Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Alan H. Kempner papers, 1809-1981

Series I: Correspondence & Manuscripts

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Box 1 Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker To Alan H. Kempner, 9 November 1940. (, (Typed letter signed)

Box 1 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor To J. P. Kennard, 13, August 1832, (Manuscript ltter, 3 pages)

(copy, including signature, not in author's hand; note on page 4 concerning the original letter, by J. Wright Oxberry, who made the copy)

Box 1 Dibden, Thomas Frognall To Edard Blore, 25 October 1923., (Autograph letter signed, 1 page)

Box 1 Dickens, Charles To "Dear Madam", 13 December 1852., (Authgraph letter signed, 1 page)

(Fragment, middle of the page cut away)

Box 1 De Quincey, Thomas Confessions of an English Opium Eater., (Autograph manuscript, 2 pages)

(Numbered "Cc")

Box 1 Fuller, Hester Thackeray Ritchie To Anthony [Philip Martineau Walker], (Autograph letter signed, 4 pages)

Box 1 Gladstone, William. [Irish Church Bill], 21, June 1869, (Autograph manuscript, 1 page)

(Written on an envelope; note on Lord Gray's amendment in Gladstone's hand)

Box 1 Gosse, Edmund To William Canton, 23, March 1894, (Autograph letter signed, 2 pages)

Box 1 Kent, Rockwell To Elmer Adler, 1, July 1937, (Typed letter signed, 1 page)

Box 1 Kingsley, Charles To _____, 23, April 1850, (Autograph letter signed, 2 pages)

Box 1 Lytton, Edward George Bulwer To Charles Olliver, 5, December 1828, (Autograph letter signed, 3 pages)

(Fregile, broken at the folds)

Box 1 Masefield, John To Mary Dowdall, 6, February 1920, (Autograph letter signed, 2 pages)

Box 1 Rogers, Samuel To Horace Twiss (1787-1849), [no date] and 1809-8 July 1944., (5 Autograph letters signed; 1 autographed letter; 3 autographed notes signed)

Box 1 Scollard, Clinton To Mrs de Lima, 5 July [n.y.], (Autographed letter signed)

Box 1 Whitman, Walt To William Sloane Kennedy, 11, August 1886, (Autographed post-card signed, with initials)

Box 1 Wordsworth, William To "My dear Sir", [no date], (Autograph letter, 1 page)

(Fragmant of letter, with manuscript note on verso in another hand)