)

Box 2 Carver article correspondence ("Coercion and Distribution in a Supposedly Non-Coercive State")

Box 2 "Commissions, Rates, and Policies" correspondence

Box 2 Commons-Hale correspondence

Box 2 "Conflicting Judicial Criteria of Utility Rates" correspondence

Box 2 Constitutional rights against private individuals correspondence

Box 2 Contract impairment article correspondence

Box 9 Correspondence, 1912-1958

Box 7 Correspondence and manuscripts from Thomas W. Holland

Box 5 Correspondence re: N. T. Guernsey

Box 2 Correspondence with H. G. Brown

Box 3 Correspondence with Nicholas Kelly

Box 6 Correspondence with publishers

Box 5 Correspondence with T. R. Powell

Box 3 Criticism of constitutional system

Box 2 "Duress" correspondence

Box 5 Early letters and materials re: single tax etc.

Box 2 "Economics and the Statesman" correspondence

Box 2 "The 'Fair Value' Merry-Go-Round" correspondence

Box 2 "Force and the State" correspondence

Box 2 "Does the Ghost of Smyth v Ames Still Walk?" correspondence

Box 5 Hale-Arthur S. Miller correspondence

Box 3 Hale's letters to the editor

Box 5 Harvard alumni bulletin, 1912

Box 2 Hope natural gas article

Box 3 "Judicial policy" (Arthur R. Burns), 1941

Box 2 Correspondence on labor legislation as an enlargement of individual liberties

Box 5 Letters, scrap-book material, etc

Box 3 Minna L. R. brief

Box 2 Miscellaneous correspondence

Box 5 Miscellaneous correspondence

Box 3 Miscellaneous correspondence: "Blue Box" (first group)

Box 5 Miscellaneous correspondence: "Blue Box" (second group)

Box 3 Miscellaneous Hale-Stone correspondence

Box 5 Miscellaneous letters

Box 5 Miscellaneous letters and materials

Box 5 Miscellaneous letters and materials

Box 2 Nebbia and Lindheimer articles

Box 2 "Our Equivocal Constitutional Guaranties" correspondence

Box 2 "The 'Physical Value' Fallacy in Rate Cases" correspondence

Box 2 Political and Economic Review correspondence

Box 5 Public lands, 1912

Box 2 "Rate Making and the Revision of the Property Concept" correspondence

Box 4 Research Council in the Social Sciences — letters and reports

Box 4 Sacco-Vanzetti correspondence and materials

Box 2 "The Supreme Court and the Contract Clause" correspondence

Box 2 "Unconstitutional Acts as Federal Crimes" correspondence

Box 2 "Unconstitutional Conditions and Constitutional Rights" correspondence

Box 2 "Law Making By Unofficial Minorities" correspondence

Box 2 "Valuation and Rate Making" correspondence

Box 2 "What is a 'Confiscatory' Rate?" correspondence