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Ernest Nagel papers, 1930-1988

Series VIII: Subject Files

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Box 26 Academy of Humanism.

Box 26 Agriculture, Department of

Box 26 American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Box 26 American Economic Association Conference.

Box 26 American Friends of Hebrew University.

Box 26 American Philosophical Society.

Box 26 American Philosophical Society. Annual Meeting, 1964

Box 26 American University. Hurst Philosophy Lecture.

Box 26 Bibliographic References.

Box 26 The British Academy.

Box 26 Carnap, Rudolf.

Box 26 Carus Lectures.

Box 26 Catholic University of America.

Box 26 Columbia University Lectures, 1973

Box 26 Conference for Federal Science Executives.

Box 26 Cooper Union.

Box 26 Descartes Tricentenary.

Box 26 John DEWEY Foundation. (1) - (3)

Box 27 John DEWEY Foundation. Essay Project; Minutes.

Box 27 Edel Festschrift.

Box 27 Educational Policies Commission.

Box 27 Einstein Centennial.

Box 27 Einstein College Colloquium.

Box 27 Encyclopedia of the Twentieth Century.

Box 27 Fordham University Conference, 1965

Box 27 Philipp FRANK Dinner.

Box 27 Freiss, Horace L.

Box 27 Gšdel, Kurt.

Box 27 Gšdel's Proof.

Box 27 Harvard Commencement, 1966.

Box 27 Haverford College Institute.

Box 27 KQED Computer Series. (1)

Box 28 KQED Computer Series. (2)

Box 28 Journal of Philosophy Notes on Tadeuxz KOTARBINSKI Translation.

Box 28 Paul F. LAZARSFELD Fund.

Box 28 Logic of Historical Explanation. Conference. (1) - (2)

Box 28 Logical Positivism. Conference.

Box 28 Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science.

Box 28 Morgenbesser Festschrift.

Box 28 Nagel Speech Announcements.

Box 28 National Academy of Sciences. National Research Council. (1) - (2)

Box 29 National Academy of Sciences National Research Council. (3)

Box 29 National Endowment for the Humanities.

Box 29 National Endowment for the Humanities. Interdisciplinary Institute.

Box 29 National Science Foundation.

Box 29 New School for Social Research.

Box 29 Charles PEIRCE Colloquium.

Box 29 Charles PEIRCE Colloquium. Related Items.

Box 29 Phi Delta Kappa Symposium on Educational Research.

Box 29 Philosophy of Education Society.

Box 29 Philosophy of Science Association (1) - (2)

Box 29 Princeton University.

Box 30 Randall, J. H.

Box 30 Reichenbach, Hans.

Box 30 Rockefeller Foundation Grant

Box 30 Andrei SAKHAROV Conference, 1981

Box 30 Science, Philosophy and Religion Symposium, 1965

Box 30 Scientific Frontiers and their Interaction with Society.

Box 30 Smith College. Science Committee.

Box 30 Solow, Herbert.

Box 30 Sterling Forest Conference Program.

Box 30 The Tamiment Institute (1) - (2)

Box 30 Teleology Revisited.

Box 30 University Center in Virginia

Box 30 University of Chicago. Conceptual Foundations of Science.

Box 30 Venuxem Lectures.

Box 30 Miscellaneous.

Box 30 Clippings.