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Citizens Union of the City of New York records, 1892-2020

Part G: Brooklyn League of the Citizens Union, 1935-1938

Arranged alphabetically.

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Box G-1 Brooklyn Affairs Committee, 1938

Box G-1 Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Annual Report, 1935-1936

Box G-1 Church and Mission Federation, 1936

Box G-1 Church and Mission Federation, 1937

Box G-1 Civic Education Committee, 1938

Council Candidates Committee, 1937

Box G-1 Candidates Records

Box G-1 [Correspondence, records, reports]

Box G-1 Dinner Committee, 1937

Box G-1 Financial Secretary, 1937

Box G-1 General Correspondence, 1936

Box G-1 General Correspondence, 1937

Box G-1 General Correspondence, 1938

Box G-1 Home Meetings--Correspondence Re: Meetings, 1936

Box G-1 Home Meetings--Correspondence Re: Meetings, 1937

Box G-1 Local Candidates Committee, 1937

Membership Committee

Box G-2 Correspondence, 1936

Box G-2 Correspondence, 1937

Box G-2 Correspondence, 1938

Box G-2 Form Letters, 1936

Box G-2 Form Letters, 1937

Box G-2 Form Letters, 1938

Box G-2 Membership Lists, 1934-1935

Box G-2 Membership Lists, 1936

Box G-2 Membership Lists, 1937

Box G-2 Membership Lists, 1938

Box G-2 Membership Lists--Miscellaneous, undated, and clippings

Box G-2 Membership Lists--Clippings (College Lists)

Box G-2 Membership Lists--Clippings

Box G-2 Membership Lists--Clippings, 1938

Box G-1 Nominating Committee, 1937

Box G-1 Program Committee, 1937

Box G-1 Program Committee, 1938

Publicity Committee

Box G-1 Clippings

Box G-1 News Releases - Publications, 1936-1938

Regular Meetings

Box G-3 Minutes, 1936

Box G-3 Minutes, 1937

Box G-3 Notices, 1936

Box G-3 Notices, 1937

Box G-3 Notices, 1938

Box G-3 Rules--Bylaws--Records, 1937

Speakers Committee

Box G-3 Correspondence--Records--Lists, 1936 December-1937 August

Box G-3 Correspondence--Records--Lists, 1937 September-1938 January

Box G-3 Engagements Filled, 1937

Box G-3 Special Pamphlet Committee, 1937

Steering Committee

Box G-3 Records, 1936

Box G-3 Records, 1937

Box G-3 Records, 1938