Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Walter Farley Papers, 1933-1993, bulk 1935-1970

Series V: Photographs and Negatives, 1955-1969

This series contains photographs and negatives of Walter Farley, horses, and dogs. More photographs can also be found throughout the collection and have been identified in the contents list.

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Box 30 Folder 19 Walter Farley with Horses, "Carrier Back" (Horse), Winner of 1961 Kentucky Derby, Anniversary and Birthday Cards, Miscellaneous News Clippings, Pray Card for John F. Kennedy, 1961-1969 May, 1961, 1961-1969

Box 30 Folder 20 Walter Farley and Horses, Walter Farley and Unknown, Capt. Bill Heyer, undated

Box 30 Folder 21 Walter Farley with Horse and Great Dane, Sailing "To Be Used for Book Jackets, Fan Mails, etc.," 1963 January, 1963

Box 30 Folder 22 Walter Farley and Horse, 1966 December, 1966

Box 30 Folder 23 Walter Farley with Horse and Great Dane, 1963 January, 1963

Box 48 Folder 1 Photographs of Walter Farley and Bonfire and Walter Farley, Athena and Shadow, Includes Negatives, 1961

Box 48 Folder 3 Photographs of Walter Farley and South American Bullfighters, 1941

Box 48 Folder 35 Photographs of Walter Farley, 1980

Box 28 Folder 21-24 Photographs and Negatives of Tena's Foal (Colt), 1974 March-April, 1974, (4 folders)

Box 28 Folder 25 Photographs--Unknown, undated

Box 28 Folder 26 Photographs--Unknown/Walter Farley, 1969 June, 1969

Box 37 Folder 17 Photographs of Carriage Race Horses, Rogue, Patty and Bonfire, 1947-1955

Box 37 Folder 18 Photographs of Carriage Race Horses, Bonfire and Walter Farley, 1953-1954

Box 50 Folder 1 Photograph of Walter Farley and his horse, Bonfire. , 1955

Gift of Alice Bahr, 2022