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Addition 2019

These date from 1990s-2010s and are essentially Editor's files

Added 2019 (Accession number 2018.2019.M

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Central Files:

These date from 1990s-2010s and are essentially Editor's files

Added 2019 (Accession number 2018.2019.M

Box 501 Abeysekara Mourning Secular Features

Box 501 Abun-Nasr Muslim Communities of Grace

Box 501 Ackerman When Heroes Love

Box 501 ACLS

Box 501 Adorno Critical Models

Box 501 Aleskander How to Build a Mind

Box 501 Allen Discontinuity Theory and Ecosystems

Box 501 Allen Hitchcock and Romantic Irony

Box 501 Allen Politics and Ourselves

Box 501 Allen and Roberts Complexity in Ecological Systems

Box 501 Al-Musawi Islamic Context of 1001 Nights

Box 501 Altman Silent Films / Sound Cinema

Box 501 Altman A Theory of Narrative

Box 501 Anastas Teaching and Learning

Box 502 Anderson Applying Nature's Design

Box 502 Anderson Vietnam (Laos and Cambodia)

Box 502 Anderson Scholar and Practitioner

Box 502 Anderson Transitions to Democracy

Box 502 Antelyes In the Mix

Box 502 Armour and St. Ville Bodily Citations

Box 502 Armstrong How Novels Think

Box 502 Aronowitz Biography of C. Wright Mills

Box 502 Asad Thinking About Suicide Bombing

Box 502 ASME Best Magazine Writing 2006

Box 502 ASME Best Magazine Writing 2007

Box 502 Austrian Mental Disorders (3rd ed.)

Box 502 Austrian Psychopathology (2nd ed.)

Box 502 Austrian Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology

Box 502 Aydin Politics of Anti Westernism in…

Box 502 Ayer Probability and Evidence

Box 502 Azuonye and Seratin The Columbia Anthology of African Literature (1st ed.)

Box 502 Bacevich After Vietnam

Box 503 Bacevich Columbia History

Box 503 Bacevich/Cohen War over Kosovo

Box 503 Bagger Paradox in Religion

Box 503 Baker Betrayal of Black Individuals

Box 503 Balcom The Last Hunter

Box 503 Balee Advances in Historical Ecology

Box 503 Balee and Crumley Historical Ecology

Box 503 Balee and Erickson Time and Complexity: Historical Ecology

Box 503 Balmer Evangelism in America

Box 503 Barnard NYC Trees

Box 503 Bandmann Early Medieval Architecture…

Box 503 Barnett Lhasa

Box 503 Barnett Dialogues in Arab Politics

Box 503 Barthes Le Neutre/The Neuter

Box 503 Bartkowski Kissing Cousins

Box 504 Bashir The Body of Sufi Islam

Box 504 Bear Economy of Morals

Box 504 Belmonte Broken Fountain 25 Anniversary

Box 504 Bayor The Columbia Documentary…

Box 504 Benecke Mordmethoden

Box 504 Benecke Dream of Eternal Life

Box 504 Bergmann and Hartman Evolution of Psychoanalytic Techniques

Box 504 Berry Cinema and the Nation

Box 504 Berry Speaking in Images

Box 504 Berkowitz History of the 1970s

Box 504 Bernstein and Reimann Queer Families, Queer Politics

Box 504 Betts Enemies of Intelligence

Box 504 Biderman India and the West

Box 505 Bloom Dying to Kill

Box 505 Bogo Interviewing Skills

Box 505 Bottjer Paleo Series

Box 505 Boundas Edinburgh Extinction

Box 505 Boutler Extinction

Box 505 Bourtchouladze Memory

Box 505 Boyers Dictator's Dictatorship

Box 505 CSPO

Box 505 Brandell and Ringel Attachment Theory

Box 505 Brawley Afterglow

Box 505 Brotherton

Box 505 Brennan Orthodoxies of the Present

Box 505 Broughton Zongmi on Chan

Box 505 Brown Contested Illnesses: Disputes

Box 505 Brown In the Beginning Was the Worm

Box 506 Brown Contested Illnesses

Box 506 Browning American Religion and Family, Mod.

Box 506 Browning Sex, Marriage, and Family

Box 506 Brunner Adaptive Governance

Box 506 Buell Why This New Race

Box 506 Bulliet Hunters, Herders, and Hamburgers

Box 506 Bulliet Islam's Crisis Authority

Box 506 Burack-Weiss Life on Hold

Box 506 Burt Jarrell

Box 506 Burt Randall Jarrell

Box 506 Burt Poetics of Adolescence

Box 507 Bushman Believing History

Box 507 Bussey Transform Trauma

Box 507 CAI: How to Read Chinese Poetry

Box 507 Calarco Zoographies

Box 507 Cliachman What is Modernity

Box 507 Calichman Contemporary Japanese Thought

Box 507 Calomiris Chinese Financial Transition

Box 507 Lewis Cook

Box 507 Caringella-MacDonald Rape Reform

Box 507 Carlson Beauty-Duty

Box 507 Carnes

Box 507 Casati Insurmountable Simplicities

Box 508 Casetti The Eye of the 20th Century

Box 508 Casey Irish-American Experience

Box 508 Castle The Literature of Lesbianism

Box 508 Chaisson Origins

Box 508 Chen A Spoon Full of Sugar

Box 508 Chettri Mountains Painted with Turmeric

Box 508 Chew Corporate Risk Management

Box 508 Cheyfitz National American Literature Chin

Box 508 Chion Un Art Sonore

Box 508 Ching and Lawlor The Legacy of Susan Sontag

Box 509 Chomsky Rules and Regulations

Box 509 Chow Sentimental Fabulations

Box 509 Chu Tien-hsin Old Capital

Box 509 Chung Between Ally and Partner

Box 509 Cirincione Nuclear Proliferations

Box 509 Cixous Dream I Tell You

Box 509 Clayton and Schaal Practicing Science, Experiencing Spirit

Box 509 Coakley Draw Me After You

Box 509 Colbert Triasssic Predecessors

Box 509 Comins Heavenly Errors

Box 509 Connelly Columbia Studies in International History

Box 509 Copeland Modern Murasaki

Box 509 Craven Stanford White

Box 510 Craven Stanford White (second file)

Box 510 Crease and Selinger Philosophy of Expertise

Box 510 Cross The Playful Crowd

Box 510 Crumley, Gunn, and Folan Regional Strategies

Box 510 Curtis Looking for Islam

Box 510 Cwikel Social Epidemiology

Box 510 Curtis Managing Modernity

Box 510 Daniels Race, Slave Trade and Modern Inventions of the Self

Box 510 Danto Essays from the Gap Between…

Box 510 Dardis Mental Causation…

Box 510 Davidson Indian Tantric Buddhism

Box 510 Davies God's Playground

Box 510 Davidson Tibetan Renaissance

Box 510 Davis Prisons and American History

Box 511 Davis Song and Silence

Box 511 de Bary Sources of Japanese Tradition

Box 511 de Bary Sources of East Asian Tradition

Box 511 de Bary Living Legacies at Columbia

Box 511 Debanco Anywhere out of the World

Box 511 Deleuze Nietzsche and Philosphy

Box 511 Denby African American Children and Families in Child Welfare

Box 511 Derrida Geneses, Genealogies, Genres, and Genius

Box 511 Deshpande Creative Pasts

Box 511 Devlin Mathematics

Box 511 Devuyst How Green is the City

Box 512 Diemberger When a Woman Becomes a God

Box 512 Dikotter Material Culture in China

Box 512 Dickson Carr The Columbia Guide to Contemporary African American Fiction

Box 512 Dixon Seismogenic Zone of Subduction Thrust Faults

Box 512 Doherty Guide to Win the Nobel Prize

Box 512 Dombrowski Buying Military Transformation

Box 512 Donaldson Edward Arlington Robinson Bio.

Box 512 Dorronsoro Revolution Unending

Box 512 Duggan Strategic Intuition

Box 512 Dunderberg Beyond Gnosticism

Box 512 Dunsky Pens and Swords Dunwell, The Hudson

Box 512 Dyson Race/Theory: Conversations

Box 512 Edgerton History of American TV

Box 513 Edgerton Columbia Cultural History of American Television (second file)

Box 513 Edlin Wonkonomics

Box 513 Engel and Rorty A Quoi Bon La Verite

Box 513 Ellis Tattoo

Box 513 Espana-Maram Creating Masculinity in Los Angeles

Box 513 Evans The Education of Ronald Reagan

Box 513 Fara An Entertainment for Angels

Box 513 Fara Sex, Botany, and Empire

Box 513 Ferrieres Histoires des Peurs Alimentaires

Box 513 Ferry Not Ours Alone

Box 513 Finnane Changing Clothes in China

Box 513 Fisher Tropes, Self, and Logic

Box 513 Flamm Law and Order

Box 513 Florini The Right to Know

Box 513 Francia Future of Labor in American Politics

Box 514 Francione Animal Rights/Welfare

Box 514 Frazier Possible Lives

Box 514 Freeman How Brains Make Up Their Minds

Box 514 Friedrich Burning

Box 514 Fritzsch Curved Continuum

Box 514 Froula Virginia Woolf and…

Box 514 Fukuzawa Autobiography

Box 514 Fultch History in the Comic Mode

Box 514 Galt Redrawing the Map of Europe

Box 514 Gendzier Notes Minefield

Box 514 Gikandi and Mwangi Columbia Guide to East African Literature Since 1945

Box 514 Gilbert Inventing the Skyline

Box 514 Gioia-Hasick Young Adults with Schizophrenia

Box 514 Gitlin The Intellectuals and the Flag

Box 514 Gitterman Life Model of Social Work

Box 514 Godoy Indians, Markets, Rainforests

Box 514 Goehr Don Giovanni

Box 515 Goehr Elective Affinities

Box 515 Goldensohn American War Poetry

Box 515 Goldensohn Dismantling Glory

Box 515 Goldstein Killing the Messenger

Box 515 Golston Rhythm and "Race" in 20th Century Poetry and Poetics

Box 515 Gramsci, Prison Notebooks

Box 515 Gramsci Letters from Prison

Box 515 Gramsci Country City

Box 515 Griffiths Shivers Down Your Spine

Box 516 Grimm Riverside Park

Box 516 Grosz, Chaos Territory, Art

Box 516 Guillemin Biological Weapons

Box 516 Guilhot The Democracy Makers

Box 516 Haggard and Noland Famine in North Korea

Box 516 Hall Missing Links

Box 516 Halm Shi'ism (2nd ed.)

Box 516 Harris Columbia Guide to African American History Since 1939

Box 516 Harvey Religion in America

Box 516 Harvey Animism

Box 516 Harvey files (general)

Box 516 Hayek and Buzas Statistical Field Surveying

Box 517 Heil American Voices

Box 517 Herwitz What's Wrong with Popular Culture

Box 517 Heyd Recognizing the Autonomy of Culture Hillel, National History of the Bible

Box 517 Hirschkind Ethics of Listening

Box 517 Hof Spatial Optimization

Box 517 Hoffecker Human Paleocology

Box 517 Hoffman Inside Terrorism (2nd ed.)

Box 517 Hoffman The Same and Not

Box 517 Hokenstad International Social Work

Box 517 Hollander The Presence of Poetry

Box 517 Honneth Pathologies of Reason

Box 517 Hordes History of Crypto-Jews

Box 518 Huang The Columbia Guide to Asian American Fiction

Box 518 Hughes The Manhattan Project

Box 518 Hullot-Kentor Back to Adorno

Box 518 Hume and Mulcock Contributor agreements for Anthropologists in the Field

Box 518 Hunt Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Box 518 Hurvitz Scripture of the Lotus Blossom

Box 518 Hussain The Struggle with Militant Islam

Box 518 Hutchinson Writing the Republic

Box 518 Ikle Every War Must End

Box 518 Ikle Annihilation from Within

Box 518 Inoue Okinawa and the US Military

Box 518 Jackson New York, An Anthology

Box 518 Jacobs On Matricide

Box 518 Jacobson Raising Consumers

Box 518 Jacoby Back to Utopia

Box 518 Jaffer Torture, Secrecy, and Accountability

Box 518 Jaffrelot Dr. Ambedkar and Untouchability

Box 518 Jaffrelot India's Silent Revolution

Box 519 Jarvis Managing Bio.

Box 519 Jayyusi Modern Arabic Fiction

Box 519 Jolly Sav. And Burning Women

Box 519 Johnson-Freese Space as Strategic Asset

Box 519 Johnson Nature in Fragments

Box 519 Jones Secret of the Lesson

Box 519 Jonsson A Brief History of the Masses

Box 519 Jung We are Like Mochi

Box 519 Kafu Rivalry, A Geisha's Tale

Box 519 Kahlenberg Tough Liberal

Box 519 Kandel Water From Heaven

Box 519 Kang Why China's Rise will be Peaceful

Box 520 Kang Kal Flight 007

Box 520 Kang Culture of the Fox in China

Box 520 Karner Margins Series

Box 520 Kaufman At Odds with Badiou

Box 520 Keene Frog in Well-Portr-Watanbe

Box 520 Kelly Popular Culture

Box 520 Kerr and Dickie The Biomass Spectrum

Box 520 Khestun Memories of Life in Lhasa Under Chinese Rule

Box 520 Kimmel Tools of Analysis

Box 520 King New Hollywood Cinema

Box 520 Klein Future of Peace, Israel and Palestine

Box 520 Kort The Columbia Guide to Hiroshima and the Bomb

Box 520 Krishnan Reading the Global

Box 520 Kristeva Murder in Byzantium

Box 520 Kritzman The Fabulous Imagination

Box 520 Kuhns Decameron and the Philosophy of Storytelling

Box 521 Kul-want Philosophers on Art

Box 521 Laird Family Centered Social Work

Box 521 Lara Narrating Evil

Box 521 Lau Columbia Anthology of Modern China

Box 521 Lawllor This is Not Sufficient

Box 521 Leakey and Harris Lothagam

Box 521 Le Doeuff Hipparchia's Choice

Box 521 Lefort Complications

Box 521 Legrold Russian Foreign Policy

Box 521 Leonard Baptists in America

Box 521 Lerer Inventing English Portable History

Box 521 Letourneau and Olson Aspects of Triassic…

Box 522 Liao Ping-hui and David Der-wei Wang Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule

Box 522 Lightstone Commerce of the Sacred

Box 522 Lin Representing Atrocity in Taiwan

Box 522 Linzey and Clarke Animal Rights

Box 522 Lipps Fossil Prokaryotes and Protists

Box 522 Lohmann Rural Social Work Practice

Box 522 Loomis Public Lands Management (2nd ed.)

Box 522 Louer Israel's Arab Citizens

Box 522 Loughran The Republic in Print

Box 522 Lowenstein Shocking Representation

Box 522 Lu Love and Revolution

Box 522 Lucas Chinese Fossil Vertebrates

Box 522 Lurquin Life and the Universe

Box 523 Lurquin Origins of Life and the Universe

Box 523 Lynch Arab Arguments

Box 523 Maguire Facing Death in Cambodia

Box 523 Mallon and Hess Child Welfare for the Twenty-first Century

Box 523 Marcus Documentary History of the Supreme Court of the United States

Box 523 Manring Reconstructing Tradition

Box 523 Martel Subverting the Leviathan

Box 523 Martin The Rise and Fall of Soul and Self

Box 523 Mauboussin The Con. Observer

Box 523 Mauboussin More Than You Know

Box 523 Mazur Church and State in America

Box 523 Marsden Watt's Perfect Engine

Box 523 Matnez Why Earth is Habitable

Box 523 Maurer Accelerating Possession

Box 523 Maurer Alzheimer

Box 524 McCann Azaleas

Box 524 McCaughey Stand, Columbia (History of Columbia)

Box 524 McClatchy Twenty Questions

Box 524 McCoy Alterations of State

Box 524 McCullough Kangaroos in Outback Australia

Box 524 McGhee Theoretical Morphology

Box 524 McGinn Anti-Christ

Box 524 McGowan Rail, Steam, and Speed

Box 524 McKenna and Bell Classification of Mammals

Box 524 McKinney The Mixed-up Biosphere

Box 524 McIntosh and Tainer The Way the Wind Blows

Box 524 McMahon US-Southeast Asia Relations Since 1945

Box 524 McShane Getting Biodiversity Projects to Work

Box 524 McSween and Richardson Geochemistry (2nd ed.)

Box 524 McWilliams A Revolution in Eating

Box 525 Mead Ruth Benedict

Box 525 Medvedev Where Russia is Going

Box 525 Medvedev The Crisis of Marxism and the Fate of Socialism in Russia

Box 525 Mehrotra A History of Indian Literature in English

Box 525 Meisel Public Speech

Box 525 Mendelson Power and Limits of NGOs

Box 525 Menke Die Gegenwart der Tragodie

Box 525 Menzies Our Forest, Your Ecosystem

Box 525 Merchant The Columbia Guide to American Environmental History

Box 525 Meyer German-Jewish History in Modern Times

Box 525 Mierow The Deeds of Frederick Barbarossa

Box 525 Milhaupt Global Markets, Domestic Institutions

Box 525 Michael and Michael Antiquing New York

Box 526 Miller But Enough About Me

Box 526 Milsom A Natural History of Common Law

Box 526 Minford and Lau Classical Chinese Literature

Box 526 Mishima Five Plays of Mishima Yukio

Box 526 Mishier Creating Red America

Box 526 Moyn Contemporary French Political Thought

Box 526 Mizrani Social Health Policy…

Box 526 Mohr The Long Arc of Justice

Box 526 Molano Loyal Soldiers in the Cocaine Kingdom

Box 526 Mommsen and Morrison Imperials Lives and Letters of the Eleventh Century

Box 526 Monat Stress and Coping (3rd ed.)

Box 527 Moffat Reflective Postmodern Social Work

Box 527 Morris Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon

Box 527 Moore and Rock Cityscapes

Box 527 Moss et al. Foundation Papers in Landscape Ecology

Box 527 Motes and Hess Empowering Community Organizations, Empowering Families

Box 527 Motley et al. Darwin's Harvest

Box 527 Motyl Revolutions, Nations, Empires

Box 527 Motyl Imperial Ends

Box 527 Moxley et al. Social Work Practice in Higher Education

Box 527 Moxley Community Service Board

Box 527 Murphy Women of the Forest

Box 528 Murphy Gay Science

Box 528 Murnane and Liu Hurricanes and Typhoons

Box 528 Myerson The Selected Letters of Emerson

Box 528 Nacos Terrorism and the Media

Box 528 Naleppa and Reid Gerontological Social Work

Box 528 Narasimhan Mahabharata

Box 528 Narayanan Hindu Traditions in the United States

Box 528 Nathan China's Tradition

Box 528 Neill Putting History to the Question

Box 528 Nekrich Pariahs, Partners, Predators

Box 528 Nelson Measured Excess

Box 528 Nelson Pursuing Privacy in Cold War America

Box 528 Newcomb Reading Modern Romance

Box 528 Neysmith Critical Issues for Social Work Practice

Box 529 Nicholas An Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds

Box 529 Nora Les Lieux de Memoire

Box 529 Norberg Complexity Theory for a Sustainable Future

Box 529 Norbert Frei Adenauer's Germany and the Nazi Past

Box 529 Norgate Beyond 9 to 5

Box 529 Norman Resiliency Enhancement

Box 529 Northen Social Works with Groups (2nd ed.)

Box 529 Oddenald The 23rd Cycle

Box 529 Odum Environment, Power, and Society

Box 529 Ohnuma Bodily Sacrifice…

Box 529 Oliver Portable Kristeva

Box 529 Oliviera and Marquis The Cerrados of Brazil

Box 529 Olsen Dinosaur and Other Footprints

Box 529 Omoto and Lurquin Genes and DNA

Box 529 Oxtoby Sources of Middle Eastern Tradition (Volumes I and II)

Box 530 Onuma Human Rights, States and Civilizations

Box 530 Opie Thinking Teams, Thinking Clients

Box 530 Orta Catechizing Culture

Box 530 Orthofer Readers' Guide to Contemporary World Fiction

Box 530 Ostow Spirit, Mind, and Brain

Box 530 Owellette Viewers Like You

Box 530 Owen Mass Communications and the Making of Citizens

Box 530 Palermo In His Own Right

Box 530 Palm et al. Slash and Burn Agriculture

Box 530 Parillo Pearl Harbor

Box 530 Parry Fate of the Collections

Box 530 Palais The Columbia Guide to Korean History

Box 531 Panossian The Armenians

Box 531 Parlakian Modern Armenian Drama

Box 531 Parlakian Contemporary Armenian-American Drama

Box 531 Pastoureau The Devil's Cloth

Box 531 Patti Organizational Analysis and Change in Human Service Organization

Box 531 Patton and Waldau A Communion of Subjects

Box 531 Paul and Bennett Building Bridges…

Box 531 Pau los I Think, Therefore I Laugh (2nd ed.)

Box 531 Paxton Vichy France

Box 531 Perdue and Green The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Southeast

Box 531 Petrini Slow Food

Box 531 Pierson Special Effects

Box 531 Phillip Acre

Box 532 Pitte French Gastronomy

Box 532 Pizzitola Hearst over Hollywood

Box 532 Pleis Dreaming of Cockaigne

Box 532 Pleij Of Crimson, Purple, and Blue

Box 532 Pollack Best Practice…

Box 532 Pollack The Faith of Biology

Box 532 Pollard The Chinese Essay

Box 532 Pollock Telling Bodies Performing Birth

Box 532 Pool The Path to Power

Box 532 Posner Stalking the Black Swan

Box 532 Posuney Labor and the State in Egypt

Box 532 Potocky Best Practices…

Box 532 Prescott and Travitsky Anthologies of Renaissance Writing

Box 533 Preston The President and His Inner Circle

Box 533 Prendergas Inside the Triangle

Box 533 Prince Burnin' Down the House

Box 533 Prosser Second Skins

Box 533 Proctor and Rossen Guideline for Social Work Intervention

Box 533 Prothero What Fossils Say

Box 533 Proudfoot Reexperiencing Varieties

Box 533 Prugl The Global Construction of Gender

Box 533 Quresui and Seli New Crusades

Box 533 Quason Unspoken Contingencies

Box 533 Quine Ontological Relativity and other Essays

Box 533 Rachels The Legacy of Socrates

Box 533 Ramsden Man of the Century

Box 534 Raphael Judaism in America (3 files)

Box 534 Reamer Social Work Values and Ethics (3rd ed.)

Box 534 Regan Intoxicating Mind

Box 534 Reichert Challenges in Human Rights (1st ed.)

Box 534 Reid, Miller, and Fortune Qualitative Research in Social Work (1st and 2nd ed.)

Box 534 Richardson The Making of Intelligence

Box 534 Riley-Smith Bampton Lectures in America

Box 534 Rimer and Gessel The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature

Box 534 Robinson Consciousness and Mental Life

Box 534 Robinson Life at the Zoo

Box 534 Robson Sappho Goes to Law School

Box 535 Rock Sera

Box 535 Rogers Sexing the Brain

Box 535 Roscoe The Columbia Guide to Central African Literature in English Since 1945

Box 535 Roth The Assault on Social Policy

Box 535 Roudinesco and Boulby Why Psychoanalysis

Box 535 Roy Globalized Islam

Box 535 Roy Secularism Confronts Islam

Box 535 Roy Love to Hate

Box 535 Rubenstein Wondrous Strange

Box 535 Rudel Tropical Forests

Box 535 Rupp Globalization Challenged

Box 535 Sa'di and Abu-Lughod Nakba

Box 535 Said Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of Autobiography

Box 535 Said After the Last Sky

Box 536 Said Humanism and Democratic Criticism

Box 536 Said Musical Writings

Box 536 Saideman The Ties that Divide

Box 536 Sarma Introduction to Vedanta

Box 536 Sassen Losing Control

Box 536 Schneider Social Capital and Welfare Reform

Box 536 Schwarzenbach and Smith Women and the U.S. Constitution

Box 536 Searle Freedom and Neurobiology

Box 536 Segal Why Feminism

Box 536 Semelin Purify and Destroy

Box 536 Shehabuddin Reshaping the Holy

Box 536 Shaikh The Present as History

Box 536 Shih Shu-Ching City of the Queen

Box 536 Shirane Early and Medieval Japanese Literature

Box 537 Shirane Classical Japanese Reader and Essential Dictionary

Box 537 Shirane Classical Japanese: A Grammar

Box 537 Shirane Early Modern Japanese Literature

Box 537 Siddiqi Anxieties of Empire and the Fiction of Intrigue

Box 537 Sigerman The Columbia Documentary History of American Women Since 1941

Box 537 Simon and Roorda In Their Parents' Voices

Box 537 Simpson and Cote Covering Violence

Box 537 Simpson Principles of Animal Taxonomy

Box 537 Sinha and Eschen Contested Democracy

Box 537 Silvius, Bodmer, and Fragoso People in Nature

Box 537 Sledge Soldier Dead

Box 538 Smith Being Human

Box 538 Smith Brittania Waives the Rule

Box 538 Sneath The Headless State

Box 538 Snyder Lesbian Desire in the Lyrics of Sappho

Box 538 Sorenson Decision-Making in the White House

Box 538 Spiegelman Love, Amy

Box 538 Spitz Image and Insight

Box 538 Staller Running Away to the Sixties Beat

Box 538 Stark and Nielson The Rise of Mormonism

Box 538 Stedman Jones An End to Poverty

Box 538 Sterling The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation of…

Box 538 Stiglitz, Humphreys, and Saches Escaping the Resource Curse

Box 539 Stone and Lurquin A Genetic Cultural Odyssey

Box 539 Stratton Naming the Witch

Box 539 Sugirtharajan Imagining Hinduism

Box 539 Sullivan Hidden Histories

Box 539 Swaine The Liberal Conscience

Box 539 Sweet Kicking the Carbon Habit

Box 539 Svonkin Jews Against Prejudice

Box 539 Teaford The Metropolitan Revolution

Box 539 This Molecular Gastronomy

Box 539 This Kitchen Mysteries

Box 539 Travis and Shamir Boys Don't Cry

Box 540 Tredell F. Scott Fitzgerald

Box 540 Tripodi Social Work Practice in Hospitals

Box 540 Trubowitz, Goldman, and Rhodes The Politics of Strategic Adjustment

Box 540 True Gender, Globalization, and Post socialism

Box 540 Tsai Hong Kong in Chinese History

Box 540 Tschan History of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen

Box 540 Tsuda Strangers in the Ethnic Homeland

Box 540 Tuan Topophillia

Box 540 Tucker American Foreign Services Offers in China Since 1930

Box 540 Tucker No Way Out

Box 540 Tucker and Lamb United States Special Operations Forces

Box 540 Turner Risky Sex

Box 540 Turney Lovelock and Gaia

Box 540 Turney Revolutions in Science

Box 540 Tully Lesbians, Gays, and the Empowerment Perspective

Box 540 Twitchell Carnival Culture

Box 541 Twitchell Living it Up

Box 541 Twitchell Lead Us Into Temptation

Box 541 Twitchell Where Men Hide (2 files)

Box 541 Tysch Universe Down to Earth

Box 541 University of Pittsburgh Chinese Studies Faculty Contemporary Chinese Studies

Box 541 Valenstein The War of Soup and Sparks

Box 541 Vattimo and Rorty The Future of Religion

Box 541 Vattimo Dialogue with Nietzsche

Box 541 Vattimo Nihilism and Emancipation

Box 541 Vattimo After Christianity

Box 542 Vonk, Tripodi, and Epstein Research Techniques for Clinical Social Workers (2nd ed.)

Box 542 Wall Pain

Box 542 Wallace Telling the Untold Story

Box 542 Wallace Contemplative Science

Box 542 Wallace Hidden Dimensions

Box 542 Walker and Taylor The Columbia Guide to Online Style (2nd ed.)

Box 542 Walkowitz Cosmopolitan Style

Box 542 Waller Discovery of the Germ

Box 542 Walser Nagarjuna in Contex t

Box 542 Washburn Translating Mount Fuji

Box 542 Watson and Shirane The Tales of the Heike

Box 542 Watson The Columbia Book of Chinese Poetry

Box 542 Watson Analects of Confucius

Box 543 Webby The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event

Box 543 Wekker I am a Gold Coin

Box 543 West The Education of Booker T. Washington

Box 543 Wetzel Community Mental Health and Development

Box 543 Whalley Maps of the Mind

Box 543 Willbanks The Tet Offensive

Box 543 Williams The Columbia Guide to the Latin American Novel Since 1945

Box 543 Williams and Milton The Con Men

Box 543 Witte and Alexander Human Nature, Politics, Law, and Society

Box 543 Witte and Alexander The Teachings of Modern Protestantism

Box 543 Witte and Alexander The Teachings of Modern Roman Catholicism

Box 543 Woodmansee Author, Art, and the Market

Box 543 Woolf The Aesthetics of Uncertainty

Box 543 Wu Orphan of Asia

Box 544 Wolf I Speak of the City

Box 544 Yen and Malmqvist Frontier Taiwan

Box 544 Yu Kuan-Yin

Box 544 Yu Classical, Comparative, and Contemporary

Box 544 Yuste et al. The Neuroscienecs

Box 544 Yunck and Baswell Eneas

Box 544 Zamindar On the Border of History

Box 544 Zanis A Social Worker's Role

Box 544 Zarin Working Forests in the Neotropics

Box 544 Zelin The Merchants of Zigong

Box 544 Zerner People, Plants, and Justice

Box 544 Zhang Guizing My South Seas Sleeping Beauty

Box 544 Zubay et al. Microbiology and Terrorism

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Box 545 AcIS Partnership

Box 545 AcIS Columbia

Box 545 AcIS

Box 545 ACLS

Box 545 American Historical Association

Box 545 All Books

Box 545 And Software

Box 545 Anima Publications

Box 545 Anshen, Ruth

Box 545 Armacost, Michael Friends or Rivals

Box 545 ASCAP

Box 545 Austin, James H.

Box 545 Avon

Box 545 Baeck/Arendt/Weissberg

Box 545 Bailey, Herb

Box 545 Baker & Taylor

Box 545 Bancroft award

Box 545 Bell, Quinton Bloomsbury

Box 545 BFI

Box 545 Brundage, Story & Rose

Box 545 Caravan

Box 545 Cash Flow Concerns

Box 545 Caravan A Project by the Century Foundation

Box 545 Chadwick-Healey

Box 545 CIAO Final Report to Mellon

Box 545 CIAO (Columbia International Relations Online)

Box 545 Columbia International Relations Onlie

Box 545 Constellation International Partners

Box 546 Chadwick-Healey

Box 546 CIAO Final Report to Mellon

Box 546 CIAO

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Box 546 Columbia Encyclopedia

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Box 546 Correspondence Authors

Box 546 Columbia Picture Book

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Box 547 Weekly Managers Meeting Notes, July 2012 --, July 2012

Box 547 Weekly Managers Meeting Notes, July -December 2011

Box 547 Managers Strategic Retreat, 9/27/2011

Box 547 BYLAWS OF CUP Proposed Amendments, Unanimous Written Consent

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Box 547 David Mamet

Box 547 Columbia Online Initiative Cee

Box 547 Cuban Book Fair

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Box 547 Edinburgh Contract

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Box 548 iFactory

Box 548 Integrated Book Technology (IBT)

Box 548 CUP-Irvington License Agreement

Box 548 Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP)

Box 548 Kegan Paul

Box 548 Libera

Box 548 University Loan

Box 548 Electronic publishing, 1997

Box 548 EPSIG (Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group)

Box 548 Electronic publishing open access eBooks

Box 548 Electronic Meeting, 1991

Box 548 Electronic publishing committee, 1990s

Box 548 Director of Electronic Dev.

Box 548 Electronic Publishing Forum

Box 548 The Earth Institute

Box 548 Endowment Plea (March1996)

Box 548 Encyclopedia of Publishing

Box 548 EPIC Electronic Publshing Initiative @ Columbia

Box 548 Epic Marketing Job Reassignment

Box 548 Henry Ess/ Cromwell Foundation

Box 548 Facts on File / Last Lines

Box 549 Franklin Electronic Publishers

Box 549 Free Association Books

Box 549 Future Communications

Box 549 Longman Higher Education (3 files)

Box 549 Luce Foundation Grant Agreement

Box 549 Managers' Meeting

Box 549 Marable, Manning

Box 549 Medvedev

Box 549 Mellon/Guttenberg-E

Box 549 Mellon Grant Correspondence

Box 549 Mellon Workshop

Box 549 Murty Graphic Library

Box 549 Mission Statement Bylaws

Box 549 Microsoft

Box 549 CU Music Press

Box 549 Murty Graphic Library Correspondence

Box 549 Offit, Paul A (Handley v. Offit)-

Box 549 Online Reference Updates

Box 549 Perseus/CUP Distribution Transition

Box 549 Press As Unit Claude Steele

Box 549 Publication Committee, financial meeting

Box 549 Publication Committee

Box 550 Publication Committee, 2001

Box 550 Publication Committee -- Special Meetings, 2011 September, 2011

Box 550 Publication Committee -- Complaints, 1994

Box 550 Constellation Wave 3 Launch Perseus Distribution

Box 550 Constellation

Box 550 Perseus Distribution Client Services Agreement

Box 550 Printing 2010 Request for proposal, 2010

Box 550 Progress and signing goals

Box 550 Provost Claude M. Steele Briefing material

Box 550 Production

Box 550 Reference

Box 550 Reference Shelf

Box 550 Editorial Retreat, September 26, 2011

Box 550 Rydan/Schulman report, 1990

Box 550 Schulman-Rydan, 1990

Box 550 Staffing (Transition), 2009

Box 550 A Review of Columbia University Press, 1990

Box 550 State of the Press, July 18, 2007

Box 550 State of the Press Handouts

Box 550 Strategic Plan, 2009

Box 550 Reviews of Strategic Plan, September 2005

Box 550 Strategic Plan Update, 2008

Box 550 Strategic Business Plan Proposal, 2004 (TDC), 2004

Box 550 Strategic Plan 2004-2006 (2003 June 19), 2004-2006

Box 550 Strategic Planning, 2005

Box 550 Strategic Planning Materials, 2005-2008

Box 550 Strategic Plan, 2004

Box 550 Strategic Plan Discussion of Stakeholders Report, 2004

Box 550 Strategic Planning Summary Scholar Assessment, 2004 (TDC findings and report), 2004

Box 550 Editorial Narrative 3 yr plan, March2000

Box 550 TDC Contracts

Box 551 Temmen

Box 551 University Publishing in a digital age

Box 551 University Press Group Limited

Box 551 UPCCP Memo of Agreement January 1, 1976 & July 1, 1987, January 1, 1976, July 1, 1987

Box 551 UPG Shareholders Agreement, 1, June 2011

Box 551 UPG Board Meeting, April 27, 2012

Box 551 UPCCP Board Meeting and Financial Reports, 2010

Box 551 UPCCP Board Meeting & Other Correspondence, 2010

Box 551 UPCCP Business Meeting, December 15, 2009

Box 551 UPCCP Board Meeting & Other Correspondence, 2009

Box 551 UPCCP Board Meeting & Other Correspondence, 2008

Box 551 UPCCP Board Meeting & Other Correspondence, 2007

Box 551 UPCCP Board Meeting & Other Correspondence, 2004-2006

Box 551 University Press Group Business Meeting, December 8, 2010

Box 551 University Press Group Board Meeting, May 2011

Box 551 Wallflower Press

Box 551 Swan Turton

Box 551 Wallflower Purchase

Box 551 Wallflower Executed Documents, May 25, 2011

Box 551 Wallflower Title List

Box 551 Swan Turton Wallflower Acquisition

Box 551 Wallflower

Box 551 Warehouse Refit

Box 551 Balloutine v. CUP Legal files

Box 552 CUP v. Travelers Legal files ([only half filled RC])

Box 552 CE Perseus -- Esposito Report, 2007-2008

Box 552 Columbia Encylopedia

Box 552 Edinburg Annual Meeting, 2010

Box 552 Editorial Retreat 2010 Pub Facts, 2010

Box 552 Strategic Plan, 2001-2003

Box 552 Reports from Jim Jordan to Bollinger and Steele, 6, April 2011

Box 553 Simon and Roorda, In Their Own Voices

Box 553 Sheikh, Speaking Out

Box 553 Northen, Social Work with Groups (3rd ed.)

Box 553 Kusserow, Picturing Power

Box 553 Gitterman Life Model (2nd ed.)

Box 553 Coulborn Faller Child Sexual Abuse Practice and Policy

Box 553 Bogo and Vayda The Practice of Field Instruction in Social Work (3rd ed.)

Box 554 Contracts and Memos:

Box 554 Flamm

Box 554 Reuters Series

Box 554 Schroeder 3rd Ed. Pres. Deb.

Box 554 Rosenblum

Box 554 Reiss

Box 554 Reimess

Box 554 Plunz

Box 554 Petrus/Cohen MCNY

Box 554 The Story So Far

Box 554 O'Meally

Box 554 Negron-Muntaner, Frances

Box 554 Moretti

Box 554 Allan

Box 554 Black

Box 554 Bloom

Box 554 Bollinger/Callamard

Box 554 Chavolhuri

Box 554 Philip

Box 554 ASME, 2016/2017

Box 554 Davis, James

Box 554 Davidson, Dames

Box 554 Clark

Box 554 Martel

Box 554 Levy-Hussen

Box 554 Kornhauser

Box 554 Hayot

Box 554 Haigh

Box 554 Gledhill/Williams

Box 554 Abulof

Box 554 Starre

Box 554 Van der Vlies

Box 554 Verma

Box 554 Avenell

Box 554 Gu

Box 554 Gottlieb

Box 554 Ganguly/Brinley Amendment

Box 554 Balmaceda

Box 554 Kara/Sex Trafficking Movie Tie-In

Box 554 Kliman

Box 554 Kubicek

Box 554 Makimura

Box 554 Loadenthal

Box 554 Martin

Box 554 Mitter, Rana

Box 554 Nedostop

Box 554 O'Hanlan

Box 554 Richmond/Franks

Box 554 Vaughan

Box 554 Schwieger

Box 554 Sharma

Box 554 Stephen

Box 554 India Project

Box 554 Rickels, The Psycho Records

Box 554 Thompson, M

Box 554 Tsunjo, Bipolarity

Box 554 Tucker Series

Box 554 Tucker & Lamb

Box 554 Wang

Box 554 Wood/Pomeranz

Box 554 Wright, Logan

Box 554 Yasumaru

Box 554 Napper, Silent Cinema

Box 554 O'Brien, Film and the Natural Environment

Box 554 McNeill, Rooftops of Paris

Box 554 McNally, The Stardom Film

Box 554 Rickels

Box 554 Walton, The Cinema of Claire Denis

Box 554 Alexanian

Box 554 Funhouse

Box 554 Morag, Perpetrator Cinema

Box 554 Ripley The Best of All Worlds

Box 554 Santos The Holy Mountain

Box 554 Sexton, Stranger than Paradise

Box 554 Verevis, Film Remakes

Box 554 Intern Travel

Box 554 Menne Arts Economy

Box 554 Nersessian I Love Dick

Box 554 Napoli, Media Technocracy

Box 554 Murphy The New Slave Narrative

Box 554 Muntaner Essential Manuel Ramos

Box 554 Morey Islamophobia & the Novel

Box 554 Outka Raising the Dead

Box 554 O'Leary Thick & Dazzling

Box 554 Ravetto-Biagioli Mythopoetic Cinema

Box 554 Quinn A Piece of the Action

Box 554 Pozen Troubling Transparency

Box 554 Powers New Boots on the Ground

Box 554 Pavlik Future Content

Box 554 Palmer In the Funhouse Mirror

Box 554 McBride How did Lubitsch Do it

Box 554 Logan, Shelley's Wrinkled Lip, Smith's Giant

Box 554 Lauer Good Consumer

Box 554 McCaughey A History of Barnard

Box 554 Maciak The Disappearing Christ

Box 554 Martin Contemporary Drift

Box 554 Linh Tu, CU Graduate School of Journalism's On Digital Media Journalism

Box 554 McBride, Kathy Acker

Box 555 Skalli: Youth, Social Media, and New Activism

Box 555 Messick: Sharia Scripts

Box 555 Oidtmann: Forging the Golden Urn

Box 555 Paramore: Global Politics Confucianism

Box 555 Price: Targeting Top Terrorists

Box 555 Pearlman & Atzili: Triadic Deterrence

Box 555 Perliger: Violence from the American Far Right

Box 555 Rahimi: Wired Iran

Box 555 Reinares: Patriots of Death

Box 555 Roehrig: South Korea, Japan and the US

Box 555 Roy: En quete de l'Orient perdu Mbembe: Sortir de la Grande Nuit

Box 555 Masri: Tunisia: An Arab Anomaly

Box 555 Marshall: The Arms Trade in the Arab World

Box 555 Lu: From Player to Referee

Box 555 LaCouture: At Home in the World

Box 555 Kravel-Tovi: When the State Winks

Box 555 Klarer: Christian Slaves Among Islamic Pirates

Box 555 Kim: The Furnace is Breathing

Box 555 Khafipour: The Empires of the Near East

Box 555 Kara: Modern-Day Slavery

Box 555 Kang et al: East Asia & IR

Box 555 Kamaly: God and Man in Tehran

Box 555 Jacoby: Autobio of Tibetan Buddhist Dakini

Box 555 Yavlinsky: The Putin System

Box 555 Steinmetz-Jenkins: The Search for a Third Way

Box 555 Singaravelou: Tianjin

Box 555 Shen: A Misunderstood Friendship

Box 555 Sachsenmaier: The Question of Belonging

Box 555 Oualdi: A Slave Between Empires

Box 555 Omelicheva: The Trafficking-Terrorism Nexus

Box 555 Low: Imperial Mecca

Box 555 Kearns: Experimenting with Torture

Box 555 Katada: Japan's Regional Economic Strategy

Box 555 Harootunian: Uneven Moments in Japan

Box 555 Hallaq: Restating Orientalism

Box 555 Cohen: A History of American Foreign

Box 555 Chiang: Continuum Trajectories

Box 555 Atchinson: Dystopian Politics

Box 555 Adal: The Enchanted Modern

Box 555 Aboitiz: Pan-Asian Philippine Nation

Box 555 Schiffrin: Media Capture in the Digital

Box 555 Age Rogers: Screens and the Cinematic

Box 555 Remeseira: A Jack Agueros Reader

Box 555 Remes: Absence in Cinema

Box 555 Reichman: Jacques Schiffrin

Box 555 O'Meally: Antagonistic Cooperation

Box 555 Murphy: Writing with Someone Else's Brain

Box 555 McGregor: Information Security Essentials

Box 555 Martin: Knowledge and Technics

Box 555 Marcus: A Public Books Reader

Box 555 Marconi: Newsmakers

Box 555 Lyon: Idiot Child on a Fire Escape

Box 555 Keating: A Dynamic Frame

Box 555 Hayles: Science in the Capital Trilogy

Box 555 Hajdu: A Revolution in Three Acts

Box 555 Gibson: Freedom

Box 555 Flueckiger: Sound Design

Box 555 Edmond: Master Copy

Box 555 Da: Intransitive Encounter

Box 555 Chasar: Beyond the Book

Box 555 Bewes: Free Indirect

Box 555 Bernard: Mag Men

Box 555 ASME Best American Magazine Writing

Box 555 Alford: Forms of Poetic Attention

Box 555 Chow: A Face Drawn in the Sand

Box 555 Arntzen: The Sarashina Diary

Box 555 Doherty: Show Trial

Box 555 Arsenault: How Terrorist Leaders Matter

Box 555 Scott: Knowledge, Power, and Academic

Box 555 Sang: The Modern Girl in Early 20th C China

Box 555 Roche: The Outside Thing

Box 555 Miller: My Brilliant Friends

Box 555 Mendelson: The Raw Milk Wars

Box 555 Gledhill/Williams: Melodrama Unbound

Box 556 Kreilkamp: A Visit from the Goon Squad

Box 556 Hanitzch: Worlds of Journalism

Box 556 Hart: Extraterritorial

Box 556 Hayes: Harlem 1964

Box 556 Hayot: Information

Box 556 Hennefeld: Specters of Slapstick

Box 556 Houser: En

Box 556 Hutchinson: In a Dark Time

Box 556 Gillers: Journalistic Ethics

Box 556 Goldsmith: If We Had to Ask for Permissions

Box 556 Goldstein: A Requiem for Print Advertising

Box 556 Gray: Illustrating Race

Box 556 Keller: Anxious Cinephilia

Box 556 Klein: Breakthrough

Box 556 Konstantinou: Last Samurai

Box 556 Kolozi: Conservatives against Capitalism

Box 556 Insdorf: Cinematic Overtures

Box 556 Kane: Poetry and Punk Rock in New York City

Box 556 Cross: Things of Memory

Box 556 Dabashi: Ferdowsi's Shahnameh

Box 556 Cronin: A Time to Stir

Box 556 Dinnen: Digital Banal

Box 556 Ellis: Worlds of Laughter

Box 556 Fisk: Orhan Pamuk and the Good of the World

Box 556 Friedlander: The New School

Box 556 Dong: The Comic Avant-Garde

Box 556 Dore: Novel Sounds I

Box 556 Elliott: Microeconomic Mode

Box 556 Coviello: Vineland

Box 556 Coddington: Aggregating the News

Box 556 Cobb: Antidote to Revolution

Box 556 Carlson: Uncovering Journalistic Authority

Box 556 Bush: The Floating World

Box 556 Bulson: Ulysses by Numbers

Box 556 Berry: Chinese Cinema

Box 556 Bayer: Holocaust Cinema in the 21st Century

Box 556 Baer: Modernity's Mouths

Box 556 ASME Best American Magazine Writing, 2016

Box 556 Baumbach: Cinema, Philosophy, Politics

Box 556 Chenoweth: Why Democracy Encourages Terror

Box 556 Chenoweth/Young: Resilient Republics

Box 556 Chiang: Before Eunuchs

Box 556 Clulow: An Affair So Bloody

Box 556 Chiu: Conspiring with the Enemy

Box 556 Clark: Local Politics in Jordan

Box 556 Carlson: Non Western Political Thought

Box 556 Brandt: Japan's Cultural Miracle

Box 556 Anthony: Non-Traditional Security Gov

Box 556 Cao: GMO China

Box 557 Hoffman: Inside Terrorism

Box 557 Hwang: I Saw the Truth of History

Box 557 Guilhot: Morgenthau's Flight

Box 557 Guillemin: War Crimes and International

Box 557 Hamilton: The Networked Colony

Box 557 Han: Contesting Cyberspace China

Box 557 Fahy: Without Parallel

Box 557 Fair: Madrassahs & Militant Markets in Pakistan

Box 557 Ganguly: Securing India

Box 557 Easley: Korea after Unification

Box 557 Ehteshami: Dragon over Crescent

Box 557 Ergas: Bodies and Borders

Box 557 Dana: Palestine in a Transnational World

Box 557 Dumper: Politics of Holy Cities

Box 557 Cohen: House United, House Divided

Box 557 Culp: Power of Print in China

Box 557 Armstrong/Barraclough: N. Korean Culture

Box 557 Arsenault: Gloves Came Off

Box 557 Aran: Cult of Dismembered Limbs

Box 557 Akan: Politics of Secularism

Box 557 Williams: Something to Declare

Box 557 Kerim: Electrified Voices

Box 557 Zambreno: To Write as if Already Dead

Box 557 Wampole: Novel as Nation

Box 557 Werbel: Lust on Trial

Box 557 Street: Chromatic Modernity

Box 557 Tucher: Misinformed

Box 557 Usher: How, What ;amp; Where

Box 557 Vaughan: 500,000 Kilowatts of Stardust

Box 557 Serpell: A Thin Line

Box 557 Shapiro: Aftershock Journalism

Box 557 Shaw: Hollywood and Israel

Box 557 Snyder: Human Rights before Carter

Box 557 Whitten-Woodring: The Fabled Fourth Estate

Box 557 Wyrtzen: Reimagining the Middle East

Box 557 Viotti: The Realism of Kenneth Waltz

Box 557 Tunsjo: The Return of Bipolarity

Box 557 Tuttle: Amdo Middle Ground between Lhasa

Box 557 Tabaar: Politics of Religion in Iran

Box 557 Tankel: Peripheral Jihads

Box 557 Tillman: Precocious Politics

Box 557 Spellberg: A'isha and the Islamic Historical Tradition

Box 557 Stares: The Preventative Imperative

Box 557 Stepan: Islam & Democracy

Box 557 Schaeffer: The Madman's Wife

Box 557 Spellberg: Politics, Gender, Islamic Past

Box 557 Russell: Hole in the Middle of the World

Box 557 Ryan: The Heirs of Al-Qaeda

Box 557 Shi: At Home in the World

Box 557 Selcer: The Origins of Sustainable Development

Box 557 Sela: Philological Revolution China

Box 558 Folder 1 Letters to Henry H. Wiggins upon his retirement, 1977

Box 558 Folder 2 Letters, photographs, and perpared comments re. the Retirement Reception for Henry H. Wiggins, 1977

Box 558 Folder 3 Photographs (13)

Box 558 Winfield S. Faron "The History of the Columbia University Press". Bound manuscript.

Box 558 Columbia University Press General Catalog. Regular Contracts 1-3000, 1893-1972

Box 558 Columbia University Press 1929-1930

Box 558 Columbia University Press. A Complete Catalog for 1931-32

Box 558 Columbia University Press. Books in Print, June 1968

Box 558 Columbia Books 1893-1933

Box 558 Henry H. Wiggins. Columbia University Press 1893-1983

Box 558 Scholarly Publishing, Volume 6, Number 4, July 1975