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John William Burgess papers, 1873-1930

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Creator(s) Burgess, John William, 1844-1931
Title John William Burgess papers, 1873-1930
Physical Description 11 linear feet (26 boxes)
Language(s) English , German .

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Correspondence is arranged: alphabetically by name. The remaining materials are arranged by topic.


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Letters and papers including correspondence extending in date from 1873 to 1930 and consisting principally of letters to Dr. Burgess from friends, associates, and contemporary scholars in the field of political science, and dealing with academic and scholarly subjects, the publication of his various writings, his teaching career, business, and personal affairs. Included are some original letters written by Burgess and copies of others. The letters to Burgess are from Europe and America with the majority in English, but a number are in German. Also, twenty-two file boxes containing manuscript and typescript notes for lectures, courses, articles, addresses, books, and more correspondence relating to these.

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The following boxes are located off-site: 8-24. You will need to request this material from the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

This collection has no restrictions.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

Professor of political science at Amherst College and Columbia University.

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Series I: Correspondence

Adams, Brooks

Adler, Felix

Ahlborn, Emil

Alexander, Archibald

Althoff, Friedrich

Althoff, Mr. & Mrs. Friedrich and Marie Ingenohl

Althoff, Marie

American Colony at Munich

Balfour, Arthur

Bancroft, Frederic A.

Bar, L. V.

Barnard, Frederick August us Porter

Barnes, Harry E.

Bateman, Clifford R.

Bates, G. H.

Bausman, Frederick

Beck, Emil G.

Beer, Ludwig

Beicke, Dr.

Berner, Albert Freiderick

Bernstorff, Johann Count von

Bigelow, John

Binding, Karl

Bizallion, Henry H.

Blatchford, Judge

Boas, Franz

Boutmy, Emile

Bowles, Samuel

Brandt, S.

Bratter, R.

Braunschweig, Friedrich

Bray, Joseph E.

Brown, Elmer E.

Brownell, W. C.

Bryan, George T

Bryce, James Burdick, F. M.

Burgess, John William, (correspondence through 1915)

Box 2 Burgess, John William, 1916-1930

Box 3 Burke, John C.

Box 3 Busser, J. M. and G. Durring

Box 3 Butler, Joseph A.

Box 3 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box 3 Caesar, D. C.

Box 3 Camara, Anital

Box 3 Canfield, James H.

Box 3 Carpenter, William Heracy

Box 3 Carter, J. Franklin

Box 3 Catt, Carrie Chapman

Box 3 Chadwick, F. E.

Box 3 Chadwick, John C.

Box 3 Chapman, E. T.

Box 3 Clark, Charles Washburn

Box 3 Clark, John Bates

Box 3 Coe, Edward B.

Box 3 Conybeare, Fred C.

Box 3 Cox, Wilmot T.

Box 3 Crome

Box 3 Dambach, Dr.

Box 3 Davis, Charles Henry

Box 3 Decker, Fritz

Box 3 Dernberg, Frederick

Box 3 Dewey, Melvil

Box 3 Deyo, Israel T.

Box 3 Dick, Admiral

Box 3 Dick, Carl P.

Box 3 Dickie, James F.

Box 3 Diederich, Henry

Box 3 Diels, H.

Box 3 Dillon, John H.

Box 3 Dixon, Susan Bullitt

Box 3 Dole, Charles F.

Box 3 Dole, Sanford B.

Box 3 Douglas, W. W.

Box 3 Drisler, Henry

Box 3 Droysen, Johannes Gustav

Box 3 Duggan, Stephen Pierce

Box 3 Dunning, William A.

Box 3 Dwight, Theodore W.

Box 3 Ebbinghaus, Hermann

Box 3 Eilsberger

Box 3 Elliman, Lawrence B.

Box 3 Elster, Ludwig

Box 3 Ende, Freiherr von

Box 3 Erich, Rafael

Box 3 Fackenthal, Frank D.

Box 3 Fay, C. N.

Box 3 Ferlinghetti, C. L.

Box 3 Fischel, R.

Box 3 Fisher, A. Carl

Box 3 Fisher, Prof. Irving

Box 3 Fitzgibbon, Gerald

Box 3 Fleischer, Richard

Box 3 Flower, R. P.

Box 3 Flubacker, M.

Box 3 Foltz, Charles J.

Box 3 Forbes, J. Cameron

Box 3 Foster, William H.

Box 3 Foster, J. Ellen Mrs.

Box 3 Forster, Henry A.

Box 3 Fox, Austen

Box 3 Fox, Dixon Ryan

Box 3 Freund, Ernst

Box 3 Fryer, Alexander

Box 3 Fuhrmeister

Box 3 Fullerton, George S.

Box 3 Gaffney, T. St. John

Box 3 Gardiner, Asa Bird

Box 3 Gardiner, Helen L.

Box 3 Gartisch, Margarete

Box 3 Gavney, E. W.

Box 3 Geiser, Karl F.

Box 3 Gierkie, Otto

Box 3 Gillet, Frederick H.

Box 3 Glassville, Reginald

Box 3 Goff, John W.

Box 3 Gompers, Samuel

Box 3 Goodnow, Frank J.

Box 3 Gorz, Graf von

Box 3 Grafe, E.

Box 3 Gray, John H.

Box 3 Green, S. D.

Box 3 Gunther, H.

Box 3 Guthrie, William D.

Box 3 Haas, L. G.

Box 3 Halbach, Fritz

Box 3 Hardon, Cora Burr

Box 3 Harlan John M.

Box 3 Harlan, Richard D.

Box 3 Harre, T. Everett

Box 3 Harrison, Lord Mary

Box 3 Hart, Albert Bushnell

Box 3 Hayer, Webb C.

Box 3 Heiland, Julius

Box 3 Hendlan

Box 3 Hepburn, A. Barton

Box 3 Hill, David Jayne

Box 3 Hintze, 0.

Box 3 Hoffman, Charles F.

Box 3 Hoffman, F. S.

Box 3 Holie, Ludwig

Box 3 Hood, Fred R.

Box 3 Hosbach, J. T. A.

Box 3 Huebsch, B. W.

Box 3 Hugenberg, Alfred

Box 3 Hugo, Francis M.

Box 3 Hulbert, Murray

Box 4 Isham, Charles

Box 4 Jackson, A. V. Williams

Box 4 Jenkins, H. F.

Box 4 Johnson, Francis H.

Box 4 James, Edmund J.

Box 4 Kane, J. F.

Box 4 Kaufmannischer, Verein

Box 4 King, John A.

Box 4 Kinsella, M. J.

Box 4 Kirschner

Box 4 Klein, F.

Box 4 Knight, Charles L.

Box 4 Kohler, Josef

Box 4 Krane, William M.

Box 4 Laband, Dr.

Box 4 Lang, K.

Box 4 Lansing, Robert

Box 4 Lauriat Jr., Charles E.

Box 4 Lawrence, William Beach

Box 4 Leonard, Rudolf

Box 4 Lesser, Maximus A.

Box 4 Lewis, C. W.

Box 4 Leeds, Rudolph G.

Box 4 Lieber, Henrietta S.

Box 4 Lindauer, S. A.

Box 4 Lindsay, Samuel McCune

Box 4 Littlejohn, E. G.

Box 4 Lodge, Henry Cabot

Box 4 Lodge, J. F.

Box 4 Lothrop, Thornton Kirkland, Jr

Box 4 Low, Annie W. S.

Box 4 Low, Seth

Box 4 Lowell, Abbott Lawrence

Box 4 Ludwig, Ernest

Box 4 Lyman, Payson W.

Box 4 MacDonald, William

Box 4 Machen, Lewis H.

Box 4 Malone, Thomas H.

Box 4 Mason, William

Box 4 May, William B. & Co.

Box 4 May erhofer, Franz

Box 4 May o-Smith, Richmond

Box 4 McAneny, George

Box 4 MeBain, Howard

Box 4 Meiklejohn, Alexander

Box 4 Mencken, Henry L.

Box 4 Merrill, Oldham & Co.

Box 4 Merrill, Bradford

Box 4 Meyer, Edward

Box 4 Meyer, Julius P.

Box 4 Miller, Charles R.

Box 4 Mills, Ogden L.

Box 4 Minot, William

Box 4 Mitchell, Henry Bedinger

Box 4 Moffett, Samuel E.

Box 4 Moon, Parker Thomas

Box 4 Moore, John B.

Box 4 Moors, J. K.

Box 4 Morales, Eusebio A.

Box 4 Morrow, Dwight

Box 4 Moser, Bernard

Box 4 Munsterberg, Hugo

Box 4 Nagel, Charles

Box 4 Nash, J. P.

Box 4 National Sculpture Society

Box 4 Neimeister, Paul

Box 4 The New York Sun

Box 4 Newald, Thomas

Box 4 Northcote, H. S.

Box 4 Oechelhaeuser, Wilhelm von

Box 4 Ogden, G. M.

Box 4 Ohrem, Hermann

Box 4 Olds, George D.

Box 4 Osgood, Caroline

Box 4 Paine, George H.

Box 4 Palmer, A. Emerson

Box 4 Paszkowski, Wilhelm

Box 4 Paulsen, Friedrich

Box 4 Peabody, George L.

Box 4 Pease & Elliman

Box 4 Penck, Albrecht

Box 4 Perry, E. D.

Box 4 Perry, Joseph T.

Box 4 Perry, Marsden J.

Box 5 Phash, S.

Box 5 Phelps, R. N. R.

Box 5 Philbrick, Francis S.

Box 5 Pierce, Franklin

Box 5 Pierce, William

Box 5 Pine, John B.

Box 5 Pischel, R.

Box 5 Plain American Citizen

Box 5 Plimpton, G. A.

Box 5 Posadowsky-Wehner, Artur Graf von

Box 5 Powers, Fred Perry

Box 5 Pritchitt, Henry S.

Box 5 Raeder

Box 5 Raftan, J.

Box 5 Raht

Box 5 Reinsch, Paul S.

Box 5 Rhoads, Marian

Box 5 Rhodes, Arthur A.

Box 5 Rives, G. L.

Box 5 Rodemann, Georg

Box 5 Robinson, Sara T. D.

Box 5 Rogers, Edwin H.

Box 5 Roosevelt, Theodore

Box 5 Roth

Box 5 Roth, Adolf

Box 5 Sachan, Ed.

Box 5 Sage, Margaret Olivia Slocum (Mrs. Russell Sage)

Box 5 Sagger, M. K.

Box 5 Saleilles, R.

Box 5 Bishop of Salisbury?

Box 5 Salter, William

Box 5 Savage, Henry W. Inc.

Box 5 Schick, J.

Box 5 Schiemann, Theodor

Box 5 Schmidt, F.

Box 5 Schmidt, Meta

Box 5 Schnittkind, Henry T.

Box 5 Schnott, Walter

Box 5 Schreiner, George

Box 5 Schumacher, R.

Box 5 Scribner, Charles

Box 5 Charles ScribnerTs Sons

Box 5 Seligman, Edwin Robert Anderson

Box 5 Senior, H. C. Co.

Box 5 Shepherd, William R.

Box 5 Sibley, Hiram L.

Box 5 Slawson & Hobbs

Box 5 Sloane, William Milligan

Box 5 Smith, Carl G.

Box 5 Smith, Edmund Munroe

Box 5 Societe* Nationale de. Propagande

Box 5 Francaise

Box 5 Speyer, James

Box 5 Spiering, Theodore

Box 5 Stangeland, Charles E.

Box 5 Stearns, F. W.

Box 5 Steinmeister

Box 5 Stoddard, L.

Box 5 Stolzel, Adolf

Box 5 Stroock, Sol M.

Box 5 Stross, Emanuel

Box 5 Stumpf, C.

Box 5 Sullivan, James

Box 6 Tastroen, Dr.

Box 6 Tauesma, Rosalie

Box 6 Taylor, C. N.

Box 6 Tenisch, Baron

Box 6 Terry, Roderick

Box 6 Thayer, Eli

Box 6 Tombo, Rudolf

Box 6 Tonner, J. A.

Box 6 Toppan, Robert

Box 6 Tower, Charlemagne

Box 6 Tower, Helen (Mrs. Charlemagne)

Box 6 Trent, William P.

Box 6 Tyler, F. B.

Box 6 Tyler, John M.

Box 6 U.S. Treasury Department

Box 6 Urban, H. F.

Box 6 Van Amringe, John Howard

Box 6 Van Armringe, Robert C.

Box 6 Van Sternburg, Lillian

Box 6 Vierck, George Sylvester

Box 6 Viereck, Louis

Box 6 Villard, Oswald Garrison

Box 6 von Briesen, Arthur V.

Box 6 von Funk

Box 6 von Harnack, Dr. D.

Box 6 von Leulous, Furst

Box 6 von Martitz, Ferdinand

Box 6 von Moltke, Freiherr Dettlef

Box 6 von Raunsaber, Frederick

Box 6 von Rheinbohm, Wally

Box 6 von Roeder

Box 6 von Schliechausen, Herta

Box 6 von Schmoller, Gustav

Box 6 von Streuensee, Graf

Box 6 von Studt, Konrad

Box 6 von Tippelskirch, Kurt

Box 6 von Veltheisse, Else

Box 6 Waldeyer, Wilhelm

Box 6 Walker, C. S.

Box 6 Wagner, Adolf

Box 6 Wallace, Henry A.

Box 6 Walsh, David I.

Box 6 Ward, Charles

Box 6 Ward, William Hayer

Box 6 Warner,Ethel

Box 6 Waten, James

Box 6 Wedel, G.

Box 6 Wells, David

Box 6 Werner, Ferdinand

Box 6 Wheeler, Benjamin I.

Box 6 Wheeler, J. R.

Box 6 Whicher, George F.

Box 6 White, William P.

Box 6 Whitridge, Frederick W.

Box 6 Wiener, Urania

Box 6 Wild, Robert

Box 6 Willard, E. M.

Box 6 Williams, Maude G.

Box 6 Williams, Stephen G.

Box 6 Williams, Talcott

Box 6 Wilson, Woodrow

Box 6 Winthrop, Robert C.

Box 6 Woodbridge, Frederick James Eugene

Box 6 Wood, Thomas W.

Box 6 Unidentified correspondence

Series II: Documents

Box 7 Cataloged Documents

Reminiscences of an American scholar

Box 8 Vol. 1-2

Box 9 Vol. 3-4

Box 10 Vol. 5

Box 10 Columbia Lecture Notes

Box 11 General

Box 12 Sanctity of Law, The Colonial System

Box 18 Sanctity of Law

Box 13 The American Constitutional History, Founding of Faculty of Political Science

Box 15 Diary of a Professor's Wife by Ruth Payne Burgess

Box 19 Addresses and Articles

Box 20 Addresses and Articles

Box 21 Articles and Essays

Box 23 Autobiography

Box 23 Russian Revolution

Box 24 Reconciliation of Government with Liberty

Box 14 Miscellaneous Documents

Box 16 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 17 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 22 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 23 Miscellaneous Manuscripts