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Citizens Union of the City of New York records, 1892-2020

Part P: Miscellaneous Committees, 1897-1938

Arranged alphabetically.

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Board of Estimate--Brooklyn Sanitation

Box P-1 Bids, Contracts, etc.

Box P-1 Correspondence and Reports, 1927

Box P-1 Correspondence and Reports, 1932-1934

Box P-1 Miscellaneous Notes

Box P-1 Maps

Box P-1 Miscellaneous, undated

Civic Conference, 1934

Box P-1 Constitution

Box P-1 Correspondence

Box P-1 Executive Committee

Box P-1 Membership

Box P-1 Meetings

Box P-1 Minutes

Box P-1 Miscellaneous

Box P-1 Programs and recommendations

Box P-2 Committee of 100--Negro Civil Rights, Columbia, TN--Correspondence--A-Z, 1946, 2 folders

Box P-2 Committee on district organizations, 1902-1907, undated

Executive Committee

Box P-2 Executive Committee, 1939

Box P-2 Minutes, 1916

Box P-2 Minutes, 1938

Italian Bureau

Box P-2 Correspondence, 1909, 2 folders

Box P-2 Correspondence, 1910

Box P-2 Miscellaneous

Lecture Bureau

Box P-3 Lecture Bureau, 1897

Box P-3 [Handbills], 1897

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1908

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1909

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1910

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1911

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1912

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1913

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1914-1915, 1918

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1919

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1920

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1921

Box P-3 Volunteers, 1922

Box P-3 Voters Legislative Association, 1912

Box P-3 Voters Legislative Association, 1913

Box P-3 Voters Legislative Association, 1914

Box P-3 Voters Legislative Association, 1915

Box P-3 Voters Legislative Association, 1916

Box P-3 Young Peoples League--Executive Committee--Elections and Ballots, 1936

Box P-3 Miscellaneous printed matter