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Lienhard Bergel papers, 1928-1995, 1928-1995

VII. Sylvia Bergel Papers

The correspondence in this series was originally in chronological order but has been arranged by correspondent. Duplicates of correspondence and newspaper clippings were removed.

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7.1 Correspondence

Box 5 Correspondence , 1905-1987

Box 5 Bergel, Lienhard Letters to the Editor, 1985

Box 5 Bloustein, Edward, 1925-1989 and Rutgers University, 1985-1989

Box 5 Greenberg, Michael, 1987-1992

Box 5 Horn, Daniel, 1985

Box 5 McCormick, Richard, 1916-, 1987-1988

Box 5 Oshinsky, David, 1944-, 1985-1993

Box 5 Parisi, Peter, 1941-, 1985-1989

Box 5 Silver, Alan, 1914-1988, 1985-1989

Box 6 Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1985

Box 6 Zenchelsky, Seymour, 1987-1995

Box 6 Letters to the Editor, 1985-1995

Box 6 Various correspondence A-B

Box 6 Various correspondence C

Box 6 Various correspondence D-M

Box 6 Various correspondence N-Z

Box 6 Index to correspondence, 1985-1987

7.2 Writings by Others

Box 6 Greenberg, Michael and Zenchelsky, Seymour "Anti-Semitism at Rutgers: the 1920s and 30s", 1993

Box 6 Greenberg, Michael and Zenchelsky, Seymour "The Confrontation with Nazism at Rutgers: Academic Bureaucracy and Moral Failure", 1990

Box 6 Oshinsky, David "Report on the Bergel-Hauptmann Case", 1986

Box 6 American Civil Liberties Union "Reports of Investigators…on Trustees' Investigation into Dismissal of Lienhard Bergel from the German Department at the New Jersey College for Women", August 1935

Box 6 Amercian Association of University Professors "Report on the Bergel Matter", February 1987

Box 7 Special Trustees' Committee Report. "In the Matter of the Investigation of the Charges of Lienhard Bergel", August 1935

[Copied 1985]

Box 7 Bergel, Sylvia Research notes, Compiled 1985

Box 7 Bergel, Syvlia Notes and drafts of correspondence, 1988

Box 7 Bergel, Sylvia Bibliography of Lienhard Bergel's publications, 1989

7.3 Subject/Topical Files

7.3.1 Bergel-Hauptmann case

Box 7 Letters of Hauptmann, Clothier and Corwin 1940-1941, Photocopied 1985

7.3.2. German Academy

Box 7 Translation by Sylvia Bergel, 1985

7.3.3. FBI

Box 7 FBI file on Johannes Hauptmann, Photocopied 1986

7.4 Documents

Box 7 Faculty Questionnaire filled in by Lienhard Bergel, 1967, Photocopy,

Box 7 Lienhard Bergel's teaching certificates, 1930

7.5 Photographs

Box 7 Alan Silver Alan Silver's dog, 1989

7.6 Printed Material

Box 7 Biographies photocopied from various sources

Box 7 Newspaper clippings, 1933-1992