Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Herbert H. Lehman Papers, 1878-2002, bulk 1930-1963

Series XI: Political Cartoons, 1933-1960

This subseries contains political cartoons by artists Jerry Costello, Rollin Kirby, Herbert Block ("Herblock"), Frank Hanley, Miguel Covarrubias, Doc Rankin, Crook, Fred Graf, and Jerry Doyle. They depict moments in Lehman's political career and appeared in popular newspapers and magazines. There are a few reproductions, but most are original drawings that were given to Lehman as gifts by the artists.

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Oversize Box 1404 Folder 1 "The Indestructible Spirit"--British War Morale Cartoon by Jerry Costello

Oversize Box 1404 Folder 2 "Inauguration March4, 1933"--Print of Cartoon of Franklin Roosevelt's Inauguration from Vanity Fair by Cavarrubias,, 1933

Oversize Box 1404 Folder 3 "Look Out! He's Not as Meek as He Looks"--Original Cartoon of HHLs Fight for the Social Security Program by Rollin Kirby,, 1933

Oversize Box 1404 Folder 4 "The Tale of Two Cities"--Original Cartoon of Election Predictions by Jerry Costello,, 1938

Oversize Box 1404 Folder 5 "Why the Hesitation?"--Original Cartoon on Constitutional Convention and Water Power Legislation by Jerry Costello,, 1938

Oversize Box 1403 Folder 1 "What a Break for Us, Joe!"--Original Cartoon on HHL's Proposed Higher Tax on Liquer by Rollin Kirby,, 1936

Oversize Box 1403 Folder 2 "But the Hands are the Hands of Herbert"--Original Cartoon of JJL and Dodge by Rollin Kirby,, undated

Oversize Box 1403 Folder 3 "New York State Deficit"--Original Cartoon on State Finances by Doc Rankin,, 1938

Oversize Box 1403 Folder 4 "Lehman Anti-Crime Bills"--Copy of Cartoon of Governor's Anti Crime Program by Rollin Kirby,, 1936

Oversize Box 1403 Folder 5 "Ready to Step in"--Original Cartoon on Future Federal War Post by Jerry Costello,, 1942

Oversize Box 1403 Folder 6 "I've been Doing a Great Deal of Running Already"--Original Cartoon on NY State Election and Race Track Scandal by Herblock,, 1954

Oversize Box 1403 Folder 7 "Drop in Anytime"--Original Cartoon on McCarran-Walter Immigration Bill of May 1952 by Herlock, 1952, May 1952, 1952

Oversize Box 1402 Folder 1 "Rare Tigris de Sapiensis Bagged by Reform Dems--Original Cartoon on Defeat of Tammany Boss Carmine de Sapio by Crook,, 1960

Oversize Box 1402 Folder 2 Ripper Legislation" on Governor's Proposal for Crime Prevention by Fred Graf,, 1936

Oversize Box 1402 Folder 3 "Anti-Crime Bill"--Origianl Cartoon of Governer's Proposals for Crime Prevention by Fred Graf,, 1936

Oversize Box 1402 Folder 4 "Tell Us More About This"--Original Cartoon on Senator Lehman's Disaster Insurance Proposal by Herblock,, 1955

Oversize Box 1402 Folder 5 "Do You Think He'll Hear Our Knocking?"--Original Cartoon On New York State Child Labor Amendment by Rollin Kirby,, 1935

Oversize Box 1402 Folder 6 "The Appreciative Audience"--Original Cartoon on Legislature's Oppostion to the Governor's Anti-Crime Program of 1936 by Rollin Kirby, 1936, 1936, 1936

Oversize Box 1401 Folder 1 "Another Term"--Original Cartoon on Governor Lehman's New Term of Office by Jerry Costello,, 1939

Oversize Box 1401 Folder 2 "Many Happy Returns"--Birthday Greetings by Herblock, 1958

Oversize Box 1401 Folder 3 "This Great Train Hold-Up--Election Predictions by Jerry Costello,, 1940

Oversize Box 1401 Folder 4 "That's Tellin'Em, Dan!"--Oppostion of Tammany Hall to a Third Term For the Governor by Rollin Kirby,, 1936

Oversize Box 1401 Folder 5 "A Big Job for the New Chef"--Work with UNRRA by Jerry Doyle, 1943

Oversize Box 1401 Folder 6 "Surprising How Many of Them Don't Come In"--Displaced Persons Bill by Herblock,, 1948

Oversize Box 1401 Folder 7 "Vote for Herbert H. Lehman"--Victorious Senate Campaign vs. John Foster Dulles by Frank Hanley,, 1949

Box L6 "Governer Lehman's Crime Bills" to Charles Poletti with Best Wishes of Rollin Kirby

Box L6 Voter and Lehman by Rollin Kirby

Box L6 "Do You Really Want Me to Work, Governor?" by Rollin Kirby

Box L6 "Special Delivery Governor" by Rollin Kirby

Box L6 Druckman Case by Rollin Kirby

Box L6 "Destroy that Handclasp" by Rollin Kirby

Box L6 "Waiting Outside the Door," by Rollin Kirby

Box L6 "The Right and Answer Governor," by Rollin Kirby

Box L6 "Halleluiah!" by Rollin Kirby

Box L6 "Hommage A Monsieur Lehman," by Derso and Klein, 1945

Box L5 Birthday Card (Poster) "Many Happy Returns to Senator Lehman" by Herb Block, Signed by Many

Box L5 Lehman Giving Gifts to Children, "Hommage A'Monsieur Lehman" by Klein, circa, 1945