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Citizens Committee for the Protection of the Environment records, 1966-1969

Series III: Subject Files

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Box 2 General files of CCPE, 1966-1979

(some correspondence; chiefly news releases, notes, memos, clippings, AEC/NRC documents)

Box 2 Abnormal Occurrences

Box 2 ALAP Hearings-AEC

Box 2 Alliances

Box 2 Alternative Sources of Energy-Milaca, Minnesota

Box 2 Benson, Jim

Box 2 Bertell, Rosalie

Box 2 Bibliography

Box 2 Breeder Reactor/CRBR

Box 3 CCPE Testimony

Box 3 Citizens Waste Information Committee

Box 3 Clearwater

Box 3 Comey, David D.

Box 3 Committee for Nuclear Responsibility

Box 3 Commoner, Barry

Box 3 Conversion Conference-Washington, D.C., 1971

Box 3 Decommissioning

Box 3 Decontamination

Box 3 Emergency Plans

Box 3 Ethics of Nuclear Power

Box 3 Fluoridation-Water

Box 3 Funding for Public Participation

Box 3 Heronemus, William

Box 3 Initiatives-People's Lobby

Box 3 Intervenor Funding

Box 3 Jobs and Energy

Box 3 JCAE

Box 4 Komanoff Associates

Box 4 KV Lines

Box 4 Labor Action Coalition

Box 4 Labor and Energy

Box 4 Legislators

Box 4 Licensing

Box 4 Lovins, Amory

Box 4 Low-level Radiation

Box 5 Media, Press

Box 5 Microwaves

Box 5 Nader, Ralph

Box 5 National Assessment of Educational Progress

Box 5 National Council of the Churches of Christ-- Statement/Response--Rossin, A. David

Box 5 National Intervenors

Box 5 National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Box 5 Natural Resources Defense Council

Box 5 Natural Resources Defense Council--Spent Fuel Disposal Costs

Box 6 New Roots

Box 6 New York City Council on the Environment

Box 6 New York City Department of Health

Box 6 New York State Legislature-- Energy

Box 6 New York State Public Service Commission

Box 6 Nuclear Moratorium

Box 6 Nuclear Plant Workers

Box 6 Nuclear Reactors

Box 6 Nuclear Waste Incinerator

Nuclear Waste Management

Box 6 Citizen Participation

Box 6 Interagency Review Group

Box 6 Report TID28817

Box 6 Other Cases

Box 7 Plutonium Lawsuit, 1975

Box 7 Pollard, Robert--Testimony

Box 7 Price-Anderson Act

Box 7 Public Power

Box 7 Radioactive Waste Incinerator

Box 7 Radioactive Waste Transport

Box 7 Safe Energy Act, 1975

Box 7 Safe Energy Coalition--New York State

Box 7 Secrecy--Nuclear Power

Box 7 Sierra Club--Radioactive Waste Proposal

Box 7 Silkwood Supporters

Box 7 Siting and Licensing

Box 7 Solar Access

Box 7 Union of Concerned Scientists

Box 7 Weik, Mary H.

Box 7 Weil, George--Coal and Radioactivity

Box 7 Women

Box 7 World Council of Churches--Statement on Nuclear Energy

Box 7 Worldwatch Institute