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Citizens Union of the City of New York records, 1892-2020

Part H: Campaigns, 1894-1925

Records of Citizens Union's activities in New York City campaigns.

Arranged chronologically.

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Box H-1 Miscellaneous, 1894

Box H-1 Correspondence, 1897-1898

Box H-1 Correspondence, 1900-1901

Box H-1 Committee of 100, 1901

Box H-1 Miscellaneous, 1901

Box H-1 Conference to Promote a Fusion Campaign, 1903

Box H-1 Correspondence, 1903

Box H-1 Correspondence, 1905

Box H-1 Miscellaneous, 1905

Box H-1 Correspondence, 1906-1907

Box H-1 News Releases, 1906

Box H-1 Committee of 100--Financial Records, 1909 June

Box H-1 Committee of 100--Financial Records, 1909 July

Box H-1 Committee of 100--Financial Records, 1909 August

Box H-2 Committee of 100--Financial Records, 1909 October, 2 folders

Box H-2 Committee of 100--Financial Records, 1909 November

Box H-2 Committee of 100--Financial Records (Checkbooks)

Box H-3 Committee Minutes, 1910

Box H-3 Correspondence, 1910

Box H-3 Miscellaneous, 1910

Box H-3 News Releases, 1910

Committee of 100

Box H-3 Correspondence, 1911

Box H-3 News Releases, 1911

Box H-3 Miscellaneous, 1911

Box H-3 Correspondence, 1911, 2 folders

Box H-3 Miscellaneous, 1911

Committee of 100

Box H-4 Minutes, 1912

Box H-4 Miscellaneous, 1912

Box H-4 Correspondence, 1912

Box H-4 News Releases, 1912

Box H-4 Miscellaneous, 1912

Box H-4 Primary Election, 1912

Box H-4 Aldermanic election, 1913

Box H-4 Correspondence, 1913

Box H-4 Miscellaneous 1913A (dated), 1913

Box H-4 Miscellaneous 1913B (undated), 1913

Box H-4 Miscellaneous 1913C (Financial Records), 1913

Box H-4 "Voters Weekly", 1913

Box H-5 Correspondence, 1914

Box H-5 Miscellaneous, 1914

Box H-5 News Releases, 1914

Box H-5 Correspondence, 1915

Box H-5 Miscellaneous, 1915

Box H-5 News Releases, 1915

Box H-5 Correspondence, 1916

Box H-5 Miscellaneous, 1916

Box H-5 News Releases, 1916

Box H-5 Correspondence, 1917

Box H-5 John P. Mitchell Torchlight Parade, 1917

Box H-5 Miscellaneous, 1917

Box H-5 News Releases, 1917

Box H-5 Correspondence, 1918

Box H-5 Miscellaneous, 1918

Box H-5 News Releases, 1918

Box H-5 Correspondence, 1919

Box H-5 Miscellaneous, 1919

Box H-5 News Releases, 1919

Box H-5 Poll Watchers Reports, 1919

Box H-6 Correspondence, 1920

Box H-6 Miscellaneous, 1920

Box H-6 News Releases, 1920

Box H-6 Candidates, 1921

Coalition platform, 1921

Box H-6 Clippings

Box H-6 Correspondence

Box H-6 Cooper Union Meeting--Vice Chairman, 1921

Box H-6 Correspondence, 1921

Box H-6 Miscellaneous, 1921

Box H-6 News Releases, 1921

Box H-6 Volunteer Workers, 1921

See Also: Part P.

Box H-7 Cooper Union Luncheon for Endorsed Candidates, 1922

Box H-7 Correspondence, 1922

Box H-7 Miscellaneous, 1922

Box H-7 News Releases, 1922

Box H-7 Constitutional Amendments, 1923

Box H-7 Correspondence, 1923

Box H-7 Judicial Elections, 1923

Box H-7 Miscellaneous, 1923

Box H-7 Correspondence, 1924

Box H-7 Miscellaneous, 1924

Box H-7 News Releases, 1924

Box H-7 News Releases--Alfred E. Smith, 1924

Box H-7 Correspondence, 1925

Box H-7 Judicial Elections, 1925

Box H-7 Miscellaneous, 1925

Box H-7 News Releases, 1925

Box H-7 Public Improvement Bond Issue Amendment, 1925

Includes A. Smith correspondence.

Box H-7 Public Improvement Bond Issue Amendment--News Releases, 1925

Box H-7 Republican Party, 1925