Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Citizens Union of the City of New York records, 1892-2020

Part B: General Office Files, 1908-1939

Executive correspondence between the Citizens Union's New York City and Albany offices and the Voters Legislative League dealing with the gathering of information on the state legislaure's activities. For additional correspondence, see Part X.

Index to Major Correspondence: Arndt, Walter Tallmadge; Colt, John; Crichton, A. T.; De Lima, Agnes; De Roode, Albert; Doughty, James W.; Eckert, Joseph; Griffin, John C.; Hammitt, Joseph O.; Howard, Clarence V.; Jenks, Helen B.; Kessler, George W.; Loeffler, Herman C.; Lyons, John J.; Mc Gahen, Rufus E.; Moses, Robert; Pedlow, Frank; Platte, A. J.; Porter, Melvin; Schieffelin, William J.; Trevoy, Wilmot V.; Wose, Fred W.; and Youker, Wilfred E.

Arranged chronologically.

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Box B-1 1908, 1908

Box B-1 1909 (Legislative Information Bureau), 1909

Box B-1 1910A (Correspondence), 1910

Box B-1 1910B (Crichton), 1910

Box B-1 1910C (Miscellaneous), 1910

Box B-1 1911A (Correspondence), 1911

Box B-1 1911B (Griffin to Platte), 1911

Box B-1 1911C (Griffin to Hammitt), 1911

Box B-1 1911D (Hammitt to Griffin), 1911

Box B-1 1911E (Miscellaneous), 1911

Box B-1 1912A (Correspondence), 1912

Box B-1 1912B (Howard to Platte), 1912

Box B-1 1912C (Hammitt to Platte), 1912

Box B-1 1912D (Hammitt & Platte to Howard), 1912

Box B-1 1912E (Howard to Hammitt), 1912

Box B-1 1912F (Hammitt), 1912

Box B-1 1912G (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Correspondence), 1912 January-September

Box B-1 1912H (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Correspondence), 1912 October-December

Box B-1 1912I (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Constitution & Press Releases ), 1912

Box B-1 1912J ( VotersLegislativeAssoc.--Municipal League of Buffalo), 1912

Box B-1 1912K (Miscellaneous), 1912

Box B-2 1913A (Correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913B (Hammitt--outgoing correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913C (Hammitt to Kessler), 1913

Box B-2 1913D (Hammitt to Trevoy), 1913

Box B-2 1913E (Hammitt to Youker), 1913

Box B-2 1913F (Youker & Trevoy to Hammitt), 1913

Box B-2 1913G (Hammitt--incoming correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913H (Howard--outgoing correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913I (Howard to Griffin), 1913

Box B-2 1913J (Howard to Hammitt), 1913

Box B-2 1913K (Howard to Kessler), 1913

Box B-2 1913L (Howard to Platte), 1913

Box B-2 1913M (Howard--incoming correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913N (Schieffelin), 1913

Box B-2 1913O (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Hammitt-De Roode correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913P (Jewish newspapers), 1913

Box B-2 1913Q (Miscellaneous), 1913

Box B-2 1914A (Correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914B (Youker--outgoing correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914C (Youker to Doughty), 1914

Box B-2 1914D (Youker--incoming correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914E (Doughty to Youker), 1914

Box B-2 1914F (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard-Youker correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914G (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--incoming correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914H (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Doughty to Howard), 1914

Box B-2 1914I (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1914

Box B-2 1914J (Miscellaneous), 1914

Box B-2 1915A (Correspondence), 1915

Box B-2 1915B (Youker--outgoing correspondence), 1915

Box B-2 1915C (Youker to Doughty), 1915

Box B-2 1915D (Youker to Eckert), 1915

Box B-2 1915E (Youker to Mc Gahen), 1915

Box B-2 1915F (Youker--incoming correspondence), 1915

Box B-2 1915G (Doughty to Youker), 1915

Box B-2 1915H (Mc Gahen to Youker), 1915

Box B-2 1915I (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--incoming correspondence), 1915

Box B-2 1915J (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Youker to Howard), 1915

Box B-2 1915K (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Eckert to Howard), 1915

Box B-2 1915L (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1915

Box B-2 1916A (Correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916B (Doughty to Youker), 1916

Box B-2 1916C (Eckert to Youker), 1916

Box B-2 1916D (Mc Gahen--incoming correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916E (Mc Gahen--outgoing correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916F (Mc Gahen to Youker), 1916

Box B-2 1916G (Youker--outgoing correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916H (Youker to Doughty), 1916

Box B-2 1916I (Youker--incoming correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916J (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--outgoing correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916K (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--incoming correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916L (Youker to Howard), 1916

Box B-2 1916M (Mc Gahen to Howard), 1916

Box B-3 1917A (Correspondence), 1917

Box B-3 1917B (Mc Gahen--outgoing correspondence), 1917

Box B-3 1917C (Mc Gahen to Colt), 1917

Box B-3 1917D (Mc Gahen to Eckert), 1917

Box B-3 1917E (Mc Gahen--incoming correspondence), 1917

Box B-3 1917F (Colt to Mc Gahen), 1917

Box B-3 1917G (Eckert to Mc Gahen), 1917

Box B-3 1917H (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1917

Box B-3 19171 (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Eckert to Howard), 1917

Box B-3 1917J (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Mc Gahen to Howard), 1917

Box B-3 1917K (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--incoming correspondence), 1917

Box B-3 1917L (Miscellaneous), 1917

Box B-3 1918A (Correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918B (Arndt--outgoing correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918C (Arndt to Jenks), 1918

Box B-3 1918D (Arndt-- incoming correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918E (De Roode to Mc Gahen), 1918

Box B-3 1918F (Howard--incoming correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918G (Jenks--outgoing correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918H (Mc Gahen--outgoing correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918I (Mc Gahen & Eckert to Jenks), 1918

Box B-3 1918J (Mc Gahen to De Roode), 1918

Box B-3 1918K (Mc Gahen to Eckert), 1918

Box B-3 1918L (Mc Gahen--incoming correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918M (Legislative Index Publishing Company), 1918

Box B-3 1918N (Municipal League of Buffalo--Mc Gahen-Porter correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918O (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1918

Box B-3 1918P (Women's Municipal League--Mc Gahen to De Lima), 1918

Box B-3 1918Q (Miscellaneous), 1918

Box B-3 1919A (Correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919B (Arndt--incoming correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919C (Arndt to De Roode), 1919

Box B-3 1919D (Arndt-Jenks correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919E (Eckert to Arndt), 1919

Box B-3 1919F (Arndt to Eckert), 1919

Box B-3 1919G (Eckert-Jenks correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919H (Jenks--incoming correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919I (Legislative Index Publishing Company--Arndt to Wose), 1919

Box B-3 1919J (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1919

Box B-3 1919K (Miscellaneous), 1919

Box B-3 1920A (Correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920B (Arndt--correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920C (Arndt-Eckert correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920D (Arndt-Moses correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920E (Arndt-Pedlow correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920F (Eckert-Pedlow correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920G (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920H (Miscellaneous), 1920

Box B-3 1921A (Arndt--incoming correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921B (Arndt--outgoing correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921C (Arndt-Howard correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921D (Arndt-Eckert correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921E (Arndt-Loeffler correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921F (Arndt-Lyons correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921G (Arndt-Moses correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921H (Arndt-Pedlow correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921I (Eckert-Pedlow correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921J (Howard--incoming correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921K (Pedlow--incoming correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921M (Legislative Publishing Company--Arndt-Wose), 1921

Box B-3 1921N (Municipal League of Buffalo--Porter correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1922A (Correspondence), 1922

Box B-3 1922B (Arndt--incoming correspondence), 1922

Box B-3 1922C (Arndt to Pedlow), 1922

Box B-3 1922D (Pedlow to Arndt), 1922

Box B-3 1922E (Pedlow--incoming correspondence), 1922

Box B-3 1922F (Pedlow-to Loeffler), 1922

Box B-3 1922G (Loefler to Pedlow), 1922

Box B-3 1930A (Correspondence), 1930

Box B-3 1939A (Correspondence), 1939