Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Goliard Press records, 1961-1970

Series II: Manuscripts

This series includes both cataloged and uncataloged manuscripts. Cataloged manuscripts are in Box 2, and uncataloged manuscripts are in Boxes 3-5.

Arranged alphabetically, by author and then by title

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Andrews, George

Box 3 Burning Joy

Mock-up proofs; proofs

Box 3 "before your very eyes!" [an occasional magazine]

Proofs and printed copies

Bunting, Basil

Box 2 Briggflatts: an autobiography , t.ms., 27p.

Box 3 Briggflatts

Art work; mock-up copy; proof, miscellaneous

Flatbox 85 Briggflatts

Wrapper proof

Box 3 Ode

[Christmas card]. ms. copy; proofs

Butler, Bill

Box 2 Twenty-four names of God , t.ms., 1p.

Box 3 Twenty-four names of God

Printed broadside

Clark, Tom

Box 2 The emperor of the animals: a play , t.ms., 2p.

Box 3 The emperor of the animals

Announcement; printed copies; proofs

Farkas, Zolton

Box 2 The Baltimore poems , t.ms., 11p.

Box 3 The Baltimore poems

Announcement; ms. copy; mock-up copy; printed copies, proofs

Box 3 Fedden, Robin. Personal landscape

Mock-up copy, proofs

Feinstein, Elaine

Box 2 In a green eye; poem , t.ms., 24p.

Box 3 In a green eye; poem

Announcements; galley proofs; ms.copy; mock-up; proof; printed copies

Hirschman, Jack

Box 2 Hochzeit, a.ms., 1p.

Box 2 London seen directly , a.ms., 1p.

Box 3 London seen directly


Box 2 Thirty three for Billy and Barry and Tom , a.ms., 1p.

Box 2 Wasn't it like, a.ms., 1p.

Box 3 Wasn't it like

Proofs and printed copies

Box 2 What the devil did, a.ms., 1p.

Hollo, Anselm

Box 3 The claim

Announcements; mock-up copy; proofs

Box 2 Spring fever bear post-hibernation poem , t.ms.s., 1 p.

Hughes, Ted

Box 4 The burning of the brothel

Mock-up copies; printed copies; proofs

Flatbox 85 The burning of the brothel

Wrapper proofs

Jonas, Stephen

Box 4 The music master

Printed copies; proofs

Box 4 Transmutations

Mock-up proof; proofs; wrapper

Logue, Christopher

Box 2 In May , t.ms., 1p. and proofs

Box 2 Selections from a correspondence between an Irishman and a rat , t.ms., 1p.

Box 4 Selections from a correspondence between an Irishman and a rat

Mock-up copy; printed copies; miscellaneous

Lucie-Smith, Edward

Box 4 Fir-tree song

Ms.copy; printed copies; proofs

Box 2 Gallipoli - Fifty years after , t.ms., 3p.

Box 2 Gallipoli - Fifty years after

Galley proof corrected by Ted Hughes

Box 4 Gallipoli - Fifty years after


Flatbox 85 Gallipoli - Fifty years after

Wrapper proofs

Box 4 A game of French and English

Mock-up copy; printed copies; proof

Box 2 Three experiments , t.ms., 3p.

Box 4 Three experiments

Printed copy

Box 4 MacBeth, George. The screens

Ms. copy; mock-up copy; proofs and printed copies

McClure, Michael

Box 4 Dark brown


Box 4 Hymn to St. Geryon


Box 2 Intro for Dark brown , t.ms., 2 p.

Miller, Henry

Box 2 Lawrence Clark Powell; two tributes , t.ms., 3p.

Box 5 A souvenir of the visit by Lawrence Clark Powell


Box 5 Moraes, Dom. BeIdaire etcetera

Ms. copy; printed copy; proof

Olson, Charles

Box 2 So the Norse, t.ms., 1 p.

Box 2 West , t.ms., 6p.

Box 2 West , Mock-up copy with proofs, 7p.

With many corrections in Olson's hand

Box 5 West

Ms.copy; photograph; printed copies; proofs

Padgett, Ron

Box 2 Inside the man Max Jacob , t.ms., 1 p.

Box 2 Sky , t.ms., 2 p.

Box 5 Sky

Proof and printed copies

Raworth, Tom

Box 2 The relation ship , t.ms., 18 p.

Box 2 The relation ship , t.ms.s., 48p.

Mock-up copy

Box 5 The relation ship

Illustrations; mock-up copies; proofs

Saroyan, Aram

Box 2 Sled Hill Voices , t.ms., 15p.

Box 5 Sled Hill Voices

Mock-up copy; proofs

Turnbull, Gael

Box 2 A trampoline--Contents, t.ms., 1 p.

Box 2 A trampoline--Cover Design, a.ms., 3 p.

Box 5 Turret Poets Read

Poems by Christopher Logue, Edward Lucie-Smith, George MacBeth, and Jeff Nuttall. Ms.copy; proofs.

Box 2 Tysh, George. A flounder, t.ms., 1 p.

Box 2 Wieners, John. Selected poems; nerves, a.ms., 59p.

Box 2 Zukofsky, Celia Thaew (Mrs. Louis). Catullus, a.ms., 2 p.

List for complimentary copies

Zukofsky, Louis

Box 2 Catullus , a.ms., 2 p.

Note pages for Carmen 85

Box 2 Catullus , a.ms., 7 p.

Xerox copy of notebook, with notes added

Box 2 Iyyob , t.ms., 8 p.

Box 2 Iyyob , Galley proof, 1p.

With his corrections and signed by LZ, 1965 November 11

Box 5 Iyyob

Mock-up copies; proofs

Box 5 Miscellaneous