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William Christian Lehmann papers, 1916-1980

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Creator(s) Lehmann, William C. (William Christian), 1888-1980
Title William Christian Lehmann papers, 1916-1980
Physical Description 13 boxes (13 boxes)
Language(s) English .

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Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, research materials, microfilms, printed materials and books. Included among the correspondents are Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry A. Wallace, Norman Thomas, Wayne Morse, Reinhold Niebuhr and Franklin H. Giddings. Also included are the manuscript notes and research materials for Lehmann's book John Millar of Glasgow, 1735-1801 (1960); early drafts, notes and research materials for Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlightenment (1971); and numerous papers and articles, many unpublished, dealing with the Scottish Enlightenment. The collection also includes some information relating to Lehmann's involvement in local and national politics, especially his participation in the Liberal Party and Americans for Democratic Action. A number of Lehmann's Scottish books, as well as his own writings are shelved at the end of the collection.

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The following boxes are located off-site: Boxes 2-13. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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Morse, Wayne L (Wayne Lyman), 1900-1974 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
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History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

Professor of sociology at Syracuse University, 1927-1974 (Columbia Ph.D., 1930) and a leading authority on the eighteenth century Scottish Enlightenment who published several books on the period.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Bunche, Ralph J.

Box 1 Giddings, Franklin H.

Box 1 Henderson, Leon

Box 1 Humphrey, Hubert H.

Box 1 Lerner, Max

Box 1 Lindeman, Eduard C.

Box 1 Maclver, Robert M.

Box 1 Morse, Wayne

Box 1 Niebuhr, Reinhold

Box 1 Reischauer, Edwin O.

Box 1 Roosevelt, Eleanor

Box 1 Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Box 1 Sorokin, Pitrim A.

Box 1 Thomas, Norman

Box 1 Wallace, Henry A.

Series II: Arranged Correspondence

Box 1 Arranged Correspondence--B-Z

Box 1 Barnes, Harry Elmer

Box 1 Becker, Howard E.

Box 1 Bernard, L.L.

Box 1 Cairncross, A.K.

Box 1 Count, Earl W.

Box 1 Fordyce, C.J.

Box 1 Haring, Douglas G.

Box 1 Highet, John

Box 1 König, Rene

Box 1 Lehmann, William C.

Carbon copies

Box 1 Meek, R.L.

Box 1 Meikle, Henry W.

Box 1 Mizuta, Hiroshi

Box 1 Pascal, Roy

Box 1 Tenney, A.A.

Series III: Subject Files

Box 1 American Institute, University of Munich

Box 1 Americans for Democratic Action, Syracuse Chapter

Box 1 Amerika Haus Program

Box 1 Awards, certificates, etc.

Box 1 Chapel Address— E. Franklin Frazier

Box 1 Columbia University

Box 1 Fulbright Grant, University of Munster Fulbright Proposal, 1951?

Box 1 Kames Memorabilia

Box 1 Mission House

Box 1 Receipts for Book Purchases

Box 1 Schedule of Sociology Radio Talks

Box 1 Speakers & Artists Programming Section

Box 1 Syracuse Census Tract

Box 1 Syracuse University

Box 1 Whitney Visiting Professorship

Series IV: Notes

Box 1 Analytic Review

Box 1 Eighteenth Century Scottish Social Theory

Box 1 Eighteenth Century Scottish Social Theory--Chapter 16

Box 1 Ferguson, Adam

Box 1 Glasgow University Manuscripts; Senate and University Minutes

Box 1 Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlightenment

Box 1 John Millar of Glasgow

Box 1 John Millar of Glasgow--References to Millar

Box 1 Lecture Notes

Box 1 Millar, John

Box 1 Miscellaneous, 2 folders

Series V: Manuscripts

Box 2 "American Institute, Munich Assignment"


Box 2 "The Brethren of the Common Life and their Contribution to Renaissance Education"

In German. t.ms.

Box 2 "The Contribution of the 'Younger' School of German Historical Economists"

[Undergraduate paper]. a.ms.

Box 2 "Early American Sociological Theory"

[Japan Lecture]. t.ms.

Box 2 Eighteenth Century English Social Theory , 9 folders


Box 2 "18th Century Scottish Contributions to the Development of Social Thought"

[Japan Lecture]. t.ms.

Box 2 "Election Eve Broadcast for the Liberal Party"


Box 2 "The Emergence of the Idea of Social and Cultural Evolution"


Box 2 "Four Latter Day Prophets and the Present Day Ministry"

[Undergraduate paper]. a.ms.s.

Box 2 "Gesellschaftwissenschaft und Wissenschaft von der Politik ..."


Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlighenment

Box 2 [Draft], 2 folders


Box 2 Errata

Box 2 "The Historical Approach in the Juridical Writings of Lord Kames."

[Draft]. t.ms.

Box 2 "Herder's Contribution Toward an Empirical Sociology"

t.ms. and t.ms. (carbon)

Box 3 "The Influence of Sociology on the Scientific Study of History"

[Graduate paper]. a.ms.s.

Box 3 "Introduction to John Millar, Origin of the Distinction of Ranks"


Box 3 "Introduction to John Millar, Origin of the Distinction of Ranks"

[German edition]. t.ms.

Box 3 "Introductory Observations on John Millar, Selections


Box 3 "Ist Der McCarthyism Todi"


Box 3 "J.M. Robertson's Buckle and His Critics


Box 3 Japan Lectures--Tenative Topic Suggestions

Box 3 "John Millar, Historical Sociologist"


Box 3 John Millar of Glasgow , 7 folders


Box 3 "John Millar, Professor of Civil Law at Glasgow (1761-1801)."


Box 3 "John Millar's Sudden Eclipse"

[Unpublished]. t.ms.

Box 3 "Landmarks in the Development of Social Theory"


Box 3 "The Marxian Contribution to the Development of Social Theory"

[Japan Lecture]. t.ms.

Box 3 "Die Pflege des Missionslebens in der Gerneinde"

[Undergraduate paper]. a.ms.s.

Box 3 "Popular Religious Life in Germany at the Dawn of the Reformation"

[Undergraduate paper]. a.ms.s.

Box 3 "Population Directives and Natural Areas of Population"


Box 3 "Rationalizing the Irrational"

t.ms. (photocopy)

Box 3 "The Recapitulation Theory of Mental Development"

[Graduate paper]. a.ms.s.

Box 3 "Re-Elect Senator [Herbert H.] Lehman."

[Radio broadcast]. t.ms.

Box 3 "Shall Price Controls Go Back?"


Box 3 "Should Government War-Time Controls Be Re-Imposed?"


Box 3 "Social Ethics and Economic Life"

[Graduate paper]. t.ms.

Box 3 "Social 18th Century Scottish Antecedents of 19th Century Historical Materialism."

[Unpublished]. t.ms.

Box 3 "Some Notes and Observations on Professor Millar's Lectures on Goverment

[Unpublished]. t.ms.

Box 3 "Some Observations on the Law Lectures of Professor Millar"


Box 3 "Some Reflections on Select Aspects of the Development Sociology Theoretical and Applied"

t.ms. (photocopy)

Box 3 "The Stranger Within Our Gates — Deportation or Assimilation?"


Box 3 "Text: Luke 13:6-9 ..."

[Undergraduate paper]. a.ms.s.

Box 3 "A Vanguard of Faith: German Students Look to the Future"

[2 drafts]. t.ms.

Box 3 "Was Bedeuted und Wohin Fuehrt die Automation"


Box 3 Review of Franklin Giddings, Civilization and Society

a.ms.s. and t.ms.

Series VI: Supporting Materials

Box 4 "Analytical Introduction"

[re: James Steuart]

Box 4 "Bibliography of the Writings of Charles Abram Ellwood"

t.ms. (mimeo)

Box 4 "Chapter III. Achievement, 1745-1770"

t.ms. (mimeo)

Henry Home [Lord Kames]

Box 4 Caricatures

Box 4 Handwriting and Signature sample


Box 4 Letters to Miss Katherine Gordon


Box 4 Miscellaneous letters

a.l.s. (photocopies)

Box 4 Miscellaneous letters


Box 4 Millar, James. "James Millar's Notes on His Father's Lectures on Government"

Transcript. t.ms.

John Millar

Box 4 Correspondence with Edmund Burke

a.l.s. (photocopies)

Box 4 Lectures on English Law

[Student notes]

Box 4 Lectures on Government--Outline & Transcript


Box 4 Letters


Box 4 Letters to Crito


Box 4 Selections

Box 4 Reviews of John Millar's works

Box 4 Schneider, Louis. Introduction to Adam Ferguson, Essay on the History of Civil Society


Series VII: Photographs

Box 4 Ferguson, Adam--Burial Place

Box 4 Home, Henry [Lord Kames]


Box 4 Kames Estate

Box 4 Lehmann, William Christian, 1979

Series VIII: Miscellaneous

Box 4 Lehmann, William Christian--Obituary information and letters

Box 4 Note on the establishment of the Lehmann Collection at Columbia University

Box 4 Processing Notes, 2 folders

[Shirey Lehmann Spohr]

Series IX: Printed Matter

Box 4 American Institute at the University of Munich


Box 4 Lehmann, William Christian--Biographical

Box 4 Lehmann, William Christian--German

Box 4 Shenton, Herbert--Obituary

Box 4 "Comment on Louis Schneider, 'Tension in the Thought of John Millar' "

Box 4 "Co-Operation," Book of Knowledge. Annual Supplement, 1946

Box 4 "Ferguson, Adam" Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences


Box 4 Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlightenment--Brochure

Box 4 Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlightenment--Reviews

Box 4 Henry Home [Lord Kames]--Prefaces

Box 4 John Millar of Glasgow: 1735-1801--Reviews

Box 4 "Millar, John" Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

Box 4 The Progressive , 1954 April

Box 4 Review of Mackensse et al,"Dasenformer Der Grossstadt"

Box 4 Review of Helmut Schelsky, Wanderlugen des Deutschen Familie...

Box 4 Review of Gerhard Wurzbacher, Leitbilder Gegenwartigen Deutschen Familienlebens

Box 4 Scottish and Scotch-Irish Contributions to Early American Life and Culture--Reviews

Box 4 Smellie, William. Memoirs of William Smellie--Extracts

Series X: Microfilms

Box 5 Analytic Review

Box 5 Blair Adam Correspondence, Clerk of Penicuick Muniments, Seafield Muniments

Box 5 Craig, [?] Life of Millar and others

Box 5 Home, Henry [Lord Kames]. Historical Law Tracts

Box 5 Home, Henry [Lord Kames]. Records on his service on National Commissions

Box 5 Millar, John. Civil Law; Scots and English Law

Box 5 Millar, John. A Course of Lectures on Government

Box 5 Millar, John. Letters

This reel also includes Heny Home, Sketches

Box 5 Millar, John. Letters to Crito

Box 5 Millar, John. Letters of John Millar to [Benjamin?] Rush

Box 5 Ochtertyre Manuscript; Adam Ferguson and Henry Home [Lord Kames]

Box 5 Sydney [?]. Letters of Sydney on the Inequality of Property

Box 5 Wight [?]. Wight on Husbandry in Scotland

Series XI: Articles by William C. Lehmann

Box 6 "Adam Ferguson, Eighteenth Century Moral Philosophy and Distinguished Clansman" The Bee Line No. 17, 1978 Fall

2 copies.

Box 6 "Eine Methode der Gemeindeforschung in den Vercinigten Staaten von Amerika" Zeitschrift Für die Gesamte Staatswissenschaft 109 Band/3. Heft, 1953

Box 6 "The Historical Approach in the Juridical Writings of Lord Kames" The Juridicial Review 1964 Part I - April, 1964


Box 6 "John Millar, Historical Sociologist: Some Remarkable Anticipations of Modern Sociology" British Journal of Sociology III; 1, 1952 March


Box 6 "John Millar, Professor of Civil Law at Glasgow (1761-1801)" The Juridicial Review 1961 Part 3 - December, 1961 December

Box 6 "Observations on the Law Lectures of Professor Millar (1761-1801)" The Juridicial Review 1970 Part I - April, 1970

Box 6 Review of Adam Ferguson. Sociologia e filosofia politica by Pasqale Salvucci History and Theory XIII; 2, 1974


Box 6 "Some Conditions of A Fruitful Cultural Exchange between Germany and the United States" Sociologus n.s. 3; 1, 1953

Box 6 "Some Observations of a Visiting Sociologist on Tendencies and Trends in Sociology in Germany Today" Sociologus n.s. 6;2, 1956

Box 6 "Zwei Handbücher Der Soziologie" Zeitschrift Für Gesamte Staatswissenschaft 113. Band/4 Heft, 1957

Series XII: Books by William C. Lehmann

Box 6 Adam Ferguson and the Beginnings of Modern Sociology (New York: Columbia University Press), 1930

Box 6 Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlightenment (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff), 1971

Box 6 John Millar of Glasgow: 1735-1801 (Cambridge: At the University Press), 1960

Box 6 Millar, John. Von Ursprung des Unterschieds in Den Rangordnungen und Ständen der Gesellschaft Einleitung von William C. Lehmann. (n.p.: Suhrkamp Verlag), 1967

Box 6 "Sociological and Cultural-Anthropological Elements in the Writings of Johann Gottfried von Herder" in Earl W. Count and Gordon T. Bowles, eds. Fact and Theory in Social Science (Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press), 1964

Series XIII: Books and Articles

Subseries XIII.1: Assorted articles and reprints of articles on Scotland and sociology

Box 7 Mother's Songs, Games and Stories Rendered into English by Frances and Emily Lord. New and revised edition. (London: William Rice), 1888

Box 7 Salvucci, Pasquale. Adam Ferguson. Sociolpgia e filosophia politica (n.p.: Argalia Editore Urbino), [1972?]

Box 7 Scotland. A Select Bibliography [NBL Book List] Second Series


Box 7 The Cambridge Journal VII; 11, 1954 August

Subseries XIII.2: Books

Box 8 Highet, John. The Scottish Churches (London), 1960

Box 8 Ferguson, Adam. An Essay on the History of Civil Society. Edited with an introduction by Duncan Forbes. (Edinburgh: University Press), 1966

Box 8 McGuinness, Arthur E. Henry Home, Lord Kames Twaynes English Authors Series. (New York: Twayne Publishers, Inc.), 1970

Box 8 MacIver, Robert M. The Web of Government (New York), 1947

Box 8 Mackie, J.D. The University of Glasgow, 1451-1951: A Short History. (Glasgow), 1954

Box 8 Muirhead, John Spence. The Old Minute Book of the Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow, 1668-1758 (Glasgow), 1948

Box 8 Randall, Helen Whitcomb. The Critical Theory of Lord Kames (Northampton, MA), 1946

Box 8 Ross, Ian Simpson. Lord Kames and the Scotland of his Day (Oxford: The Clarendon Press), 1972

Box 8 Schneider, Louis. The Sociological Way of Looking at the World (New York), 1975

Box 9 American Masters of Social Science Edited by Howard W. Odum (New York), 1927

Box 9 Lichtenberger, James P. Development of Social Theory (New York and London), 1923

Box 9 Millar, John. The Origin and Distinction of Ranks. 3rd edition (London), 1781

Box 9 The Edinburgh Magazine, or Literary Miscellany v. 5, n.s. (Edinburgh), 1795

Box 9 General Index to the Edinburgh Review(Edinburgh), 1813

Box 10 Blackstone, William. Commentaries on the Laws of England. Book the First. 2nd edition. (Oxford), 1766

Box 10 Cockburn, [?] [Lord]. Life of Francis Jeffrey. (Edinburgh), 1872

Box 10 Gibbon, Edward. History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. v. 7 (of 12). (Edinburgh), 1811

Box 10 Hutchinson, Francis. A System of Moral Philosophy. In three books. 2 vols., 1855

Box 11 Chronicles of St. Mungo; or, Antiquities and Traditions of Glasgow. (Glasgow), 1843

Box 11 De Lolme, J.L. The Constitution of England or, An Account of the English Government. A new edition. (London), 1810

Box 11 Ossian. The Poems of Ossian. Trans. James Macpherson. A new edition. v. 11. (London), [1772?]

Box 11 Scotland and Scotsmen in the Eighteenth Century. From the Mss. of John Ramsay of Ochtertyre. Edited by Alexander Allardyce. 2 vols. (Edinburgh and London), 1888

Box 11 Smith, Adam. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. v. 1 and 2 [v. 3 is missing]. (Dublin), 1776

Box 12 Blair, Hugh. Letters on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. (New York), 1830

Box 12 Graham, Henry Grey. Scottish Men of Letters in the Eighteenth Century., 1901

Box 12 Home, Henry [Lord Kames]. Elements of Criticism. Edited by Abraham Mills. 3rd edition., 1836

Box 12 Home, Henry [Lord Kames]. Historical Law Tracts. v.2 (Edinburgh), 1758

Box 12 Millar, John. An Historical View of the English Government. 4 vols. (London), 1818

Box 13 The New Annual Register, or General Repository of History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1792 (London), 1793

Box 13 The New Annual Register, or General Repository of History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1793 (London), 1794

Box 13 The New Annual Register, or General Repository of History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1794 (London), 1795

Box 13 Rae, John. Life of Adam Smith. (London), 1895

Box 13 The Scots Magazine MDCCLIX v. XXI