Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Jack Dalton papers, 1940-1976

Series II: Jack Dalton papers (1979 Addition)

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American Library Association (ALA) Board of Education for Librarianship

Box 21 Standards, Report. Form and Manual

Box 21 Pending

Box 21 Accrediting Reports, 1953

Box 21 Accrediting, General, 2 folders

Box 22 General

Box 22 Reports, 1954, 2 folders

Box 22 ALA Working Papers of the Code of Ethics Committee, 2 folders

Box 23 ALA Working Papers of the Code of Ethics Committee, 2 folders

Box 23 Ford Foundation Studies - Council on Library Resources, 4 folders

Box 24 Ford Foundation Studies - Council on Library Resources, 6 folders

Library Development Center: Correspondence; Consultations, Studies, Activities of Office

Box 25 Correspondence, Chronological

Box 25 Correspondence to 1971

Box 25 Correspondence, Miscellaneous dates


Box 26 1971 January-June

Box 26 1971 July-December

Box 26 1972 January-June

Box 26 1973 January-July

Box 27 circa 1974-1975

Box 28 Atlanta University

Columbia University

Box 28 Community Media Librarian Program

Box 28 Institute on Library Leadership Development for Inner-City Services

Box 29 Intern Program

Box 29 Urban Center Library

Box 30 Urban Center

Box 30 Cooperative College Library Center, 3 folders

Box 30 Dalhousie University

Box 30 Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

Box 31 Forest Press

Box 31 Hawaii, University of

Box 31 Inter-American University

Box 31 Library Skills Program, Board of Education, New York City

Box 37 Migrant Workers Library Service, 7 folders

Box 31 National Indian Education Association

Box 31 New York Urban League Street Academy

Box 32 North Carolina Central University

Box 33 North Carolina Central University

Box 33 Norwalk Community College

Box 33 Our Lady of the Lake University

Box 34 Philadelphia's Action Library

Box 34 Queens College

Box 34 Rockefeller Foundation - Atlanta University

Box 37 Royce, William Hobart - Correspondence, 1940-1946

Box 34 Rutgers University

Box 34 St. John's University

Box 35 Southern Connecticut State College, 2 folders

Box 37 Symonds, Harvey - Correspondence, 1975-1976

Box 35 United States Naval Academy

Box 35 University of Alabama

Box 35 University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Box 35 University of South Carolina

Box 35 Villanova University

Box 36 Virginia Community Development Organization

Box 36 Wayne State University

Box 36 Library Visitations - Miscellaneous