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Bard family papers, 1600-1892

I. Bard Family Papers

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I.1. Cataloged Correspondence--A-Sands, Joseph

Box 1 Bard, Caroline

Box 1 Bard, John [Dr.]

Box 1 Bard, Sally

Box 1 Bard, Samuel

Box 1 Bard, William

Box 1 Barton, Sarah

Box 1 Camé, Lewis E.

Box 1 Committee of the City Mission Society

Box 1 Cruger, Bertram Peter

Box 1 Delafield, Edw.

Box 1 DeNully. Jane?

Box 1 Goold[?], Sarah

Box 1 Griffin, Mary Sands

Box 1 Hamilton, A.

Box 1 [Hamilton?], W.

Box 1 Harris, Robert Wm.

Box 1 Johnson, John

Box 1 Lee, Gen. Henry ["Light-Horse Harry"]

Box 1 Muirson, Magdalena

Box 1 Macpherson, Patrick

Box 1 Muirson, D.M.

Box 1 De Normandie, Henriett Elizabeth

Box 1 Pendleton, E.H.

Box 1 Pendleton, Nathaniel

Box 1 Pendleton, Susannah

Box 1 Ridgway, Frances

Box 1 [Sands] Arthur

Box 1 Sands, C.E.

Box 1 Sands, Comfort

Box 1 Sands, Edwin

Box 1 Sands, Fanny

Box 1 Sands, Ferdinand

Box 1 Sands, Frances

Box 1 Sands, Joseph

Box 1 Sands, [ Joseph?]

I.2. Cataloged Correspondence--Sands, Louis-W

Box 2 Sands, Louis

Box 2 Sands, Susan Bard

Box 2 Schenley, Edward W.H.

Box 2 Stow, David

Box 2 Thompson, D.

Box 2 Wartenberg, Frederick, comte de

I.3. Cataloged Manuscripts and Documents--A-Z

Box 2 Artson, Gerrit et al.

Box 2 Bard, Catherine Cruger [Mrs. Wm]

Box 2 Bard Family--Genealogy

Box 2 Bennett, Thomas

Box 2 Cosens, Barné, etc.

Box 2 Fletcher, Benjamin

Box 2 Hall, John

Box 2 Muirson, Magdalen

Box 2 Pfister, Francis

Box 2 Sands, Arthur

Box 2 Sands, Edwin

Box 2 Sands, Ferdinand

Box 2 Sands, Joseph

Box 2 Todd, Isaac

Box 2 Trié, Guillaume de

I.4. Arranged Files

Box 2 Miscellaneous Receipts

Box 2 Miscellaneous

Box 2 Photographs

Box 2 Bookplates

Box 2 Clippings

Box 2 Griffin, Francis [executor of Ferdinand Sands]

Box 2 1 volume of Griffin's miscellaneous notes, lists, memoranda, etc.