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Greenberg Publisher records, 1894-1976

Series VIII: Greenberg Books

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Box VIII.1 Greenberg Aircraft

Box VIII.1 Anderson, Eric -— Wieden, Ray

Box VIII.2 Greenberg Sports Cars

Box VIII.2 Ayling, Keith -— Williamson, Herb

Box VIII.3 Catalogues Fall 1924-—Fall 1930 -— Fall 1954

Box VIII.3 Abel, Charles -— Adamson, Helen Lyon; Adamson, Hans Christian

Box VIII.4 Adler, Alfred -— Basloe, Frank J.

Barr, James, Quatrefoil:a modern novel, New York: Greenberg [1950] and Barr, James,Derricks, New York: Greenberg [1951] were removed in 2022 to be individually cataloged and added to the RBML main rare book collection

Box VIII.5 Batten, H. A. -— Brent, William and Milarde

Box VIII.6 Brody, lies -— Chapman, Jane

Box VIII.7 Cheley, F. H. -— Danenberg, Klsie

Box VIII.8 Daniel Blum's Screen World -— Degouy, Louis P.

Box VIII.9 Deutsch, Babette -— Eckenrode, H. J.

Box VIII.10 Eggleston, Dewitt Carl -— Foster, R. F.

Box VIII.11 Foster, Robert F. -— Goldstein, Walter

Box VIII.12 Goode, Kenneth -—Hallberg, F.

Box VIII.13 Harriman, Mrs. Oliver -— Irey, Elmer L.

Box VIII.14 Jack the Giant killer, retold in pictures by W.T. Enright -— Kains, M.G.

Box VIII.15 Kains, M.G. -— Knight, Eric

Box VIII.16 Korb, Arthur-—Leslie, Anita

Box VIII.17 Levinson, Charles A -—London, Jack

Box VIII.18 Luban, Milton -— Meyer, Robert, Jr.

Box VIII.19 Meyer, Jerome -— Moore, Samuel Taylor

Box VIII.20 Moore, Samuel Taylor -— Ormond, Leon

Box VIII.21 Omstein, J -— Pashko, Stanley

Box VIII.22 Pearl, Minnie -— Prideaux, Tom

Box VIII.23 Prior, William E. -— Rose, Helen

Box VIII.24 Rothenberg, Alan B. -— Seldes, George Shafer

Box VIII.25 Chet -— Smith, Betty, Comp.

Box VIII.26 Smith, Charles Zachariah -— Sturgeon, Theodore

Box VIII.27 Swan, Alexander -— Thornton, Willis

Box VIII.28 Thornton, Willis -— Warshow, Robert Irving

Box VIII.29 Warshow, Robert Irving -— Winterich, John T.

Box VIII.20 Winterich, John T. -— Zaidenberg, Arthur

Box VIII.31 Theatre World