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Imre Kovacs Papers, 1945-1980

Series VI: Miscellaneous Material

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Box 38 Various articles. Local Council Leaflet, cliooines

Box 38 Activities of the Hungarian Committee during

Box 38 Mikoian's visit to the United States

Box 38 Kovacs, Imre "A Szovjet Unio lagy also teste"

Box 38 United States Information Agency-applications and related

Box 38 correspondence

Box 38 Materials on Bela Kun

Box 38 Report of a Hungarian Returning From America in English and

Box 38 Hungarian (2 copies)

Box 38 Free Europe Press, Planning and Analysis Department's

Box 38 Mailing Plan, (2 folders)

Box 38 Belso tajekoztato

Box 38 "The Peasant". A Symposium concerning the Peasant Way and View of

Box 38 Life (7 issues)

Box 38 Una Encuesta sobre los Problemas Agrarios de America Latina, report

Box 38 prepared for the International Center for Social Research

Box 38 Free Europe Press, (2 folders)

Box 38 Agrarian Reform in Columbia

Box 38 "Preventive Liberation" of Eastern Europe

Box 38 Hungarian Committee, office documents and poster

Box 39 Correspondence with Peter Aldor and Tihamer Karlovich, (2 folders)

Box 39 Caricatures by Peter Aldor

Box 39 Reports on Paul Szabo repatriation

Box 39 Anniversary leaflet (1955) and posters

Box 39 Free Europe Press-Press Release, October 3, 1954

Box 39 Free World Group

Box 39 Free Europe Committee

Box 39 Mr. Ajai Mitra

Box 39 Clippings and Reports on 1956 Revolution, 1956, (2 folders)

Box 39 Latohatar and Hungarian Committee

Box 39 Stalin

Box 39 Various articles

Box 39 New guidance, 1961

Box 40 Notes from the Foreign Language Press

Box 40 Hungarian Christmas

Box 40 Notes on Slang

Box 40 Operation Focus

Box 40 Abolition of MTS (Machine Tractor Station) in Vorkuta Since the

Box 40 Prisoners' Strike

Box 40 History of Rajk

Box 40 Egy Pohar Bor Mellet

Box 40 Khrushchev's visit to Hungary

Box 40 European Trip

Box 40 Outlines and drafts of various articles

Box 40 Free Europe Press, Guide Book and Background information on

Box 40 Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Hungary

Box 40 Libik

Box 40 Report on Trip in Miami

Box 40 Correspondence with Kibedi

Box 40 Report on South American Trip

Box 40 Clippings and Reports of Hungarian Committee

Box 40 Imre Kovacs's Reports from different countries

Box 40 British Guiana

Box 41 International Center for Social Research

Box 41 Free Europe Press. Interim Report on Asian-African Contacts

Box 41 Program

Box 41 Congress of the Hungarian Writers' Federation in Paris

Box 41 Various materials on Hungary

Box 41 Amnesty for Political Prisoners in Hungary Committee

Box 41 The World Strength of the Communist Party Organizations (report), clippings and caricatures

Box 41 Hungary, list of persons holding important positions in Party, State Administration, and Public Life.

Box 41 Stalin Yesterday and Today

Box 42 Hungarian Committee

Box 42 Letter from Ranga

Box 42 Calling cards

Box 42 Szabad Magyarorszag

Box 42 Drafts of various articles

Box 42 Always with the Oppressed, a film story by Imre Kovacs (in

Box 42 Hungarian)

Box 42 Hungary and Russia, Dezso Szabo (brochures)

Box 42 Free Europe Committee, Inc., memoranda and forms

Box 42 Free Hungary, the periodical of the National Opposition

Box 42 Movement

Box 42 Leaflet and caricature

Box 42 International Center for Social Research, office correspondence

Box 42 Report on South American Trip, 1960

Box 42 Business Correspondence

Box 43 Asia, reports by Kovacz, 5 folders

Box 44 Free Europe-Balloon Campaign. Analysis of Results

Box 44 Free Europe-Balloon Campaign. Hop Schedules

Box 44 Free Europe-Radio Free Europe. Budget

Box 44 Free Europe-Radio Free Europe. Budget

Box 44 Free Europe-Free Europe Press. Plans and Analysis Division

Box 44 Free Europe-Free Europe Press.Research and Analysis Department

Box 44 FEP Target and Editorial Changes: Hungary

Box 44 Reports on Latin America, 2 folders

Box Oversized Charts of the Planned Economy and Government of Hungary