Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Chilmark Press records, 1960-1976

Series II: Author Files

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Box 2 Berkeley, Humphrey

Box 2 The Power of the Prime Minister

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Box 2 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Douglas Cleverdon, ed.; David Jones, illus.)

Craig, Edward Gordon

Box 2 [Limited Edition, Will Carter, ed.]

Box 3 Douglas, Keith

Box 3 Alamein to Zem Zem

Box 3 Collected Poems

Box 3 Selected Poems

Dunn, Douglas

Box 3 Terry Street

Jenkins, Roy

Box 3 Asquith

Box 4 Asquith

Box 4 Mr. Balfour's Poodle

Box 5 Profiles

Box 5 Victorian Scandal

Johnson, B.S

Box 5 Poems

Johnson, Samuel

Box 5 The Vanity of Human Wishes

Box 6 Jones, David

Box 6 Anathemata

Box 6 Epoch and Artist

Box 6 The Fatigue

Box 7 In Parenthesis

Box 7 General

Box 7 Agenda (Magazine)

Box 8 Pamphlet

Box 8 Profile

Box 8 Photographs

Kermode, (John) Frank

Box 8 Puzzles and Epiphanies

Box 8 Romantic Image

Marrin, Albert

Box 8 [Poster Book]

Milton, John

Box 8 Areopagitica (Henry Moore, illus.)

Box 8 Morgan, Edward

Box 9 Murphy, Richard

Box 9 Sailing to an Island

Box 9 The God Who Eats Corn

Box 9 U.S. Tour

Phillips, William

Box 9 A Sense of the Present

Piper, David

Box 9 I Am Well, Who Are You?

Box 9 Listener pieces

Box 9 Shades

Box 10 Trial by Battle

Priestley, J.B.

Box 10 All England Listened

Box 11 Reed, Henry

Box 11 Lessons of the War

Righter, William

Box 11 Logic and Criticism

Box 11 Rhetorical Hero

Sparrow, John

Box 11 After the Assassination

Box 11 Controversial Essays

Box 12 Stein, Norman

Box 12 Nothing Will be Restrained

Box 12 General

Stokes, Adrian

Box 12 Invitation in Art

Svolinsky, Karel

Box 12 Illustrations


Box 12 Sixe Illylia (Anthony Gross, illus.)

Box 13 Trypanos, Constantine

Box 13 General

Box 13 Elegies of a Glass Adonis

Box 13 Grooves in the Wind

Box 13 Oedipus Translation

Box 13 Pompeian Dog

Box 13 Sophocles