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William Worthen Appleton papers, 1773-1853

Series IV: Theatrical letters in alphabetical order by sender

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Box 1 Barnett, Edward To unknown [n.p.], June 6 [n.y.]

1 p., a.l.s. Concerning casting

Box 1 Bass, Charles, Actor-Manager, Perth, Scotland To unknown n. p., October 7, 1829

2 p., a.l.s. Requesting players

Box 1 Bucke, Charles (1781-1846), Dramatist and author, Suffolk To Mr. Wood, Bookseller London, May 23, 1802

1 p., a.l.s. Proposing the publication of a writer's Notebook

Box 1 Cushman, Charlotte, American actress To unknown [n.p.], [n.d.]

1 p., a.l.s. End of letter asking for a residence and to be met at the train. Cushman was acting in London 1845-1849

Box 1 Cuyler, Mrs. [Margaret], Actress To Mr. Peake [n.p.], September 19 [n.y.]

1 p., a.n.s. Requesting back pay. Peake was the treasurer for Drury Lane appointed by Richard Sheridan.

Box 1 Dobbs, J., Actor, Brighton Theatre To Mr. Abbott Theatre Royal, Dublin, November 21, 1824

2 p. a.l.s. Requesting employment

Box 1 Elizabeth, Margravine of Brandenburg-Anspach To unknown [n.p.], March 26, 1794

1 p., a.l.s. Receipt of a loan. The Margravine put on private theatrical events

Box 1 Emmet, Robert, New York To Charles MacReady (1793-1873), actor/manager London, October 6, 1841

3 p., a.l.s. Letter of introduction

Box 1 Fairbrother, Robert, Coburg Theatre To Peter Moore London, September 21, 1818

1 p., a.l.s. Theater job recommendation for Peter May

Box 1 Fawcett, Anne To Mr. Brandon Covent Garden Theatre, Nov 27, 1813

1 p., a.n.s. Pay Mr. Prickett by order of Mr. Harris [Thomas Harris, Manager]

Box 1 Foote, Sam G., Brighton To unknown [n.p.], June 2 [n.y.]

2 p., a.l.s. Invitation to visit Brighton

Box 1 Grove, D. To J. P. Harley, Actor, St. James Theatre London, [c.1835?]

1 p., a.l.s. Plans to see play at St. James. Harley was in the St. James Theatre Company for a short time c. 1835

Box 1 Hippolyte, N., Dublin To unknown n. p., August 2, 1845

2 p., a.l.s. Concerning terms of a lease

Box 1 Holcroft, Fanny To J. Cooper (1810-1870) London, [n.d.] [after 1820]

2 p., a.l.s. Complimenting his performance of Henry VIII at the Drury Lane. Cooper's first performance at Drury Lane took place November 1, 1820

Box 1 Inchbald, Elizabeth (1753-1891), playwright To Mrs. Pope. [Elizabeth (1744?-1797)] [n.p.], [n.d.] [c. 1791]

3 p., a.l.s. Is altering play in favor of the part Mrs. Pope plays. Possibly referring to Lady Eleanor Irwin, a part Mrs. Pope originated in the playEveryone Has His Fault.

Box 1 Killigrew, William To unknown [n.p.], [n.d.]

a.env.s., empty envelope

Box 1 Knight, Thomas (d. 1820), actor and playwright, Liverpool To unknown [n.p.], July 28, 1814

1 p., a.l.s. Unable to hire. Knight at the time was leasing the Liverpool Theatre

Box 1 Love, E. To Mr. Cooke [n.p.], [n.d.]

1 p., a.l.s. Asks for appointment to discuss a part

Box 1 MacDonald, Andrew (1755?-1790), Playwright To John Murray, bookseller London, May 18, 1788

1 p., a.n.s. Receipt for Vimonda

Box 1 Northcote, James To Mr. Cooke London, February 2, 1825

1 p., a.l.s. Wants to buy print of his playing in Shakespeare's King John

Box 1 Raymond, George To unknown London, March 24, 1830

2 p., a.l.s. Apology for the behavior of Miss Cubitt. Raymond is possibly the biographer of the actor/manager Robert William Elliston (1774-1831)

Box 1 Stephens, George (1800-1851), Dramatist, Hertfordshire To J. Webster [London], October 21, 1840

3 p., a.l.s. Asking Webster to advise his brother to produce Stephens' playThe Patriotnext season at the Haymarket. Quotes from a letter from the actor-manager William Charles MacReady. The brother in question may be Benjamin N. Webster (1797-1882) who was managing the Haymarket at the time when another brother, Frederick Webster, was stage manager.

Box 1 Tilbury, W. H. To T. F. Robson (1822?-1864), Actor, Haymarket London, December 13, 1853

3 p., a.l.s. Complimenting his performances. Robson played Desmarets inPlot and Passionby Tom Taylor and Jem Bags inWandering Minstrelby Henry Mayhew, both in 1853

Box 1 Webster, Benjamin N. (1797-1882), actor-manager, dramatist To Mr. Cooke, London, November 18, 1833

2 p., a.l.s. Will accomodate him at any time

Box 1 Welch, J., Buxton To Mr. Westmore London, July 15, 1801

2 p., a.l.s. Terms for engagement

Box 1 Yarnold, George, Theatre Royal, Worthing To unknown [London], September 26, 1824

1 p., a.l.s. Has Elliston signed articles for Yarnold? Elliston is actor-manager Robert William Elliston (1774-1831).