Rare Book & Manuscript Library

William Henry Waldo Sabine papers, 1797-1994, bulk 1920-1994

Series II: Correspondence, manuscripts, notes

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Box 2 Five folders each containing correspondence and/or other material of interest to parapsychology

Box 2 A Mystery of History

Box 2 Article published in Light, 1951 October

Box 2 Notes

Box 2 Correspondence

Box 2 The Identity of "Feda", Mrs. Gladys Osborne Leonard's Spirit Communicator

William H.W. Sabine's correspondence in an endeavor to throw light on this subject.

Box 2 The Ghosts of Versailles, by Lucille Iremonger

Correspondence of William H.W. Sabine with Mrs. Iremonger, with Mrs. Lydia W.Allison (editor of the Journal of the A.S.P.R., New York), and with the editor of the Journal of the S.P.R., London on the above subject.

Box 2 A Case of Unexplained Magnetism

William H.W. Sabine's notes and correspondence with the manufacturers of the game "Scrabble," and with Mrs. Laura A. Dale, Research Associate at the American Society for Psychical Research.

Box 2 Articles, reviews, and letters contributed by William H.W. Sabine to the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research

Box 2 Sabine, W.H.H., Second light in dally life, 1949

Typed manuscript, bound. Original edition, mounted on paper with revision and additions made by the author in type script and manuscript.

Box 2 Correspondence relating to the publication of William H.W. Sabine's Second sight in daily life, together with letters from readers, etc.

Box 2 Sabine, W.H.H. Evidence tending to indicate that Stella Lipinski Sabine survived physical death… As recorded by her husband, 1992

Typed manuscript, 28 pages, xerox copy in a binder

Box 3 Materials relating to the history of the Stars and Stripes

Box 3 Folder of loose sheets

Notes, photocopies, correspondence

Box 3 Book, East Indiamen: The East India Company's Maritime Service, by Sir Evan Cotton, Ed. by Sir Charles Fawcett

Box 3 Magazines (articles on the U.S. flag)

Box 3 National Geographic, 1917 October

Box 3 National Geographic, 1934 September

Box 3 Mariner's Mirror, 1937 October

Box 3 National Geographic, 1949 May

Pages 633-657 only

Box 3 National Geographic, 1959 July

Pages 85-121 only

Box 3 Correspondence between William H.W. Sabine and Richard K. MacMastsr, S.J., 1952 September 19-1960 April 25

Chiefly on their historical interests: in Sabine's case especially his publications on Woodhull, Fitch, and Smith; and in MacMaster's case his researches into the careers of Catholic priests and laymen of Scottish ancestry in North America in the colonial era.

Box 3 Correspondence between Peter Decker and William H.W. Sabine

On various matters including the inclusion of William Smith's Historical Memoirs and Jabez Fitch's Diary in the Arno Press's "Eyewitness Accounts of the American Revolution", ed. Peter Decker; also including reference to Sabine's Murder, 1776, and Letter About Distorted History.

Box 3 Correspondence between Sabine and the New York Public Library, Re: William Smith's Historical Memoirs, 1955-1972

Box 4 Correspondence, etc. relating to William H.W. Sabine's Murder, 1776, and Washington's Policy of Silence, 1973; also with some reference to A Letter about Distorted History, 1975, 1973, 1975

Box 4 Mary Gibbons: the only play about George Washington & the beautiful girl from New Jersey

Mimeograph copies of 2 versions of play script by Sabine

Box 4 Woodhull

A shortened version, in the form of a story, of the Secret History of General Woodhull. The latter work, restyled The Suppressed History of General Woodhull, was published in 1954. Typed manuscript, 119 pages, with 2 maps

Box 4 A Tragedy of 1776

Also includes correspondence about the Woodhull Monument.

Box 4 Young John of Gaunt; a poem in fourteen cantos.

Annotated, manuscript, signed, 96 pages

Box 4 2 19th century drawings

Box 4 22 engraved American portraits

Box 4 5 printed maps regarding the American Civil & Revolutionary Wars