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Stephen Crane papers, 1895-1908

Series VIII: Cataloged Correspondence re Stolper's bibliography of Craniana

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Abbott, Willis J.

Adler, Elmer

Alvord, Thos. G., Sr.

Anderson, Harold M.

Beamish, Richard J.

Blythe, Samuel G.

Bohnenberger, Carl

Brisbane, Arthur

Caddle, B. B.

Clark, Barrett H.

Crane, G. Archer

Crone, F. W.

Curran, Henry H.

Downey, Fairfax

Fish, Helen Dean

Gavin, John H.

Green, Francis Harvey

Harper & Brothers

Heflin, Wilson L.

Herzberg, Max

Hicks, Granville

Hoffman, Dr. M. David

Hughes, J. Winifred

Hughes, Rupert

Huyke, Juan B.

Klasen, J. H.

Knopf, Alfred A.

Koischwitz, Otto

Lielker, Minna J.

Linson, Corwin K.

Longstreet, E. S.

Lyman, R. H.

MacAlarney, Robert Emmet

McCardell, Roy L.

McCready, E. W.

March, Alden

Meriweather, W. S.

Michelson, Charles

North, J. M., Jr.

Phillips, John S.

Pew, Marlen E.

Peck, George L.

Pittenger, George W.

Rogge, E. P.

Russell, Charles Edward

Seibold, Louis

Seitz, Don C.

Shinn, Everett

Sloan, John

Smith, E. L.

Smith, Ernest G.

Stallman, R. W.

Starrett, Vincent

Stechert, G. E. & Co.

Steffens, Lincoln

Stolper, B. J. R.

Vila, Joe

Walton, Perry

Webb, J. H.

White, Jesse D.

Willis, W. A.

Winterich, John T.

Young, Nathan