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Grayson Kirk papers, 1938-1984

Series I: Topical Office Files, 1958-1984

This series includes files relating to a number of campus projects and issues with which Kirk was involved. Most of the folders are topical, but there are alphabetical correspondence files that include correspondence not directly related to one of the topics with its own folder.

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Box 1 A-Correspondence

Box 1 Academy of Political Science

Box 1 Alumni Federation

Box 1 Altschul, Frank

Box 1 American Association of University Professors

Box 1 American Council on Education.

Box 1 Arts, School of the

Box 1 Association of American Universities

Box 1 B-Correspondence

Box 1 Bramish, Alleyn (Albany)

Box 1 Buell, Temple

Box 2 Bloor, William

Box 2 C-Correspondence

Box 2 Chamberlain, Lawrence H.

Box 2 Charter Day

Box 2 Cordier, A.W.

Box 2 D-Correspondence

Box 2 Delafield

Box 2 E-Correspondence

Box 2 Eisenhower , D.D.

Box 2 F-Correspondence

Box 2 G-Correspondence

Box 2 Garrett, ProHenry E.

Box 2 Gymnasium, 1958

Box 2 K-Correspondence

Box 2 L-Correspondence

Box 2 McGill, William J.

Box 2 McGill Luncheon, 1972 April 4

Box 2 Pulitzer Prize Board

Box 2 Pulitzer Prizes

Box 3 Real Estate

Box 3 Reid Hall

Box 3 Teachers College

Box 3 W-Correspondence

Box 3 Wheeler, John W.