Rare Book & Manuscript Library

William H. Carpenter papers, 1906-1926

Series II: Uncataloged Correspondence

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Box 3 A

Box 3 Announcements

Box 3 Approved list of Colleges

Box 3 Architecture

Box 5 Association of American Universities

Box 3 Association of Colleges in the State of New York

Box 3 B

Box 3 Board of Religious Education in the Diocese of New York

Box 3 Bookstore

Box 3 C

Box 3 Carpenter (family correspondence)

Box 3 Century Association

Box 3 Certificates for Medals and Prizes

Box 3 Certificates, Professional

Box 3 D

Box 3 Danielson, C. S.

Box 3 Danton, G. H.

Box 3 E

Box 3 Educational Reviews

Box 3 Egbert, James Chidester

Box 3 F

Box 3 Fackenthal, Frank D.

Box 3 Foreign Study, Handbook of

Box 3 France

Box 3 French Institute

Box 3 Furst, Clyde

Box 4 G

Box 4 Germanistic Society

Box 4 Goetze, Frederick A.

Box 4 Graves, Frank Pierrepont

Box 4 H

Box 4 Hawkes, Herbert Edwin

Box 4 Hayden, Philip M.

Box 4 Highway Engineering

Box 4 I

Box 4 Institute of International Education

Box 4 J

Box 4 Joint Committee on Graduate Instruction

Box 4 Jones,. Adam Leroy

Box 4 K

Box 4 L

Box 4 Leuschner, A. O.

Box 4 M

Box 4 Medical School

Box 4 Military Service

Box 4 Morgan, O. S.

Box 4 Music, Department of

Box 4 N

Box 4 National Training School - Y.W.C.A.

Box 4 Norris, Henry Lee

Box 4 Nurses, Committee on Professional Training of

Box 4 O

Box 4 P

Box 4 Pharmacy, School of

Box 4 R

Box 4 Reform Club Library

Box 4 Registrar

Box 4 Rhees, Rush

Box 4 Rice Institute

Box 5 S

Box 5 Sato, S.

Box 5 Smith, Edgar Fahs

Box 5 South Africa

Box 5 T

Box 5 U

Box 5 University Undergraduates

Box 5 V

Box 5 W

Box 5 White, Sarah Parker

Box 5 Women Graduate School

Box 5 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1910-1911