Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Georges Borchardt Inc. records, 1951-2019

Series V. Manuscript Logs, circa 1950s-2012

The manuscript logs consist of boxes of index cards. The cards are usually filed by first by author and then by title, although multivolume series are frequently filed first by publisher and then by title. The cards include the activity/dates/results of a title's submission to various publishers, date copy returned, etc.

Many of these boxes were not clearly labeled as to their contents. Boxes 625-627 appear to document inactive (and for the most part, unsold) titles; these boxes are generally unlabeled and one box is labeled as "inactive." Several other boxes are labeled as "sold" but the majority of the other box labels only indicate the alphabetical range of the box's contents.

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Box 625 Abel-Bernard, 1950-circa 1979

Box 626 Bernard-Cayrol, 1950s-circa 1979

Box 627 Cazal-Daix, 1950s-circa 1979

Box 627 Pernoud-Zinser, circa 1977-1989

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 757 A-Du, 1980-1990

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 757 D-E, 1954-1980

Box 759 E-KU, 1980-1989

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 757 EM-GI, 1956-1980

Box 757 GI-HU, 1954-1980

Box 758 HA-KE, 1955-1980

Box 758 KEL-LI, 1957-1980

Box 758 LA-TR, 1980-1992

[Restricted Until 2039]

Box 758 LI-MA, 1956-1980

Box 760 ME-NI, 1953-1980

Box 760 NIZ-PON, 1955-1985

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 760 POO-RUL, 1956-1986

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 760 RU-SN, 1956-1986

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 759 SN-T, 1957-1979

Box 759 U-Z, 1954-1989

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 759 Unfiled A-Z, 1954-1989

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 758 Unfiled B-Z, 1980-1992

[Restricted Until 2039]

(This set of cards is in Box LA-TR)

Box 628 Sold--A-Dennison, 1950s-circa 1989

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 761 Sold--A-L, 1959-1980

Box 761 Sold--DeNoel-L, 1960-1989

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 761 Sold--Keneally-Rostrand, 1959-1989

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box 761 Sold--M-Y, 1963-1989

[Restricted Until 2029]

Box marked as M-W