Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Walter Farley Papers, 1933-1993, bulk 1935-1970

Series II: The Black Stallion Movie, 1956-1983

This series concerns the movie adaptation of The Black Stallion. Materials relate to all aspects of the film and include drafts of the screenplay; research files; information on horses starring in the movie including Cass Ole, the horse that played the Black Stallion, and correspondence with his trainers; correspondence with director Carroll Ballard, the film's producers, and the actors; fan letters; movie stills; files on merchandising and advertising; and newspaper clippings and articles.

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Oversize Box 6 Folder 1 Movie Poster, undated

Oversize Box 49 Folder 5 Posters in Spanish and French, 1980

Oversize Box 49 Folder 5 Movie Poster, 1980

Box 39 Folder 5 Correspondence, Option Agreement, Notes, 1973-1974

Box 39 Folder 6 Correspondence and Research on Horses; Photographs of Horses with their Trainers including Ali Judy, Jim Anderson, and Trusilla Enz; Research; Notes, 1973-1974

Box 39 Folder 7 Drafts of Film Adaptation with Notes; TV Adaptation; Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings, 1969-1973

Box 39 Folder 8 Research and Notes, 1975

Box 39 Folder 9 Correspondence--Coppola Co. Option and Travel Expenses; Contract Draft; Notes, 1975-1976

Box 39 Folder 10 Research and Correspondence Regarding Horses for the Film; Newspaper Announcement of Movie; Photographs of Horses, 1976

Box 39 Folder 11 Correspondence; Production Schedule and Horses; Articles on Francis F. Coppola, 1976-1977

Box 39 Folder 12 Correspondence; Horses; Research; Photographs of Horses, 1969-1977

Box 39 Folder 13 Correspondence; 35 Millimeter Photographic Negatives; Photographs of Walter Farley from Film Location, 1977

Box 39 Folder 14 Postcards; Plane Tickets; Receipts; Notes, 1977

Box 39 Folder 15 Correspondence--International Creative Management, Carroll Ballard: Producers, Random House, Horse Trainer; Notes, 1977

Box 39 Folder 16 United Artists Press Book of French Release L'Etalon Noir, 1980

Box 39 Folder 17 Draft of Screenplay with Notes; Shooting Schedule, 1977

Box 39 Folder 18 Shells from Sardina Beach Given to Walter Farley by Kelly Reno, 1977 October 11, 1977

Box 39 Folder 19 Black and White Photographs from Film, 1977 November 29, 1977

Box 39 Folder 20 Correspondence with Cass Ole's Trainer, ICM, Carroll Ballard, Producers, 1977-1979

Box 39 Folder 21 Reno Family Correspondence; Photographs of Kelly Reno, 1978-1979

Box 39 Folder 22-23 Fan Letters, 1980

Box 39 Folder 24 Arabian Horses Associations--Correspondence, 1980

Box 39 Folder 25 French Premiere--Correspondence; Itinerary; Notes, 1980

Box 39 Folder 26 Venice, Florida Premiere--Correspondence; Press Announcements of Premiere and Proclamation of Walter Farley Night; Notes, 1980 June, 1980

Box 39 Folder 27 Greenville, S.C. Premiere--Correspondence; Honorary Certificates Notes, 1980 March, 1980

Box 39 Folder 28 Toronto Horse Races--Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings; Notes, 1980

Box 39 Folder 29 Correspondence Regarding Film Merchandising, Profit Statements and Black Stallion Picture Book; ICM; Producers; Gene Shalit; Glenn Close; Notes, 1980

Box 39 Folder 30 Copy of Film along with Statement of Film Rights, Film Profit Statements, Purchasing Rights to Third Black Stallion Book; Card from Carroll Ballard, 1981

Box 39 Folder 31 United Artists The Black Stallion Souvenir Movie Program, 1980

Box 39 Folder 32 Printed Film Stills, 1980

Box 40 Folder 1-2 Advertising and Promotional Ideas, 1969-1973

Box 40 Folder 9 Copy of Equus Magazine with Article "The Black Stallion: Behind the Scenes of the New Movie," 1980 April, 1980

Box 40 Folder 10 Correspondence with Horse Trainers and Friends, 1980-1981

Box 40 Folder 11 Correspondence Regarding Merchandising and Licensing; Bumper Stickers; Newspaper Clippings, 1981-1984

Box 40 Folder 12 Photocopies of Newspaper Clippings, 1982-1984

Box 40 Folder 13 Correspondence with Carmine Coppola; Caleb Deschanel; Program from Lincoln Center; Ticket Stub, 1984-1986

Box 40 Folder 14 8"x 10" Black and White Movie Stills, 1983

Box 40 Folder 15 Correspondence Regarding TV Ratings; Advertisements, 1986

Box 40 Folder 16 Black and White Movie Stills; Magazine Prints of The Black Stallion and L'Etalon Noir, undated

Box 40 Folder 17 Copy of The Arabian Script Magazine Featuring Photographs from the Movie, 1980 March, 1980

Box 40 Folder 18 Magazine and Newspaper Clippings Featuring the Movie, 1977-1981

Box 40 Folder 19 Magazine and Newspaper Clippings Regarding Book; Movie; the Movie Business, 1956-1983

Box 34 Folder 14 Material from Family of Caleb Deschanel, Director of Photography for The Black Stallion; Flip Book of "Zooey Claire Deschanel Jan 17 1980" Pictured with Emily Deschanel on Cover, Card from Mary Jo Deschanel, 1980 August, 1980

Box 34 Folder 15 Photographs of The Guild 50th Street Theatre with The Black Stallion on Marquee, Article on The Black Stallion Film fromThe New York Post, 1980 July, 1980