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   George Y. Shevelov Papers, 1922-2001.

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); George Y. Shevelov Papers; Box and Folder; Bakhmeteff Archive, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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The papers comprise correspondence, writings, memoirs, personal documents, research notes, printed materials, photographs of Iurii Shevel'ov, prominent scholar, Slavic linguist, philologist, literary historian, and literary critic, longtime professor of Slavic philology at Columbia University.

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Call No.:BA#0401
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Creator(s):Shevel'ov, IUrii Volodymyrovych
Title:George Y. Shevelov Papers, 1922-2001.
Physical description:15 linear ft. (30 document boxes).
Language(s): Maerial is in English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Access: This collection has no restrictions. This collection is located on-site.  More information »



This collection is arranged in five series:

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Scope and Content

The bulk of the collection consists of Iurii Shevel'ov's professional and personal correspondence, his manuscripts and research notes. There are also documents, biographical and background materials, photographs, and writings by other authors. The material in the collection is arranged in five series.

Shevel'ov corresponded with many prominent scholars, writers, and literary critics including Peeter Arumaa, Ivan Bahrianyi, Vasyl' Barka, Dmytro Chyzhevs'kyi, Petr Grigorenko, Roman Jakobson, Milan Kundera, Horace Lunt, Mihajlo Mihajlov, George Szell, Boris Unbegaun, Wiktor Weintraub, and many others.

The collection contains Shevel'ov's writings in a variety of genres, such as his early poetry, professional articles, monographs, reviews, and essays (including works of his student years), memoirs, etc. Files include published and unpublished works, extensive drafts and research notes, fragments and uncompleted manuscripts.

Photographs in the collection primarily are Shevel'ov's photos of 1970s-1990s but there are also photos of other people including such prominent figures as Hanna Nakonechna and Vasyl' Simovych, his family and friends.

There are cross-references provided throughout the finding aid. When the cross-reference refers to another item within the same series, the reference includes the specific name or title and box and folder number (this also applies to the references within same subseries and sub-subseries). If the cross-reference is to an item in another series, the reference includes the series number, series name, folder title, and box and folder numbers (this also applies to references to the items in another subseries and sub-subseries).

Series I: Correspondence, 1950-2001

The series consists of Shevel'ov's professional and personal correspondence with various people and organizations and includes letters from many prominent figures. Correspondence may include various related materials, such as manuscripts and clippings. Organized into two subseries.

Subseries I.1: Correspondence with Individuals, 1950-2001

Contains professional and personal letters (some with carbon replies) of various individuals including many prominent scholars, writers, poets, and public figures. Arranged alphabetically. Group, unidentified, and outgoing letters stored at the end of the series. Unidentified correspondence doesn't have formal organization and outgoing correspondence organized in chronological sequence.

Subseries I.2: Correspondence with Organizations, 1951-2001

Comprises correspondence with various organizations, including publishers, universities, Ukrainian organizations, etc. Organized in alphabetical order.

Series II: Writings, 1926-1990s

The series comprises articles, monographs, papers presented at conferences and congresses, talks, memoirs, reviews, poetry, extensive research notes and drafts. Arranged in six subseries.

Subseries II.1: Memoirs "Ia - mene - meni", undated

Typescript of memoirs.

Subseries II.2: Articles and Monographs, 1929-1998

Manuscripts, typescripts and galley proofs with holograph corrections and notes. Arranged alphabetically. Printed materials, books and reprints and off-prints, stored and listed separately from the manuscripts. Books with margin notes and inscription were cataloged to CLIO and remain in the collection.

Subseries II.3: Reviews, 1940s-1990s (see also Subseries II.2: Articles and Monographs--Off-prints and reprints bound in two volumes, Box 23)

Manuscripts and off-prints/reprints of reviews written by Shevel'ov. Manuscripts arranged alphabetically and printed reviews arranged in chronological order. Some reviews were bound along with articles and stored in Subseries II.2: Off-prints and reprints bound in two volumes.

Subseries II.4: Fragments, undated

Contains fragments of various writings.

Subseries II.5: Poetry, 1926-1969

Holograph manuscripts and typescripts of Shevel'ov's original poetry and translations.

Subseries II.6: Drafts, Notes, and Research Materials, 1930s-1990s

Drafts and notes on various subjects including teaching courses, linguistics, personalia, philosophy, theatre, and others. Organized by subject in alphabetical order. Research materials include books summaries, bibliography on various subjects, and clippings.

Series III: Documents, Biographical and Background Materials, 1945-2000

Documents include some MUR related documents and acknowledgement and certificate of 1990s. Biographical and background materials include articles about Shevel'ov, reviews on his writings, and bibliography of his works.

Series IV: Photographs, 1922-1994

This series contains color prints of group and individual Shevelov's photographs. There is also black and white prints of Vasyl' Simovych and his family and friends photographs dated 1922-1923.

Series V: Writings by others, undated, 1970s-2001

Contains typescripts and holograph manuscripts of writings by various authors and books edited by Shevel'ov; many with authors' inscriptions.

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Access Restrictions

This collection has no restrictions.

This collection is located on-site.

Restrictions on Use

Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. The RBML maintains ownership of the physical material only. Copyright remains with the creator and his/her heirs. The responsibility to secure copyright permission rests with the patron.

Preferred Citation

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); George Y. Shevelov Papers; Box and Folder; Bakhmeteff Archive, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical Note

Iurii Shevel'ov (aka George Y.Shevelov, pseudonyms Iurii Sherekh, Hryhorii Shevchuk, and others), Slavic linguist, philologist, essayist, literary historian, and literary critic; full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society since 1949 and of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1945, was born 17 December 1908 in Kharkiv (some sources, however, indicate Łomża, Poland, then part of the Russian Empire). He studied under Leonid Bulakhovsky at Kharkiv University, graduated and lectured there in Slavic linguistics (1939–1943). He emigrated to Germany during the war and received his Ph.D. degree frоm the Free University of Munich in 1949. He taught there from 1946 to 1949, and then at the University of Lund, Sweden form 1950 to 1952. He was one of the organizers of émigré literary life in Germany and was a vice-president of the literary association "MUR" (1945–1949). After settling in the United States, he served as lecturer in Russian and Ukrainian at Harvard University (1952–1954), associate professor (1954–1958) and professor of Slavic philology at Columbia University from 1958 to his retirement in 1977. He was a founding member of the "Slovo", Association of Ukrainian Writers in Exile. From 1959 to 1961 and from 1981 to 1986 Shevel'ov served as President of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in New York, and editor in-chief of the Ukrainian émigré journal Suchasnist’ (1978–1981). In 1991, Shevel'ov became a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Iurii Shevel'ov is the author of numerous books and articles on Slavic philology and linguistics and the history of literature and literary criticism. He died 12 April 2002 in New York.

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