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Citizens Union of the City of New York records, 1892-2020

Part S: Speeches, 1930-1935

Arranged alphabetically.

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Box S-1 Bebout, John E.

Box S-1 Bentley, Henry A.

Box S-1 Boehm

Box S-1 Bolles, John A.

Box S-1 Boochever, George

Box S-1 Buckner, Emory

Box S-1 Choate, Joseph H., Jr.

Box S-1 Davidson, Maurice P.

Box S-1 Davidson, Robert M.

Box S-1 Davies, John R.

Box S-1 Devine, Edward T.

Box S-1 Dilthey, William J.

Box S-1 Dykstra C. A.

City manager, Cincinnati

Box S-1 Edwards, O. Ellery

Box S-1 Fairchild, Walter

Box S-1 Finegan, James E.

Box S-1 Forbes, Russell

Box S-1 Friedwald, Edward

Box S-1 Gisnet, Morris

Box S-1 Goldin, Shepard J.

Box S-1 Herwitz, Oren C.

Box S-1 Hinkle, Walter M.

Box S-1 Hoan, Daniel W.

Mayor, Milwaukee

Box S-1 Howe, Ben

Box S-1 Kaplan, H. Eliot

Box S-1 Keutgen, Charles G.

Box S-1 LaGuardia, Fiorello H.

Box S-1 Levy, George B .

Box S-1 Lowry, Philip W.

Box S-1 McCaffrey, George H.

Box S-1 McGoldrick, Joseph D.

Box S-1 Malone, Dudley Field

Box S-1 Millard, Walter J.

Box S-1 Mulligan, William G.

Box S-1 Ordway, Samuel H.

Box S-1 Peck, Walter Edwin

Box S-1 Radio Record, 1931-1933

Box S-1 Rapp, Stephen K.

Box S-1 Rembaugh, Bertha

Box S-1 Robbins, Ira S.

Box S-1 Rothchild, L. O.

Box S-2 Schieffelin, William Jay, 1931

Box S-2 Schieffelin, William Jay, 1932

Box S-2 Schieffelin, William Jay, 1933, 2 folders

Box S-2 Schurman, Jacob Gould

Box S-2 Stowe, Lyman Beecher

Box S-2 Taft, Charles P.

Box S-2 Tanzer, Arnold


Box S-2 Trosk, George

Box S-2 Tyson, Frank L.

Box S-2 Welling, Richard

Box S-2 Whittingham, Edward R.

Box S-2 Wilson, Russell

Box S-2 Wyeth, Mabel Beeson (Mrs. George A. Wyeth)