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Citizens Union of the City of New York records, 1892-2020

Part M: Committee of 100, 1901-1933

A non-partisan watchdog committee on "..all branches of government and the administration of justice in the city"!

Arranged alphabetically.

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Box M-1 Advisory Committee

Box M-1 American creed

Box M-1 Bell, George

Box M-1 Bentley, Henry (Cincinnati)

Box M-1 Binghamton

Box M-1 Budget (New York City)

Box M-1 Buses (New York City)

Box M-1 Cartoons

Box M-1 Charter Committee

Box M-1 Charter data

Box M-1 Charter data--Printed matter

Box M-1 Chidwick, John P.

Minister, St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church.

Box M-1 Church list

Box M-2 Cincinnati data

Box M-2 City manager plan

Box M-2 City manager plan--Printed matter

Box M-2 City party

Box M-2 Cleveland

Committee of 70

Box M-2 New York City

Box M-2 Philadelphia

Box M-2 Commonwealth Fund

Box M-2 Conference Committee

Box M-2 Cooperation in government

Box M-2 Daily calendar, 1933 September 16-November 7

Box M-2 Detroit

Box M-2 Engineers Division

Box M-3 Farley, Thomas M.


Box M-3 Auditor's Reports, 1931-1933

Box M-3 Ledger, 1931-1932

Box M-3 Ledger--Petty Cash Fund

Box M-3 Financial proposals

Box M-4 Fire Department (New York City)

Box M-4 Form letters and memoranda, 1931-1933

Box M-4 Fusion campaign meetings

Box M-4 Garbage disposal

Box M-4 Independent judiciary party

Box M-4 "Insolence of Office"

Box M-4 Lawyers Division

Box M-4 London data

Box M-4 McKee, Joseph

Acting mayor, New York City.

Box M-4 Macy, W. Kingland

Box M-4 Millard, Walter

Box M-4 Milwaukee

Box M-4 Minutes, 1931-1933

Box M-4 Mulrooney, Edward P.

Police Commissioner, New York City.

Box M-5 Ochs, Adolph S.

Box M-5 Public works

Box M-5 Rackets

Box M-5 Rockefeller, John D. (& Packard, Arthur)

Box M-5 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

Schieffelin, William Jay

Box M-5 Appreciation letters, 1932-1933

Box M-5 Biography

Box M-5 Miscellaneous memos

Box M-5 Photographs

Box M-5 Speaking engagements

Box M-5 Seasongood, Murray

Box M-5 Speaker's Bureau

Box M-5 Statements of purpose

Box M-5 Steering Committee

Box M-5 Womens Committee