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The Defenders scripts and papers, 1960-1965

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Creator(s) Rose, Reginald
Title The Defenders scripts and papers, 1960-1965
Physical Description 6 linear feet (34 volumes)
Language(s) English .
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A collection of 132 scripts written by Reginald Rose and other playwrights for the popular television series "The Defenders." The scripts are contained in 34 volumes, and accompanying them are cast lists, shooting schedules, and allied notes and papers. Most of the scripts are mimeographed and the rest are in typescript.

  • The Defenders Scripts

    (Accompanying each script is a cast list, shooting schedule and allied notes and papers.)

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

This collection is located off-site. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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Gift of Reginald Rose, 1965.

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Source of acquisition--Rose, Reginald. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1965. Accession number--M-65.

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The Defenders Scripts

(Accompanying each script is a cast list, shooting schedule and allied notes and papers.)

Box 1 Presentation and Synopses

Volume 1

Box 1 Death Across The Counter, by Reginald Rose

Volume 2 Script 1

Box 1 The Accident, by Reginald Rose

Volume 2 Script 2

Box 1 The Crusader, by Jerome Ross

Volume 2 Script 3

Box 1 The Riot, by Max Ehrlich

Volume 2 Script 4

Box 1 The Man With The Concrete Thumb, by Ernest Kinoy

Volume 3 Script 5

Box 1 The Trial Of Jenny Scott, by Reginald Rose

Volume 3 Script 6

Box 1 The Boy Between, by Robert Thorn

Volume 3 Script 7

Box 1 The Hundred Lives Of Harry Simms, by Alvin Boretz

Volume 3 Script 8

Box 2 Killer Instinct, by John Vlahos

Volume 4 Script 9

Box 2 Perjury, by Adrian Spies

Volume 4 Script 10

Box 2 The Bedside Murder, by Max Ehrlich

Volume 4 Script 11

Box 2 The Best Defense, by Ernest Kinoy

Volume 4 Script 12

Box 2 The Young Lovers, by John Vlahos

Volume 5 Script 13

Box 2 The Quality Of Mercy, by Reginald Rose^

Volume 5 Script 14

Box 2 The Treadmill, by Peter Stone

Volume 5 Script 15

Box 2 The Empty Chute, by Max Ehrlich

Volume 5 Script 16

Box 2 Storm At Birch Glen, by Jerome Ross

Volume 6 Script 17

Box 2 The Prowler, by David Shaw

Volume 6 Script 18

Box 2 The Benefactor, by Peter Stone

Volume 6 Script 19

Box 2 The Search, by Reginald Rose

Volume 6 Script 20

Box 3 The Iron Man, by Albert Sanders (David Davidson)

Volume 7 Script 21

Box 3 The Point Shaver, by Mann Rubin

Volume 7 Script 22

Box 3 The Attack, by John Bloch

Volume 7 Script 23

Box 3 The Locked Room, by Ernest Kinoy

Volume 7 Script 24

Box 3 Gideon's Follies, by Robert Crean

Volume 8 Script 25

Box 3 The Hickory Indian, by David Karp

Volume 8 Script 26

Box 3 The Tarnished Cross, by Reginald Rose

Volume 8 Script 27

Box 3 The Last Six Months, by Max Ehrlich

Volume 8 Script 28

Box 4 The Naked Heiress, by Alvin Boretz

Volume 9 Script 29

Box 4 Reunion With Death, by David Shaw

Volume 9 Script 30

Box 4 Along Came A Spider, by Peter Stone

Volume 9 Script 31

Box 4 The Broken Barrelhead, by David Karp

Volume 9 Script 32

Box 4 Blood County, by Ernest Kinoy

Volume 10 Script 33

Box 4 Seven Ghosts Of Simon Gray, by Stanley Greenberg

Volume 10 Script 34

Box 4 The Voices Of Death, by Reginald Rose

Volume 10 Script 35

Box 4 Indelible Silence, by Charles Garment

Volume 10 Script 36

Box 5 The Avenger, by James Lee

Volume 11 Script 37

Box 5 Grandma TNT, by David Karp

Volume 11 Script 38

Box 5 The Unwanted, by Robert Thorn

Volume 11 Script 39

Box 5 The Hidden Jungle, by Stanley Greenberg

Volume 11 Script 40

Box 5 The Madman (Part I), by Robert Pendlebury (Robert Thorn)

Volume 12 Script 41

Box 5 Death Takes The Stand, by David Davidson

Volume 12 Script 42

Box 5 The Bigamist, by David Karp

Volume 12 Script 43

Box 5 The Invisible Badge, by William Woolfolk

Volume 12 Script 44

Box 6 The Apostle, by Stanley Greenberg

Volume 13 Script 45

Box 6 The Madman (Part II), by Ed Tashley (Reginald Rose)

Volume 13 Script 46

Box 6 Kill Or Be Killed, by Larry Cohen

Volume 13 Script 47

Box 6 Man Against Himself, by Raphael Hayes

Volume 13 Script 48

Box 6 The Savage Infant, by David Karp

Volume 14 Script 49

Box 6 Poisoned Fruit Doctrine, by A. J. Russell

Volume 14 Script 50

Box 6 The Poltergeist, by Reginald Rose

Volume 14 Script 51

Box 6 Ordeal, by David Shaw

Volume 14 Script 52

Box 7 The Traitor, by Larry Cohen

Volume 15 Script 53

Box 7 Eye Of Fear, by Stanley Greenberg

Volume 15 Script 54

Box 7 Metamorphosis, by Stanley Greenberg

Volume 15 Script 55

Box 7 Hour Before Doomsday, by William Woolfolk

Volume 15 Script 56

Box 7 The Last Illusion, by William Woolfolk

Volume 16 Script 57

Box 7 The Heathen, by Ernest Kinoy

Volume 16 Script 58

Box 7 Taste Of Vengeance, by A. J. Russell

Volume 16 Script 59

Box 7 A Book For Burning, by William Woolfolk

Volume 16 Script 60

Box 8 The Colossus, by Larry Cohen

Volume 17 Script 61

Box 8 Judgment Eve, by Reginald Rose

Volume 17 Script 62

Box 8 The Brother Killers, by David Karp

Volume 17 Script 63

Box 8 The Noose, by Larry Cohen

Volume 17 Script 64

Box 8 Everybody Else Is Dead, by James Lee

Volume 18 Script 65

Box 8 Trial Of 22, by Stanley Greenberg

Volume 18 Script 66

Box 8 Loophole, by A. E. Hotchner

Volume 18 Script 67

Box 8 Conspiracy Of Silence, by Roger Lewis

Volume 18 Script 68

Box 8 The Cruel Hook, by Andrea Russo (A.J. Russell)

Volume 19 Script 69

Box 8 The Crowd Pleaser, by Charles Garment

Volume 19 Script 70

Box 8 The Empty Heart, by Stanley Greenberg

Volume 19 Script 71

Box 8 Claire Cheval Died In Boston, by Ernest Kihoy

Volume 19 Script 72

Box 9 The Weeping Baboon, by Reginald Rose

Volume 20 Script 73

Box 9 The Captive, by Larry Cohen

Volume 20 Script 74

Box 9 The Bagman, by Roger Lewis

Volume 20 Script 75

Box 9 The Star Spangled Ghetto, by Reginald Rose

Volume 20 Script 76

Box 10 Fugue For Trumpet And Small Boy, by David Rintels

Volume 21 Script 77

Box 10 Seal Of Confession, by Ian McLellan Hunter

Volume 21 Script 78

Box 10 Who'll Dig His Grave, by William Woolfolk

Volume 21 Script 79

Box 10 The Gentle Assassin, by David Karp

Volume 21 Script 80

Box 10 The Man Who Saved His Country, by Albert Ruben

Volume 22 Script 81

Box 10 Old Lady Ironsides, by Robert Van Scoyk

Volume 22 Script 82

Box 10 Death Watch, by Allan Chase

Volume 22 Script 83

Box 10 Blacklist, by Ernest Kinoy

Volume 22 Script 84

Box 11 All The Silent Voices, by William Woolfolk

Volume 23 Script 85

Box 11 The Secret, by Larry Cohen

Volume 23 Script 86

Box 11 A Taste Of Ashes, by David Rintels

Volume 23 Script 87

Box 11 The Pill Man, by Albert Ruben and Charles Eckhart (Garment

Volume 23 Script 88

Box 11 Die Laughing, by Roger Lewis

Volume 23 Script 89

Box 11 Drink Like A Lady, by Ellen Violett

Volume 24 Script 90

Box 11 Survival, by William Woolfolk

Volume 24 Script 91

Box 11 Moment OF Truth, by David Karp

Volume 24 Script 92

Box 12 The Hidden Fury, by George Baxt

Volume 25 Script 93

Box 12 May Day! May Day!, by Larry Cohen

Volume 25 Script 94

Box 12 The Thief, by Robert Crean

Volume 25 Script 95

Box 12 Yankee Come Home, by Albert Ruben

Volume 25 Script 96

Box 12 Mind Over Murder, by Roger Lewis

Volume 26 Script 97

Box 12 The Sixth Alarm, by William Woolfolk

Volume 26 Script 98

Box 12 The Fine Line, by Harold Gast

Volume 26 Script 99

Box 12 The Non-Violent, by Ernest Kinoy

Volume 26 Script 100

Box 13 Stowaway, by Edward DeBlasio

Volume 27 Script 101

Box 13 Hollow Triumph, by Howard Fast

Volume 27 Script 102

Box 13 The Uncivil War, by Roger Lewis

Volume 27 Script 103

Box 13 The 700-Year-Old Gang, by David Karp Part I

Volume 27 Script 104

Box 13 The 700 Year-Old Gang, by David Karp Part II

Volume 28 Script 105

Box 13 Hero Of The People, by William Woolfolk & Rod Sylvester

Volume 28 Script 106

Box 13 Comeback, by Edward DeBlasio

Volume 28 Script 107

Box 13 Conflict Of Interest, by Ellen Violett

Volume 28 Script 108

Box 14 Turning Point, by James Lee

Volume 29 Script 109

Box 14 King Of The Hill, by Robert Crean

Volume 29 Script 110

Box 14 Go-Between, by Larry Cohen

Volume 29 Script 111

Box 14 The Seige, by Ian Hunter and Robert Goldman

Volume 29 Script 112

Box 14 The Man Who, by Ernest Kinoy

Volume 30 Script 113

Box 14 Whitewash, by Roger Lewis

Volume 30 Script 114

Box 14 A Voice Loud And Clear, by Robert Crean

Volume 30 Script 115

Box 14 Eyewitness, by David Karp

Volume 30 Script 116

Box 15 Whipping Boy, by Edward DeBlasio

Volume 31 Script 117

Box 15 Silent Killer, by William Woolfolk & Martin Donaldson

Volume 31 Script 118

Box 15 Death On Wheels, by George Bellak (Don Mankiewicz)

Volume 31 Script 119

Box 15 The Unwritten Law, by Larry Cohen

Volume 31 Script 120

Box 15 The Objector, by Harold Gast

Volume 32 Script 121

Box 15 Fires Of The Mind, by Joel Carpenter

Volume 32 Script 122

Box 15 No-Knock, by Peter Achilles (Paul Jarrico)

Volume 32 Script 123

Box 15 The Merry-Go-Round Mender, by Robert Crean

Volume 32 Script 124

Box 16 Nobody Asks What Side You're On, by Ellen Violett

Volume 33 Script 125

Box 16 Impeachment, by Stanley Greenberg

Volume 33 Script 126

Box 16 The Sworn Twelve, by Edward DeBlasio

Volume 33 Script 127

Box 16 A Matter Of Law And Disorder, by Roger Lewis

Volume 33 Script 128

Box 16 Youths And Maidens On An Evening Walk, by Robert Crean

Volume 34 Script 129

Box 16 The Prosecutor, by David Shaw

Volume 34 Script 130

Box 16 The Bums Rush, by Alvin Boretz

Volume 34 Script 131

Box 16 Only A Child, by Ellen Violett

Volume 34 Script 132