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Rose Nadler Franzblau papers, 1930-1978

Series II: Subject and Name File

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Box 1 A

Box 1 Abraham & Straus

Box 1 Adams, Phyllis

Box 1 Adoption

Box 1 Aged-services

Box 1 Agencies, clinics, camps

Box 1 Alcoholics Anonymous

Box 1 Americam Camping Association, Inc.

Box 1 American Foundation for the Blind, Inc.

Box 1 American Mothers Committee, Inc.

Box 1 American Association of Retired Persons

Box 1 Association for the Help of Retarded Children, Inc.

Box 1 Asthma Research Institute

Box 1 Autistic children

Box 2 B

Box 2 Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY)

Box 2 Berkowitz, Rabbi William

Box 2 B'nai B'rith

Box 2 Boys' Towns of Italy, Inc.

Box 2 The Bronx High School of Science

Box 2 Brooklyn ...

Box 2 Ca

Box 2 The Canadian Jewish News (Toronto)

Box 2 Carlson, Dale--"Loving Sex for Both Sexes"--Galley proofs

Box 2 Case Histories

Box 2 The Catholic Actors Guild

Box 3 Ch-Com

Box 3 Cherry, Sheldon H.--"The Menopaus [sic] Myth"--Draft

Box 3 Children

Box 3 The Christophers

Box 3 City Planning Commission

Box 3 Cohen

Box 3 Coleman, Lester L.

Box 3 CBS

Box 3 Comeback, Inc.

Box 3 Complimentary Letters

Box 4 Con-Cu

Box 4 Connecticut Association of School Psychologists

Box 4 Consultations & R.N.F.'s Patients

Box 4 Cooke, Terrence, Cardinal

Box 4 Bill Cooper Associates, Inc.

Box 4 D

Box 4 E

Box 4 Education

Box 4 The Educational Alliance--New Era Club

Box 4 Eichmann, Adolf

Box 4 Emerson College (Boston)

Box 4 Epilepsy

Box 4 Ethical Culture Schools

Box 4 European Trips

Box 4 The Exceptional Parent

Box 4 Ezra Academy (Woodbridge, CT)

Box 5 F

Box 5 Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, Inc.

Box 5 Florida Veterans Administration

Box 5 Fordham University

Box 5 Foster, Frank and Mary

Box 5 Franzblau, Abraham N.--Off-prints

Box 5 Franzblau Grandchildren and Children

Box 5 Friendly Visitors, Inc.

Box 5 Richard Fulton, Inc.

Box 5 Ga-Ge

Box 5 Gamblers Anonymous

Box 5 Girls' Town of Italy

Box 6 Go-Gu

Box 6 Goddard College (Plainfield, VT)

Box 6 Gomberg, M. Robert

Box 6 Gondor, Emery I.

Box 6 H

Box 6 Hart Publishing Company, Inc.

Box 6 Hayes, Helen

Box 6 Hebrew Actor's Union, Inc.

Box 6 The Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale

Box 6 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Box 6 Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.

Box 6 The Home Advisory and Service Council of New York, Inc.

Box 6 Hunter College (New York)

Box 7 I

Box 7 Isay, Jane Franzblau

Box 7 Infants--Sudden Death

Box 7 The Institute on Man and Science

Box 7 J

Box 7 Robert G. Jennings Corporation

Box 7 The Jewish Advocate (Boston)

Box 7 The Jewish Post and Opinion (Indianapolis, IN)

Box 7 Jewish Welfare Board--Lecture Bureau

Box 7 Jones/Howard Ltd.

Box 7 The Journal Inquirer (Rockville, CT)

Box 7 K

Box 7 Kitzinger, Angela

Box 7 Kook Family (Gibbs)

Box 7 Kross, Anna M.

Box 7 Kutscher, Austin H.

Box 7 La-Li

Box 7 The League of New York Theatres, Inc.

Box 7 S.R. Leon Company, Inc.--Advertising

Box 7 Letters of Recommendation

Box 8 Lo

Box 8 Long Island University--C.W. Post Center

Box 8 The Lorge School (New York)

Box 8 M

Box 8 Peter Martin Associates, Inc.

Box 8 Marvin and Leonard Advertising Company (Boston)

Box 8 Medical Insight

Box 8 Toni Mendez, Inc.

Box 8 The Middle Generation . By R.N.F.

Box 8 Monsanto Company

Box 8 N


Box 8 Narcotics

Box 8 The National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc.

Box 8 New York

Box 8 New York Action Corps

Box 8 New York Post

Box 8 New York Personnel and Guidance Association

Box 9 The Oliver Wendell Holmes Association

Box 9 Overeaters Anonymous

Box 9 P

Box 9 Pageant

Box 9 J.C. Penney Company, Inc.

Box 9 Personnel Evaluation

Box 9 Picon, Molly

Box 9 Quinn, Ed

Box 9 R

Box 9 The RME Group of Communications Companies (Columbus, OH)

Box 9 Retirement

Box 10 S

Box 10 Saint Joseph College of Florida

Box 10 San Francisco Medical Meeting, 1965 Apr, 1965

Box 10 A Sane and Happy Life, by Abraham N. Franzblau and R.N.F

Box 10 Senior Citizens

Box 10 Rose N. Franzblau Papers

Box 10 Shulman, Rabbi Charles E.

Box 10 Speech Rehabilitation Institute (New York)

Box 10 Stern Brothers

Box 10 Sylvester, Robert

Box 10 T

Box 10 TV and Radio Appearances

Box 10 TV and Radio Presentations

Box 10 Teen-age Leadership

Box 10 Thanatology

Box 10 Thank-you's for Speaking Engagements

Box 11 Speaking engagements

Box 12 U

Box 12 United Jewish Federation

Box 12 United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration--U.S. Government Employment

Box 12 UCLA

Box 12 Wa-Wh

Box 12 WAIF (World Adoption International Fund)

Box 12 Wallace, Kevin

Box 12 The Way It Is Under Twenty, by R.N.F..

Box 12 Weight Watchers International, Inc.

Box 12 White House Conferences

Box 12 Wholesale Grocers (NAWGA)

Box 13 Wi-Wo

Box 13 Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Earl and Rosemary Lyons

Box 13 Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Box 13 World Federation of Mental Health

Box 13 World Health Conference

Box 13 Woodworth, Robert Sessions--Columbia University Course Notes

Box 13 Y-Z

Box 13 Young, H Boutourline--Harvard Florence Research Project

Box 13 Young Presidents' Organization, Inc.

Box 13 Miscellaneous

Box 13A (1983 addition)

Box 13A White House Conference on Aging, 1961

Box 13A Franzblau's columns arranged by subject

Box 13B (1983 addition)

Box 13B Franzblau's columns arranged by subject

Box 14 Publicity

Box 15 Publicity

Box 16 Publicity--Awards (See also oversize).

Box 17 Publicity

Box 17 Interviews (8 tape recordings) (See also oversize-records)

Box 17 Photographs