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Christine Ladd Franklin and Fabian Franklin papers, 1900-1939

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Creator(s) Ladd-Franklin, Christine, 1847-1930
Title Christine Ladd Franklin and Fabian Franklin papers, 1900-1939
Physical Description 100 boxes (7000 items )
Language(s) English .

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The correspondence, papers, and documents relating to Franklins' work in the fields of psychology and logic. The papers are mainly those of Christine Ladd Franklin. Among the selected autographs are fourteen letters from Henry Holt to Fabian Franklin and four letters from Bertrand Russell to Christine Ladd Franklin.

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The following boxes are located off-site: 2-98. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Christine Franklin who lectured at Columbia University from 1914 to 1927, was well-known for her method of reducing all syllogisms to a single formula, and for her contributions to knowledge relating to color vision. She was married to Fabian Franklin (1853-1939).

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Series I: Letters

Box 1 Letters to be catalogued

Box 2 Letter to and from family and girlhood friends (including. MFL) and one form 1916 from niece and miscellaneous correspondence

Box 3 Letters to A-F

Box 4 Letters to G-M

Box 5 Letters to N-S

Box 6 Letters to T-Z and from unidentified (and empty envelopes)

In alphabetical order


Box 7 Christina Ladd Letters CLF-Fabian Franklin

Box 8 Christina Ladd Franklin Letters from

Series II: Notes, Notebooks, and Clippings

Box 9 Christina Ladd Franklin early notebooks (1863-1884) (Vassar, family matters, personal, social, "society", etc. Apparently nothing professional) Box 9

Box 10 2'' Bertrand Russell files and writings and personal notes on various subjects and clippings of her letters to editors, etc. Box 10

Box 11 FF Notes & Manuscripts

Box 12 FF Notes & Manuscripts

Box 13 Clippings (not by CLF) regarding various subjects (and one reprint by J. S. Moore)

Box 14 Biographical (including some autobiographical)

Box 15 Notebooks, etc.

Box 16 Ladd Franklin regarding color, vision, and psychology

Box 17 About CLF on her work

Box 18 Regarding women, notes (CLFs), newspaper clippings (by others), reprints (by others), Berliner Fellowship

Series III: Fabian Franklin Letters

Box 19 FF Letters

Box 20 FF Letters

Box 21 FF Letters

Box 22 FF Letters

Box 23 FF Letters

Box 24 FF Letters

Box 25 FF Letters

Box 26 FF Letters

Box 27 FF Letters

Series IV: Margaret Franklin

Box 28 Margaret Franklin letters & papers

Box 29 Margaret Franklin letters & papers

Box 30 Margaret Franklin letters & papers

Box 31 Margaret Franklin letters & papers

Box 32 Margaret Franklin letters & papers

Series V: Logic

Box 33 Logic CLF's reprints

Box 34 Logic manuscripts, new books

Box 35 Logic Authors A-La / Reading Notes Comments

Box 36 Logic Authors Le-P / Reading Notes Comments

Box 37 Logic Authors S-Z

Box 38 Logic Berth & Russell/Axioms & Primitives/Math

Box 39 History-Logic, nature of logic, notations-logic/My logic, my forms, my copulas/ Eight-fold Equi-antilogism

Box 40 Logic universe, terms, proposition, relation, syllogism

Box 41 Logic (Dict.) guide, folders

Box 42 Logic (Dict.) guide, folders

Box 43 Logic (Dict.) guide, folders

Box 44 Logic (Dict.) guide, folders

Box 46 Logic (non-color) (including philosophical psychology)

Series VI: Philosophy

Box 45 Philosophy (non-logic)

Series VII: Color and Vision

Box 50 Psychology - color &vision only (2)

Box 51 Psychology - color &vision only (3)

Box 52 Psychology - color &vision only (1)

Box 53 Psychology - color &vision only

Box 54 Psychology - color &vision only

Box 55 Psychology - color &vision only

Box 56 Psychology - color &vision only

Box 57 Psychology - color &vision only

Box 58 Psychology - color &vision only

Box 59 Psychology

Box 60 Psychology

Box 61 Psychology

Box 62 Psychology

Box 63 Psychology

Box 64 Psychology

Box 65 Psychology

Box 66 Psychology

Box 67 Psychology

Box 68 Psychology

Box 69 Psychology (nothing on color or vision)

Series VIII: Family and Miscellaneous

Box 47 Miscellaneous includes photographs of CLF & family

Box 48 Sorted miscellaneous

Box 49 Miscellaneous

Box 70 Miscellaneous

Box 71 Miscellaneous

Box 72 Miscellaneous

Box 93 CLF Miscellaneous

Box 94 CLF Miscellaneous

Box 95 CLF Miscellaneous

Box 96 CLF Miscellaneous (refile)

Box 97 CLF Miscellaneous notes-professiona1 (no color vision, psychology)

Box 73 Pierce

Series IX: Offprints and Clippings

Box 74 Offprints (others) A & B

Box 75 Offprints (others) B & C

Box 76 Offprints (others) D - G

Box 77 Offprints (others) H - J

Box 78 Offprints (others) K & L

Box 79 Offprints (others) M - O

Box 80 Offprints (others) P - R

Box 81 Offprints (others) S & T

Box 82 Offprints (others) W - Z

Box 83 Others reprints (by subject), journals

Box 84 Clippings (Fabian Franklin)

Box 85 Clippings (Fabian Franklin)

Box 86 Clippings (Fabian Franklin)

Box 87 Clippings (Fabian Franklin)

Box 88 Offprints (hers)

Box 89 Offprints (hers)

Box 90 Reprints, etc.

Box 91 Reprints, etc.

Box 92 Reprints, etc.

Series X: Scrapbook

Box 98 Scrapbook

Box 98 Pages: 1-13, 1902

Box 98 Pages: 14-54, 1903

Box 98 Pages: 55-88, 1904

Box 98 Pages: 89-117, 1905

Box 98 Pages: 118-148, 1906

Box 98 Pages: 149-185, 1907

Box 98 Pages: 185-191, 1908