Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Imre Kovacs Papers, 1945-1980

Series IV: Subject Files

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Box 21 Correspondence, (2 folders)

Box 22 Photographs

Box 22 Clippings

Box 22 Miscellaneous

Free Europe

Box 23 Balloon Campaign

Box 23 "Balloon Leaflets"

Box 23 Christmas Message

Box 23 "Guidance"

Box 23 HOPs 1-17, 19-20

Box 24 Kolkhoz Leaflet

Box 24 Labor Conditions in the U.S.A.

Box 24 Operation Focus

Box 24 Peasant Leaflet

Box 24 Poznan Story

Free Europe Committee

Box 24 Correspondence

Box 24 Miscellaneous

Box 24 Printed Materials

Box 24 Vienna Youth Festival

Box 25 Free Europe Press

Box 25 Khrushchev's Address

Box 25 Miscellaneous

Box 25 Special Publications Department

Box 26 Radio Free Europe

Box 26 Budget

Box 26 Kovacs, Imre-Articles

Box 26 Miscellaneous, (2 folders)

Box 26 Research, (2 folders)

Box 26 Varga, Bela-Interview


Box 27 Hungarian Arts and Culture St. Stephen's Crown

Hungarian Biographical Information

Box 27 Bibo, Istvan

Box 27 Illyes, Gyula

Box 27 Kovacs, Imre

Box 27 Miscellaneous

Box 27 Moricz, Zsigmond

Box 27 Nagy, Imre

Box 27 Szall, Jozsef

Box 27 Taba, John

Box 27 Varga, Bela

Box 27 Zilahy, Lajos

Hungarian Organizations

Box 27 Assembly of Captive European Nations

Box 27 Feszek Klub

Box 27 Free Hungarian Information Service

Box 28 Hungarian Committee

Box 28 Khrushchev's Visit to the U.S.

Box 28 Hungarian Revolutionary Council

Box 28 Hungarian Social Democratic Party in Exile

Box 28 Hungarian Writers' Association Abroad

Box 28 International Peasant Union Congress

Box 28 Kossuth Foundation

Box 28 Magyar Szolgodat Awztriaban

Box 28 Miscellaneous

Box 28 National Opposition Movement

Box 28 Petofi Circle

Box 29 Hungarian Populism

Kovacs, Imre

Box 29 "Hungarian Populism-An Idealogical Challenge to

Box 29 Communism"

Box 29 "Hungarian Populism-Road to Revolution"

Box 29 "Marriage of Man with Nature"

Box 29 "Message of One Hundred Dead Peasants"

Box 29 "Revolution and Populism"

Box 29 Miscellaneous

Box 29 Clippings

Box 30 Hungarian Publication--"Latohatar"

Box 30 Hungarian Symposium

Box 30 Hungary and the U.N.

Box 30 International P.E.N.

Box 31 Latin America

Kovacs, Imre

Box 31 "An Enquiry into the Agrarian Problems of Latin America" (6 copies)

Box 31 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 31 Agrarian Reform, (2 folders)

Box 32 "An Enquiry into the Agrarian Problems of Latin

Box 32 America" (6 copies)

Box 32 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 32 Agrarian Reform, (2 folders)