Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Robert Florey manuscripts, 1950-1959

Series I: Scripts

Alphabetical by title with series and writer's name given when known.

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Box 1 Backstage (Four Star Playhouse: John and Gwen Bagni)

Box 1 The Big Haul (Markham: Anthony Veiller)

Box 1 Blue Norther (The Texan: Paul Leslie Peil)

Box 1 The Case of the Panicky Man (On Trial: Don M. Mankiewicz, adaptation Larry Marcus)

Box 1 Change of Heart (Lock-Up 4B: Malvin Wald and Mortimer Braus)

Box 1 Client: Robinson (The Black Saddle: Frederic Louis Fox)

Box 1 The Cowboy (Four Star Playhouse)

Box 1 Dante's Inferno (Four Star Playhouse: screenplay Blake Edwards)

Box 1 Dara (Schlitz Playhouse: teleplay Gene Levitt)

Box 1 Decoy Duck (Alcoa-Goodyear Anthology: Robert Standish)

Box 1 Disappearance (Alcoa-Goodyear Anthology: Christopher Knopf)

Box 1 The Dishonest Posse (The Texan: Martin Berkely)

Box 1 The Doctor (Four Star Playhouse: John and Gwen Bagni)

Box 1 The Dumb Cowpoke (Schlitz Playhouse: Richard Wormser)

Box 1 The Fever (The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling)

Box 1 Heaven is a Cube (Four Star Playhouse: Lou Rusoff)

Box 1 I Will Not Die (General Electric Theatre: Gabrielle Upton and Larry Marcus)

Box 1 In the Dark (Alcoa-Goodyear Anthology: Bob Barbash)

Box 1 The Judgement (The Loretta Young Show: Otto Klement)

Box 1 Killer's Pride (Jane Wyman Theatre: Leslie McFarlane)

Box 1 The Ladies on My Couch (Four Star Playhouse: Milton Merlin)

Box 1 A Long Way From Texas (Four Star Playhouse: Dick Carr)

Box 1 The Man in the Box (Four Star Playhouse: John and Gwen Bagni)

Box 1 The Man in the Cellar (Four Star Playhouse: Marc Brandel)

Box 1 The Man Who Walked Out On Himself (Four Star Playhouse: Milton Merlin)

Box 2 The Night My Father Came Home (Letter to Loretta: Jeanne Melton)

Box 2 The Identity (Four Star Playhouse: John and Gwen Bagni)

Box 2 No Love Wasted (The Texan: Harry Kronman)

Box 2 Ordeal (Schlitz Playhouse: Miles Tolner)

Box 2 The Other Room (Four Star Playhouse: Marc Brandel)

Box 2 Shock (Shooting schedule)

Box 2 Sink or Swim (Adventures in Paradise: Richard Landau)

Box 2 Sundown at Bitter Creek (Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre: television story Carson A. Wiley)

Box 2 Terror in the Streets (Schlitz Playhouse: Robert Lowry)

Box 2 Thanksgiving in Beaver Run (Letter to Loretta: Audrey Lives and Robert Wright Campbell)

Box 2 Thirty Hours to Kill (The Texan: John R. Roberts)

Box 2 Top Secret (Schlitz Playhouse: Thomas W. Phipps)

Box 2 Touch and Go (Four Star Playhouse: Harold Swanton)

Box 2 The Trophy (Schlitz Playhouse: Ed Adamson and Murray Burnett)

Box 2 Vendetta in Venice (Markham: Jonathan Latimer)

Box 2 Vigil in Albany (Wire Service: Al C. Ward)

Walt Disney Productions -

Box 2 Story of Pluto

Box 2 Disneyland Show No. One

Box 2 Various productions

Box 2 Welcome Home (Four Star Playhouse: Blake Edwards)

Box 2 The White Flag (Alcoa-Goodyear Anthology: Frederic Brady and Ad Brown)

Box 2 Witness to Condemn (Schlitz Playhouse: Frank Ward)