Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Laura Keane Zametkin Hobson papers, 1930-1986

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

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Box 1 Agar, Herbert Sebastian

Box 1 Baldwin, Roger Nash

Box 1 Benton, William

Box 1 Carmer, Carl Lamson

Box 1 Cornell, Katharine

Box 1 Cousins, Norman

Box 1 Fadiman, Clifton Paul

Box 1 Ferber, Edna

Box 1 Gibbs, Wolcott

Box 1 Hammerstein, Oscar, II

Box 1 Hart, Moss

Box 1 Hersey, John

Box 1 Hoover, John Edgar

Box 1 Humphrey, Hubert Horatio

Box 1 Ickes, Harold Le Clair

Box 1 Jones, Ernest

Box 1 Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

Box 1 Kennedy, Robert Francis

Box 1 La Farge, Christopher Grant

Box 1 Lerner, Max

Box 1 Loveman, Amy

Box 1 Luce, Clare Boothe

Box 1 Luce, Henry Robinson

Box 1 McCarthy, Eugene Joseph

Box 1 Mann, Klaus

Box 1 Mann, Thomas

Box 1 Mielziner, Jo

Box 1 Morse, Wayne

Box 1 Murrow, Edward R.

Box 1 Nizer, Louis

Box 1 Pringle, Henry Fowles

Box 1 Robinson, Henry Morton

Box 1 Roosevelt, Eleanor

Box 1 Schiff, Dorothy

Box 1 Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, Jr

Box 1 Sherwood, Robert Emmet

Box 1 Spock, Benjamin

Box 1 Stout, Rex

Box 1 Swanberg, William Andrew

Box 1 Swing, Raymond

Box 1 Thompson, Dorothy

Box 1 Van Doren, Carl Clinton

Box 1 Weidman, Jerome

Box 1 White, Walter Francis